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first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Theresa May is facing a Commons defeat tonight if the hard-Brexiteer backbenchers carry out their threat to vote against her. The vote was supposed to be so easy – merely re-iterating parliament’s support for the Brexit approach voted for on January 29th.That was the Tuesday night when the Commons voted that May should seek alternatives to the backstop. Parliament also voted though, that no-deal should not happen, which is what the hard-Brexiteers don’t want to support. They say taking no-deal off the table would weaken May’s negotiating position but really they’re much less scared of no-deal than they should be.Government defeat would be more symbolic than anything else though. While it would damage May’s chances of getting a better deal with Brussels, those chances were pretty slim anyway. To the public, another defeat would help make the Tory Party look a mess but then the whole of parliament has looked a mess for months and few are following all the twists and turns.Much less likely to defeat the government is Tory Remainer Sarah Wollaston’s cross-party amendment. If voted for, this would make the government hold several binding votes in twelve days time. MPs would vote on May’s deal, no deal, a Norway-style deal and a second referendum. If only one option is chosen by MPs, May must pursue that. If two or more are approved, the question would be put to a public referendum. The motion has five Tory MPs supporting but, even if Labour whipped for it, is unlikely to pass. Other cross-party amendments are Anna Soubry’s, to force the government to publish it’s most recent cabinet briefing on no-deal Brexit, and Ken Clarke’s, to hold indicative votes.Tonight is just a warm-up for the big one though. On February 27, the second Cooper amendment, which is backed by Corbyn and allows for delaying Brexit, will be voted on, and all the Tory Remainers may finally rebel.And the Guardian reports that ten Labour front-benchers are ready to resign too if Corbyn doesn’t support a second referendum on that day. Some may leave the party altogether to form a breakaway group, according to the FT this morning – although we’ve heard that one before. To their credit, the FT reports they’re considering holding a byelection to prove they can win elections. They may prove the opposite though.Peoples’ Voters don’t just come from the breakaway-briefing wing of the party though. This morning, seven left-wing Labour MPs will be speaking at Another Europe is Possible’s ‘Love Socialism, Hate Brexit’ in Parliament.Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:Labour Party /Defeat /splits /Brexit /May /ERG /Amendment /Wollaston /Breakaway /Love Socialism Hate Brexit /Soubry /Clarke /last_img read more

3 Mary Wimbury Labour member since 1985 MaryWi

first_img3. Mary WimburyLabour member since 1985 | @MaryWimburyWhy are you standing in the European elections this year?We need strong voices standing up for Welsh Labour values in this election campaign and for however long in the European parliament afterwards. I’m an internationalist who wants to see close collaboration with our nearest neighbours on issues such as workers’ rights, consumer protection and the environment.Should the Leave result of the 2016 referendum be implemented?Immediately post referendum, it was right to attempt to negotiate a new relationship – but based on the narrow result, it should have been a close one. National consensus should have been sought before invoking Article 50 and the results of the negotiation, given controversial, put back to the people.Are you in favour of holding another referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU?Yes. The PM has negotiated a deal that has failed to secure support from Leavers and Remainers. She was told in the 2017 general election that people didn’t want her hard Brexit. The best deal is the one we’ve got, and that should be an option if people don’t like hers.If you could reform the EU in just one way, what would it be?The EU is an alliance of democracies committed to uphold basic principles including human rights, the rule of law and freedom of the press and the judiciary. Unanimity requirements that have prevented action being taken against the erosion of democracy in Hungary and Poland should be looked at. Why are you standing in the European elections this year?Peace and prosperity are best secured inside the EU. I am a proud Welsh woman, European and internationalist who supports the values of the Labour Party. I’ve shouted the merits of Wales in many international institutions and want to uphold the close collaboration within the EU on issues such as workers’ and union rights, consumer protection, equality and climate action.Should the Leave result of the 2016 referendum be implemented? We should have had a long, truthful national conversation first about what leaving would involve. The vote was close. We are now in deadlock. As a former Professor of Law, I strongly believe in the rule of law and we now know that electoral law was broken in the referendum campaign and a criminal investigation is underway. We need to vote again.Are you in favour of holding another referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU? Yes. We need to take a step back and ask ourselves: what is best for Wales, our families, our future? The PM’s deal has failed to secure support from those who voted Leave and Remain. The best deal is the one we already have and that should be an option on any ballot. If you could reform the EU in just one way, what would it be?As former President of European Women Lawyers Association, I have looked closely at European laws and policies. Most really are for the many, not just the few. The EU is democratic, but distant. I think the EU can help do more for people, including action on climate change, better civil society cooperation, creation of jobs, education, peace and security, equality and LGBTI rights. We’re stronger together. 1. Jackie JonesBarrister | Cardiff CLP women’s officer 4. Mark WhitcuttDeputy leader of Newport City Council | @Mark_WhitcuttWhy are you standing in the European elections this year?Welsh Labour is a strongly internationalist party and must represented at all levels at which elections take place. It is vital Labour plays its full part and is represented by committed candidates. We must have a powerful voice campaigning for remain, reform and a confirmatory public vote.Should the Leave result of the 2016 referendum be implemented?In 2016, government should have reached out for consensus but didn’t. Much has changed: we know lies were told, such as £350m per week for NHS; the deal has been fraught with problems and been botched. So the outcome must be put back to people in a public vote.Are you in favour of holding another referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU?Yes. The arguments are overwhelming: the Tories have shown their incompetence and offered a deal where the UK is the rule-taker not its maker. Parliament has considered every alternative of Brexit. We all know much more too! It’s time for a referendum to break the deadlock.If you could reform the EU in just one way, what would it be?To give greater transparency to EU democracy. It is actually democratic given that the parliament and governments in the council are all directly elected, but we need to make it more open and develop a mechanism for people to see that they really have a stake in the decisions it makes.Tags:Labour /Wales /European elections 2019 /Jackie Jones / LabourList has contacted all of Labour’s MEP candidates ahead of the elections next month and put four questions to each aspiring member of the European parliament.Labour’s four candidates for Wales are the first to have responded. All are strongly in favour of holding another referendum on Brexit.Their answers are listed in order of their place on the regional list, from first to fourth. 2. Matthew DorranceCouncillor | Leader of Powys County Council Labour group | @MatthewDorrance Why are you standing in the European elections this year?The economy, workers’ rights, the environment, security, climate change, trade and migration are pressing global problems best approached collaboratively across nations and in solidarity with our European neighbours. The EU is key to Wales’ future prosperity. I want to help Wales and Welsh Labour respond to those challenges.Should the Leave result of the 2016 referendum be implemented? Leaving without knowing the terms of our exit, the impact on our economy, our security or our rights isn’t best for Britain or Wales. The deal presented by the Prime Minister doesn’t have the support of parliament or the people, and a ‘no deal’ exit would be catastrophic. The 2016 referendum result can’t be implemented. Are you in favour of holding another referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU? Yes. We all know more about what leaving means than we did in 2016 and many people were given wrong information in the referendum. We need to create an opportunity to have an informed debate about our future with ‘remain and reform’ firmly on the ballot. If you could reform the EU in just one way, what would it be?The EU must now recognise the need to better engage with citizens in the regions and nations of member states. If I could reform the EU in one way, it would ensure it does more to inform people about the important work it does for us all.last_img read more

Good Morning Mission to Tile Zeitgeist

first_img 0% Right now it is 60° with a high of 70° – the forecast for the next ten days is here.Today’s block:  Valencia to Stevenson, Duboce to McCoppin.There are only a handful of blocks left, so take a look at the map and let us know if you want to claim one of them.  We’re at  You can see a map of all of the blocks here.  Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img We once ran a piece on favorite place in the Mission and Zeitgeist won hand’s down. I wonder if it would today. Photo by Lydia ChávezZ’s door. Photo by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezThe dog park. Photo by Lydia ChávezTiles. Photo by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezOn McCoppin. Photo by Lydia ChávezTurning onto Stevenson. Photo by Lydia ChávezThe tiles never end. Photo by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezCobbled road. Photo by Lydia ChávezStevenson art. Photo by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezPhoto by Lydia ChávezLooking west on Duboce. Photo by Lydia ChávezDuboce window. Photo by Lydia Chávez80 Duboce. Photo by Lydia Chávez last_img read more

Generosity Migration Art and Film Meet at Roxie Theater

first_imgFrom Veracruz and on the phone, we have one of these women —Guadalupe González Herrera, one of the members of Las Patronas. Welcome to Pájaro Latinoamericano, Guadalupe. How are you? Tell us about you. Since when have you been part of this group of women known as Las Patronas? Why did you decide to join?Guadalupe González Herrera: Yes, I decided to join the women’s collective that was already formed. I didn’t start it, I was just there, seeing and hearing them as they put together the lunches. They would joke with me that I was lazing around not doing anything, and I would get upset and go home to watch TV. But, I have a 21 year old son, so I kept coming back and until this day I continue to work with them. We were invited to schools to give talks and in one of those I saw a short featuring my mother-in-law and that’s when I realized the work the group did.And then one day I heard the migrants yelling for water, to me and my mother-in-law, they were asking us to give them water, so I decided to fill bottles with water and started giving them out. That’s how I got initiated into the group.CL: How do you put together the food, what do you cook? Tell us about the daily work.GGH: The work begins at 10:30 in the morning. Everyday, one woman is in charge of cooking the food that will be passed out to those on the train. The other women help by packing the food and handing it out.CL: How many lunches do you give out on average?GGH: Well, lately, we have been passing out around 100 a day. But, before, when it started, the group would hand out around 1000 to 1500. It was a lot. It’s less now ever since the Frontera Sur program began, there have been a lot of raids to capture migrants. CL: Tells us, for those who haven’t seen the previews of the movie Llévate Mis Amores/All of Me showing at the Roxy Theater, how do you manage to hand out the lunches, the food to the migrants? Tell us a bit about that. GGH: Well, I started out with what I know how to cook, and I do it with love —rice, beans… We pack them daily and go out when we hear the train approaching. Everything is prepared and handed out with love. We also have a dinner for the migrants that arrive by walking. We serve them as if they were part of our family.CL: How many of you do this, Guadalupe? How many women normally work everyday?GGH: At the moment, we are about 12 women. There were more before but they left. Some left because their husbands told them they were going to get in trouble. The ones that remained are the ones that do this full time. We are about 12 because others went back to school or to Mexico City looking for work.CL: What are your ages?GGH: The oldest one is my mother-in-law, who is about 77. I am 58 and the youngest one is 27. There are younger ones of about 21, but they go to school.CL: How do you manage to get the food that you cook for the migrants? Where do you get it from?GGH: Everything has worked out, thank God. I think it’s God, it is him who puts the good willing people in our path that help and give us the bread that we give. We also give talks and the people that invite us put together the food and drop it off with us. We have received help from many people, thank God, from many places. Everyone has shown solidarity. We also work with government agencies because they are present when there are people killed or maimed, so they offer support in the migrant areas. The human rights agencies are present as well, so [migrants] are well served and accepted into hospitals. So, that’s how we are able to do our work.CL: It’s worth mentioning that in 2013, the group of women known as Las Patronas received the National Human Rights Award. Guadalupe, given the situation in Mexico, has the group ever received any kind of warning or threat from the Mexican government or perhaps from other governments? Since these are migrants crossing through Mexico…GGH: No, thank God. We haven’t received anything like that so far. Everyone is treated the same and we are no one to judge them. Everyone is treated the same and given the same type of attention. For us, all of them are part of our family.CL: I wanted to mention that the work you do is similar to the work of father Alejandro Solalinde. We are talking with Guadalupe González Herrera, one of the women collective Las Patronas. You will soon be coming to the Bay Area to present Llévate Mis Amores/All Of Me. What did you think of the movie?GGH: Well, that… one thing is to take action and another is seeing it on the screen. But, I am very excited to see how everything has been changing. CL:  Thank you, Guadalupe, we are running out of time. We want to invite the audience to the Roxy Theater this Saturday to see the movie, where you will be alongside the director of Llévate Mis Amores/All of Me, Arturo González Villaseñor and the Peruvian artist Claudio Talavera Ballon, who made a series of paintings inspired in the work of Las Patronas. Any last thoughts, Guadalupe?GGH: Don’t miss out on the movie. And that the dinner is open so that you can live this experience. It is beautiful to do things with love and not be judged, to be treated as you are, we are all human beings, we are all God’s children.CL: Thank you, Guadalupe. We are sending you a hug and looking forward to soon meet you in person here in San Francisco.Llévate Mis Amores opens Friday, August 5 at 7 p.m. at the Roxie Theater. Filmmakers and one of the women featured in the documentary will take part in a Q&A session. KPOO host Chelis Lopez will moderate a panel on august 7 after a 4 p.m. matinee screening. “Mujeres Luz,” a collection of art inspired by Las Patronas, will be on view at the Eric Quezada Center at 518 Valencia Street through August 11, with a closing reception at 8:30 p.m. at Galería de la Raza. Tickets are available here. Tags: arts • films • roxie theater Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% For many migrants from Latin America, the journey into the United States involves clinging to the side of a freight train known as “the beast,” going without food and water for 24 hours at a time, and if they’re lucky, encountering Las Patronas. These are a group of women who spend much of their days cooking and packing up meals to toss or hand off to the migrants on the train as it passes through their village. Their story is told in the documentary “Llévate Mis Amores,” or “All of Me,” and their likenesses captured by local artist Claudio Talavera Ballon. The documentary will screen August 5-11 at the Roxie Theater, and special engagements include Q&A sessions with the director and director of photography for the film as well as a patrona herself, and an art exhibition of the paintings. KPOO radio host Chelis Lopez spoke with one of the women among las patronas in her program, Pajaro Latinoamericano. Here is an excerpt from the interview, reproduced with permission:Chelis Lopez: Mexico is made of men and women aware of the current situation and are hungry for justice. Often it is people without money or funding who do the work and dedicate their time to thousands of Central American migrants that take on a long journey to arrive to the United States. These migrants don’t get a first, second or even third class seat on board this train, they travel clinging to the sides and top of a freight train called La Bestia, The Beast. They make the long journey perched on the train to reach the United States.Many years ago, a group of well-intentioned women decided to give food and water — as much as they could carry, so that these migrants can make the long journey, many times, an uncertain journey. I am referring to the women’s collective known as Las Patronas.center_img 0%last_img read more

Developments in Development Game On

first_imgThere is also an interesting tidbit of reality I came across this week regarding the sale of buildings. It has to do with transfer taxes. Presenting recent data to a roundtable of reporters, the San Francisco Assessor Recorder Carmen Chu said this week that the most expensive properties sold are a tiny fraction of transactions in San Francisco but represent a large amount of local transfer tax revenue. Around three percent of all transfers bring in some 72 percent of transfer tax revenue – a total of $273 million last fiscal year.  Of course transfer taxes are tied to transfers – as in, sales – and we can expect that to dip when the economy does. And it does tentatively seem to be heading in that direction. Tentatively. On one hand, you have Twitter looking to rent out a bunch of its office space, which goes hand in hand with a bit of sluggishness in the company’s growth and stock value. And realtors continue to offer incentives like one month free rent to get new apartments leased more quickly. Consider this choice quote from the Business Times:“It has to soften. There’s just too much inventory in the pipeline and almost all of it is composed of units looking to rent at the very highest end of S.F. rental prices,” said Patrick Carlisle, chief market analyst at brokerage Paragon Real Estate Group.But on the other, the office building boom appears to be going strong again and commercial tenants are certainly looking.And more housing is in the pipeline, with two projects just approved for the Mission.In business updates, Valencia street is seeing significant turnover. After the closure of several businesses along the street from 20th to 22nd streets, there were many empty storefronts, but window decals indicate new arrivals. The former Lost Weekend Video (which now exists as a kiosk inside of the New Mission Theater / Alamo Drafthouse) has become a clothing shop called Audrey. The former Mission Creek Cafe space is slated to become a Benny Gold store – the streetwear designer has a current location on 16th street but faced a recent rent increase to $8,000 a month, prompting his move to Valencia, because, as he says on his blog, “if I’m going to pay Valencia prices, I might as well be on Valencia.”The spacious storefront formerly home to Freewheel bike shop is set to become environmentalist clothier Reformation, and Smitten Ice Cream will go into the former Chocolatier Blue. Oh, and Craftsman and Wolves has opened a little storefront in the Bayview, where free slices of pizza are available to the needy through a pay-it-forward system.Getting off Valencia for a bit, Capp Street Crap reports a new gallery and cafe is opening on 26th and Capp streets. Known as The Laundry, its aim is affordable arts space – something in notoriously short supply in the Mission these days. A former auto body shop on 14th street is now a brewery, Hoodline reports. Visitors can find kolsch, Belgian blonde, extra pale ale, and a porter are available there – as well as some pinball machines. Perhaps a new hangout for the pinball league? I’ve already made a stupid joke in this column about development, real estate, and gentrification not being a game when a game was made about it. But woe is me, I just heard about TWO new games about real estate and development – I jumped the gun!The fun thing is that the games are almost completely at odds in their approach. In one, you have these Polish dudes who made an enhanced-reality game you play on your phone in which you acquire properties you come across in real life and then try to get your revenues as high as possible while offsetting costs. Imaginatively entitled “Real Estate Tycoon,” I can’t decide if it’s cringeworthy or hilarious in its eagerness to turn ruthless profiteering into a fun game while also presenting the activity as…well, ruthless profiteering. The logo is literally a grey haired white guy rubbing his hands with glee over the millions he’s making! And if that’s not enough, here’s their promo video.And in a whiplash-inducing 180 from that comes this Video game creator who has made a game for you to pretend to be a speculator, but this one in order to teach about the dangers of development leading to gentrification. It even includes elements like organizers pushing back on development projects, a familiar sight to anyone who pays attention to local planning processes. 0%center_img Tags: Business • development • Developments in Development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

JOSH Perry and Matty Ashurst have been called up S

first_imgJOSH Perry and Matty Ashurst have been called up Saints 19-man squad for Friday’s match with Harlequins.Perry is set to make his bow in the game after arriving from Manly Sea Eagles.Included for the first time is Matty Ashurst, but there is no room for Jon Wilkin, Leon Pryce or Sia Soliola who are sidelined through injury.Gary Wheeler is continuing to recover from his back muscle problem but the game comes a week too early.Therefore, Royce Simmons’ 19-man squad is:1. Paul Wellens, 2. Ade Gardner, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 7. Kyle Eastmond, 8. Josh Perry, 9. James Roby, 10. James Graham, 11. Tony Puletua, 13. Chris Flannery, 14. Scott Moore, 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 16. Paul Clough, 18. Matty Ashurst, 19. Andrew Dixon, 20. Jonny Lomax, 21. Shaun Magennis, 22. Jamie Foster, 25. Lee Gaskell.Rob Powell, Quins’ Head Coach, will choose from:1. Luke Dorn, 3. Tony Clubb, 5. Chris Melling, 6. Luke Gale, 7. Chad Randall, 8. Karl Temata, 9. Andy Ellis, 10. Oliver Wilkes, 11. Nick Kouparitsas, 12. Chris Bailey, 13. Rob Purdham, 15. Luke Ambler, 16. Mike Burnett, 17. Danny Ward, 19. Lamont Bryan, 21. Olsi Krasniqi, 23. Mark Calderwood, 31. Karl Pryce, 32. Joe Mellor.The match kicks off at 8pm and the referee is Ben Thaler.If you can’t make the match, it will be covered extensively in the new look Match Centre as well as on Saints’ Official Twitter and Official Facebook sites.You can also listen by tuning in to Wish FM on 102.4 FM, DAB or by clicking here.Stats:St Helens have won their last ten meetings with Harlequins. Nine of those wins came in Super League, the other coming in Round Five of last season’s Carnegie Challenge Cup.Harlequins’ last win was 14-6 at Knowsley Road on 9 February, 2007, in Round 1 of Super League XII. This remains the London club’s only victory against Saints as Harlequins.Super League summary:St Helens won 32 (including 1 win in 2003 play-offs)Harlequins won 42 drawsSt Helens highest score: 62-16 (H, 2003) (Widest margin: 54-0, A, 2008)Harlequins highest score: 40-6 (H, 2002) (also widest margin)last_img read more

AFTER a nightmare Bank Holiday journey which leave

first_imgAFTER a nightmare Bank Holiday journey which leaves you turning up 20 minutes after the original kick off time, the last thing you want is to face Saints side intent on throwing the ball around.But that’s exactly what hit the Broncos at Langtree Park on Good Friday.After a good defensive set the Saints scored with their first possession as the impressive Mike Weldon took a peach of a short ball from Josh Eaves.The hooker, finally returning after his injury nightmare, well and truly sealed his return as he scored the Saints second after great work from Jake Spedding. The big centre picked up a loose ball on halfway, weaved around his opposite number before passing inside to Eaves who outpaced the cover to the line.The Broncos dispelled any rumours that they were still on the bus punishing a Saints error with a try on 15 minutes.This was perhaps the story of the first half as the Saints almost seemed to be more affected by the late start than their opponents. Their play was sluggish and lethargic in places and littered with unforced errors.Having said all that Ben Morris extended the lead touching down Danny Richardson’s neat grubber.Then came a piece of pure Saints magic. Cameron Brown, showing no nerves on his debut, jumped out of dummy half and put Spedding away down the left flank. He took it on before feeding it outside to his winger Jordan Gibbons. He was caught from behind but managed to get the ball back inside to Spedding who went the final 30 metres for the try.Saints managed to bomb two certain tries before the break one for a forward pass from Richardson and then one from a Jordan Olmez knock on over the line grounding Richardson’s grubber.Consequently it was a rather chastened Saints who resumed after the short break but with the jeering of our friends from across the Lump ringing in their ears they set about playing some sparkling rugby in the second period.Captain Liam Cooper opened the scoring running hard onto the ball on the last.Regan Grace got the first of his customary brace finishing in the right corner after Matty Costello had evaded the cover to put him clear.Weldon scored his second taking Richardson’s short pass and bursting through the line from 30 out.Costello again was the provider this time for Cameron Brown who neatly stepped inside the cover to score.Grace finished off a series of offloads for the Saints ninth try before Elliott Jenkins showed the kind of determination to firstly be in the right place and then secondly to want to score as he backed up Morris’ break and then shrugged off the unwanted attentions of the Broncos full back as he dove over in front of the massed West Stand.Brown finished off an impressive debut and the scoring jinking his way over after Richardson’s initial break.Saints weren’t at their best but six debutants in an already young side made this ultimately a very good win. The second half was much better as they cut out the unforced errors which allowed the flair to shine through.Josh Eaves, Mike Weldon and Captain Cooper did well but the pick of the pack was Matty Lees. In the backs, Brown and Jenkins did well with Danny Richardson calling the shots but there was a good all-round display from centre-cum-winger Jake Spedding who deserved a try from his 80 metre breakaway.Match Summary:Saints U19s:Tries: Mike Weldon (3 & 53), Josh Eaves (10), Ben Morris (17), Jake Spedding (21), Liam Cooper (43), Regan Grace (49 & 67), Cameron Brown (61 & 79), Elliott Jenkins (69).Goals: Danny Richardson 10.London Broncos U19s:Tries: Kam Pierce-Paul (14), Matt Davies (73).Goals: Rhys Joel.Half Time: 24-4Full Time: 64-10Teams:Saints:1. Matty Costello, 2. Regan Grace; 4. Cameron Brown, 3. Jake Spedding, 5. Jordan Gibbons; 7. Elliott Jenkins, 6. Danny Richardson; 8. Levy Nzoungou, 9. Josh Eaves, 10. Matty Lees, 11. Liam Cooper (C), 12. Ben Morris, 13. Mike Weldon. Subs: 14. Brad Pinder, 16. Chris Follin, 17. Alex Eckley, 18. Jordan Olmez.London:1. Callum Whitcombe; 2. Gideon Boafa, 3. Kam Pierce-Paul, 4. Josh Raqio, 5. Fred Dodd; 6. Rhys Joel, 7. James Meadows; 8. Callum Bustin, 9. Matt Davies, 10. Lewis Bienik, 11. Danny Hindmarsh, 12. Jordan Williams, 13. Jordan Richardson. Subs: 14. Matthew Montgomery, 15. Rob Butler, 16. Ato Iaqueratabua, 17. John Sipawa.last_img read more

Craig Richards wrote We had a great catch up with

first_imgCraig Richards wrote: We had a great catch up with ex Melbourne Storm, RFL and current NRL Game Development Officer Ross Antonioni.Ross looks after the feeder programmes in schools and clubs that feed NRL club Parramatta Eels. It was great learning about the successful role the NRL play in schools which culminate with Carnival programme. All programmes are closely linked with the Eels to ensure that the early indicators of talent are recognised.These include mental skills such as coachability and willingness to work at improving. Whilst performance played a part, participation was always high on the agenda with a large emphasis on fun and learning.It was notable later in the pathway that the selection of playing squads had a real competitive edge but again mental skills were a large part of the selection criteria.To follow on from the meeting I was lucky enough to be invited to observe a NRL Level 2 RL coaching course. Again big thanks to Ross and lead tutor Tim Auremi, who is the Development Officer for Sydney West.Interestingly, one of the Guest speakers was former Panthers player and current Academy coach Ben Harden who gave a great insight into the club’s playing processes, philosophy and methods. Most surprising was how much detailed information was shared with the group considering coaches in attendance included three academy coaches from rival clubs.This was followed by David Barracosa, Senior Performance Psychologist from Condor Performance, He covered the use of Psychology in sports and shared some great tools to both check, implement and improve mental skills in the game.Following this was former London Broncos, NSW and current Parramatta Eels Performance Analyst Joe Grima. He broke down the components of how, why and who they analyse and made the key links to performances in both team and individuals.It showed the value of a world class analysis system when preparing and reviewing at the highest level.last_img read more

Have you seen them Two Tabor City teens missing

first_imgThomas Taylor was reported in taking his mothers white Chevy Tahoe from 117 Jernigan Street in Tabor City Wednesday. When the 16 year old boy didn’t return with the truck, he was then listed as a missing person.  The vehicle is registered to Casey Shawn Duncan Gore.  The North Carolina registration plate is CML-9280. The vehicle was last seen on I-95 south bound in South Carolina Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Ashley Fitzwater and Thomas Taylor TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — Tabor City Police need your help finding two missing teens. They don’t believe the disappearance of them are related.17-year-old Ashley Fitzwater was last seen at South Columbus High School. Her brother, Steven Fitzwater, told officers in the report that he saw her on the school bus and entering the school. She was last seen wearing a white polo style shirt covered with a gray hoodie, black pants and a black apir of Nike shoes. Fitzwater is 5’8″ and has brown hair and brown eyes, weighing about 200 pounds. She has marks on her back from an injury sustained as a child. Police said there is a possibility she may have been in a contact with family from Pennsylvania, whom she stated before she wanted to go back to live with. If you know any information in regards to the two missing, please contact Tabor City Police.last_img read more

Porkchop is saved and stays in Carolina Shores

first_imgCAROLINA SHORES, NC (WWAY) — A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of a pet named Porkchop, a pot belly pig whose home in Carolina Shores was in jeopardy because of an ordinance. Porkchop is now one excited pot belly pig.Four out of the five Carolina Shores town commissioners voted in favor of getting rid of an ordinance, not allowing hooved animals in the town. For Linda Dolan and her husband, it was a relief when they heard they could keep Porkchop.- Advertisement – “I’m very excited. You know, we made a great change right here. Not everybody is going to go out and buy a pot belly pig now that they’re changing the ordinance,” Dolan said.Mayor Joyce Dunn says it wasn’t an easy decision.“I think many of us started out on one side or the other on the issue. But took the time to get input and think about what people are saying. So, I think it was given a lot of thought,” Dunn said.The person who initially complained, Walter Goodenough who lives in the same neighborhood as the Dolans, did not attend the meeting. But many supporters were there for what they call a terrific pig.Related Article: New area flood gauges installed to increase safety, flood prediction capability“A lot of us are not just animal lovers but pet owners. Its like taking your kid away. Those are our kids. My dog is my kid and as Porkchop is to them, that’s their baby,” neighbor Jennifer Gerrald said.Dolan says the night before the meeting, Goodenough sent out an email to people who live in “The Village at Calabash”, begging the community to show up and say no to the farm animal.“I’m not here to raise-have a pig farm. I’m here to have my pot belly pig as a pet,” Dolan said.The town still has to go through one more vote on Thursday, but many members in the community say the radiant pig is here to stay.last_img read more

The Chuck Whitlock Show Whats the Matter premieres on WWAY CBS Friday

first_img “I love the title,” Whitlock says, “because it eables us to go in any direction we want to go.”Topics for future shows include protecting your children from pedophiles, making sure you have enough money to retire, divorce after 60, or analyzing the school system.The first show takes an in-depth look at the Cape Fear Raptor Center.  It delves into the importance raptors have on the eco-system and help with farming profitability.Related Article: Northern California wildfire rages largely unchecked, at least 6 deadLook for ‘The Chuck Whitlock Show What’s the Matter’ on WWAY CBS every Friday at 7:30 p.m. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Award-winning investigative reporter, bestselling author and TV personality Chuck Whitlock brings his in-depth storytelling to WWAY with ‘The Chuck Whitlock Show What’s the Matter’ every Friday night.The show promises to take a deep look at issues affecting Americans like crime, schools, money matters and anything that may need to be deeply examined.- Advertisement – last_img read more

75 percent of homes have minor damage in Surf City

first_img Medlin said less than 20 homes on the island have major damage beyond repair. Medlin said about 75 percent of homes have minor damage with roofing or siding.Medlin said about 75-80 feet of the end of the Surf City pier was ripped off along with some of the boards. He said they still have to assess the integrity of the rest of the pier. He said they may be able to open the rest of the pier and close off the end, but they do not know yet.Medlin said they are still trying to get crews on the island to assess the damage to the sewer system. He said that is why residents are not on the island right now. He said crews are working hard to get the sand clear off the roads.Related Article: Pender Co. beach towns trading gifts, coupons for a bucket of trashMedlin said all of Surf City is without power on the mainland and on the island.Town spokesman Allan Libby said there is flooding from rainwater in low lying spots. He also said there is lots of flooding on the canals. Libby said crews have not been able to get to the canals yet because of flooding.Medlin said they are pushing to try to get residents back on the island as soon as possible. He said the earliest would be Wednesday morning, but it could be later. Damage from Hurricane Florence in Surf City (Photo: Allan Libby) SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Town leaders say about 75 percent of homes in Surf City have some kind of minor damage from hurricane Florence.Surf City Mayor Doug Medlin said they are still trying to assess all of the damage on the island.- Advertisement – last_img read more

I rule out that the PL will legalise abortion – Kurt Farrugia

first_imgThe Government’s Head of Communications Kurt Farrugia said that since the Partit Laburista (PL) electoral manifesto for the upcoming EP and local councils’ elections does not mention abortion he is ruling out that the party will legalise abortion in Malta.Kurt Farrugia said this in reply to a question made by Fr Joe Borg during Newsline which was transmitted on RTK103FM on Saturday. Fr Borg asked this question after the Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) Executive Chairman Pierre Portelli said that the leader of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Frans Timmermanns declared that if PES gains majority in the European Parliament (EP) legal abortion will become accessible and will be considered a woman’s right, clearly dismissing the right of the unborn child.Kurt Farrugia added that both the PN and the PL did not make any reference to abortion in their election manifestos and that the PL will not implement something that is not in the pledged. He also said that the legalisation of abortion is a national competence and that one cannot stop people from discussing it either in Malta or abroad.Farrugia said that he would prefer to talk about the 160 babies that have been born through IVF treatment which was introduced by a government lead by the PL.PN could not vote in favour of domestic violence law – PortelliFarrugia then asked Pierre Portelli why the PN did not vote in favour of the domestic violence laws. Portelli explained that the PN could not vote in favour because the law excluded the rights of the unborn child.When Farrugia was asked why the clause that protected the unborn child was removed from the laws he answered that the PN is highlighting an irrelevant issue.Presenter Peppi Azzopardi said that this clause was important. On the other hand, he also said that many countries that form part of the European Peoples’ Party (EPP) agree with the legalisation of abortion.The PL failed to convince PESPN MEP Francis Zammit Dimech said that the PL has failed to convince PES not to include legalisation of abortion. Zammit Dimech said this during the programme Xarabank that was transmitted on TVM on Friday.He also said that the EPP’s manifesto differs considerably from the manifestos presented by the other political parties as it does not make any reference to abortion. Zammit Dimech said that a vote for the Pl is a vote for the PES that wants to introduce the legalisation of abortion in Malta.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Facebook wants owners with domain names containing the word facebook to hand

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook on wednesday filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in an attempt to get its hands on a number of domain names containing the word ‘facebook’. While it does that on a regular basis (as any company should, especially of that size), some of the domains it is asking to be transfered are mildly amusing and / or a bit odd. [related-posts] Some of the contested domain names include;Myspace-Facebook.comFacebookSafetyPup.comFacebookLikesPages.comFäcebook.orgFacebookAteMyBaby.comfastfacebookproxy.comfacebookpeople.comfacebookmsn.comfacebookemail.comfacebook.infofacebookconnect.comfacebookdeveloper.comaboutfacebook.comfacebookbabes.comfacebookcheats.comfacebookclub.comfacebookdevelopment.comfacebookfest.comfacebookintegration.comfacebookjournal.comfacebookking.comfacebookland.comfacebooksafety.comfacebookstudio.comfacebookstuff.comfreefacebookapps.comfriendsonfacebook.comfundraisingwithfacebook.comjoinusonfacebook.comkillfacebook.commoneyfromfacebook.commoneywithfacebook.comnewfacebookapplication.comCredit: TNWlast_img read more

Mobile App Ingenuity – The Worlds 8 Best Awarded in Abu Dhabi

first_imgAdvertisement UN based award WSA-mobile wraps up successful edition of world’s top mobile content event in Abu Dhabi. The 8 top mobile apps honored at Grand Gala concluding a 2 days Congress of mobile innovation.Be it flexible business solution MOBIZY from Portugal, citizen orientated service Dubai Police app from the UAE, crisis simulation app Life Saver, create your own game Createrria from Poland, AR tourism experience Ancient Aquilea 3D from Italy, do it yourself reporter app LIFENEWS from Russia, medical translation app Universal Doctor Speaker from Spain or special needs supporting user interface LIVOX from Brazil.The WSA mobile, an award showcasing the smartest mobile services with a social impact globally, has selected the world’s best solutions for content enriched application development for 2015.The 8 WSA mobile Global Champions have been exclusively selected by an on-site Grand Jury of 40 international ICT experts at the WSA-mobile Global Congress held in Abu Dhabi, 1-3 February 2015, hosted by ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre). – Advertisement – Martin Percy, Interactive Film Director at the UK-based company: Lifesaver/Unit 9 showcased the highly beneficial ‘Lifesaver: A New Way To Learn CPR’, which is a crisis simulating app that provides users with essential first aid training on how to deal with an emergency situation such as a heart attack or chocking by teaching basic CPR techniques to users through interactivity and live-action film.Percy said, “Being part of this event has been very exciting and inspiring due to its location in Abu Dhabi, which has been a model for the world in building sustainable economies.”“Moving forward, my dream is to develop a super life saver that would offer more than 12 medical solutions and in several languages, including Arabic.”Carlos Pereira, a Computer Analyst and dad from Brazil who was trying to communicate with his daughter born with cerebral palsy, highlighted the truly inspiring ‘LIVOX’ app, which is an alternative augmentative communication software for people with motoric, cognitive and visual limitations, aiming to ensure that people with deficiencies do not encounter the same obstacles in the digital world as in the real world. LIVOX enables people with disabilities to speak, read, write and understand complex concepts like math.On the sidelines of WSA’s workshops, Pereira expressed, “I’m very happy and thankful to be here today, as I have made many new connections which I hope to turn into business opportunities and subsequently help more disabled people throughout the world.”Enrico Degrassi and Daniele Bulfone from IKON Multimedia – Italy, were showcasing the Ancient Aquileia 3D App which puts archaeologically interesting cultural content on a mobile platform with detailed augmented reality reconstructions of main locations from the ancient Roman city of Aquileia allowing visitors to use their devices as peepholes in time and as interactive video guides.Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors commented, “Mobile devices are the closest and most critical things for people in today’s information society. Mobile penetration has already outnumbered the earth’s population. Access to mobile networks is today as important as clean water or basic foods. The challenge is to create exciting content and innovative applications that do more than just meet basic needs of communication. Content, applications and solutions that impact the daily lives of millions and that connect minds in a smart manner.”Peter A. Bruck added, “The WSA mobile Global Congress is the impressive showcase of products from all United Nations member states that make a difference and therefore have been selected by the WSA-mobile jury of global experts from 40 countries. The World Summit award addresses the social impact of mobile content and apps in the context of the UN focus on making the world sustainable and to create a true knowledge society.” The eight 2015 WSA Mobile Global Champions were honored for their pioneering innovation in the field of mobile content during the awards ceremony of the highly acclaimed ICT knowledge-sharing event, WSA mobile Global Congress 2015, which took place at the St. Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi–Corniche, between February 1 and 3.Hosted by ADSIC, the three day event showcased mobile applications from across 178 countries and eight main categories covering a range of key economic, social and business areas, from commerce and government to environment, health and education.Focusing on originality, diversity and creative content, the 48 winning teams were selected by a jury panel of subject-matter experts within the framework of the United Nation’s World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) and represented 30 UN member states from the Middle East, Western Europe, North and South America, Africa, Russia, and South and East Asia. The 3 day event witnessed the attendance of more than 400 local and international participants. Overall, 30 speakers shed the spotlight on a number of key m-content issues including excellence in mobile content, ways of supporting the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and operational innovation. Commenting on the occasion, H.E Rashed Lahaj Al Mansoori, Director General at ADSIC stated, “ADSIC continually seeks to reinforce its position as a platform for thought leaders and subject-matter experts and proactively contributes to positioning the emirate of Abu Dhabi as an ideal platform to celebrate and honor true innovators. ““The breadth and sheer quality of innovation that was demonstrated during this event is a testament to the Information Society’s ongoing efforts to create new pioneering solutions that cater to all, on every level.”Al Mansoori added, “The successful exchange of insights and global learnings we, in the last three days were both inspirational and motivating, and we are proud to have provided a platform in the heart of the UAE’s capital for this key ICT gathering.” During the three day event, Dr. Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations and H.E Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) were accompanied by H.E Rashed Lahaj Al Mansoori, Director General at ADSIC and toured the Exhibition area, gaining first-hand insights into the mobile apps and solutions that were being showcased by the winners.The visiting guests also toured the ‘Ibtikari’ 2015 booth organized by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED).Other highlights included interactive networking opportunities, innovation pitches from WSA winners, UAE Entrepreneurship Camp with Emirati students and ‘Ibtikari’ 2015, which is an initiative in partnership between the Abu Dhabi-based Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) and WSA that aims to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by facilitating knowledge transfer between mobile experts and Emirati youth.last_img read more

African Union Commission Launches Kenya Internet Exchange Point of Presence in Mombasa

first_imgDr. Elham Ibrahim, AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy (Left). Advertisement The African Union Commission (AUC), through the Infrastructure and Energy Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology of Kenya launched the Kenya Internet Exchange Point of Presence in Mombasa.Through the African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) project of the African Union Commission, Member States with internet exchange points have increased from eighteen to thirty two.  The Commission has further provided grants to six internet exchange points to be supported to become regional internet exchange points.Under the grant awarded to the Kenya Internet Exchange point, the following four areas are to be supported; Capacity Building, the KIXP Site in Mombasa, the GSM Regional Exchange (GRX) and promotion of KIXP as a regional internet exchange “In the context of celebrating 50 years, the AU Heads of State and Government agreed to develop a Continental Agenda 2063. – Advertisement – The overall objective of Agenda 2063 is to chart Africa’s development trajectory over the next 50 years. One of the envisaged activities is putting in place an intra-African broad band terrestrial infrastructure, Said H.E. Dr. Elham M.A. Ibrahim, AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy.”Dr. Elham Ibrahim, AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy (Left).“As access to information and knowledge is a prerequisite to achieving development goals set by Africa, I call upon the public sector, private sector and civil society to partner and find effective and innovative ways to put the potential of ICT at the service of African citizens, Added H.E. Dr. Elham Ibrahim, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy.”Africa is currently paying overseas carriers to exchange intra- continental traffic on our behalf. This is both costly as well as an inefficient way of handling exchange of local Internet traffic.“We are keen on enhancing local and regional connectivity to make Africa technologically competitive, said Mr. Victor Kyalo, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology of Kenya.”The launch was officiated by H.E. Dr. Elham Ibrahim, African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy and Mr. Victor Kyalo, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology and attended by leaders of the Industry.last_img read more


first_imgWelcome to Starters Orders. Our new daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Friday 5 July2.00 DoncasterGold Hunter 6/1 > 5/26.30 BeverleyEeny Mac 12/1 > 5/17.45 HaydockChancery laid at 8/1 for shrewd money now 6/1last_img

PREVIEW Germany v France

first_img[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hank goodness I’d built up something of a bank during the World Cup as the spate of 0-0 draws has proved disastrous over the last couple of days and the profits have dropped quicker than Andy Murray’s form. The latest 0-0’er being Argentina v Switzerland.Anyway, we move on and we’re at the Quarter Final stages of the World Cup and I’m not really any closer to working out who is going to win it.In the first quarter final two European heavyweights slug it out.Three times winners Germany face a resurgent French side who were in disarray four years ago after a disastrous tournament for them in South Africa.Germany are past masters at getting the job completed even when they are not playing well and that’s exactly what they did in the first knockout match when they only just edged past Algeria.Germany dominated possession with 67% but Joachim Low’s side failed to take their chances and it turned out to be a late, late show with all three goals coming in extra time in Germany’s 2-1 win.France also appeared to run out of steam a little against a spirited Nigerian challenge last time but scored twice in the last 11 minutes to secure a place against Germany for this match in Rio de Janeiro (5pm LIVE ON BBC).Honours have been pretty much even over the years….HEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Max last 10 only)Feb 2013 International France 1-2 GermanyFeb 2012 International Germany 1-2 FranceNov 2005 International France 0-0 GermanyNov 2003 International Germany 0-3 FranceFeb 2001 International France 1-0 GermanyJun 1996 International Germany 0-1 FranceMar 1937 International Germany 4-0 FranceMar 1935 International France 1-3 GermanyMar 1933 International Germany 3-3 FranceMar 1931 International France 1-0 GermanyIn terms of a bet with Star Sports – the DRAW looks the best play.Come on 0-0 – even I’d be happy if you can oblige for one last time.RECOMMENDED BET (scale of 1-50 points)6 points DRAW at around 9/4 with Star SportsWORLD CUP RETURNS SO FAR: PROFIT 1.71 POINTSWhat’s your view? CALL STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Watford v West Ham

first_img[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ew manager syndrome might struggle in the case of David Moyes and West Ham this afternoon when they take on Watford at Vicarage Road (4pm) in the only Premier League game of not so super Sunday.Apologies to Hammers fans but I have long term negativity about the current side who look to have lost some of their magic since moving from Upton Park and will do well to avoid relegation on current form.Certainly this is a match that they would ordinarily look to take something from – but their only away wins so far this season have come in the EFL Cup.It’s not uncommon for a struggling side to show a reaction blip of form for a new manager but David Moyes acknowledges the task ahead. He said: “I’m not one to criticise who was here before, but the players have told me what they think so we will give them what they think they need.“They need to take responsibility. The players have been really committed to what we’ve asked them to do, they’ve grasped it and got on with it, and I think they’ve embraced it too.“We’ve tried to put an awful lot of work into them over the past five or six days.”Watford themselves have struggled since beating Arsenal 2-1 with three consecutive defeats against Chelsea, Stoke and Everton.A win today for Watford will take them into eighth ahead of Brighton who play on Monday.Watford v West HamPremier League16:00 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HDHEAD TO HEAD(Maximum 10 matches)Feb 2017 PREMIER Watford 1-1 West HamSep 2016 PREMIER West Ham 2-4 WatfordApr 2016 PREMIER West Ham 3-1 WatfordOct 2015 PREMIER Watford 2-0 West HamMar 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP West Ham 1-1 WatfordAug 2011 CHAMPIONSHIP Watford 0-4 West HamSep 2008 CARLING CUP Watford 1-0 West HamFeb 2007 PREMIERSHIP West Ham 0-1 WatfordJan 2007 FA CUP West Ham 0-1 WatfordAug 2006 PREMIERSHIP Watford 1-1 West HamI favour Watford and will keep things simple at around 6/5 with Star Sports.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK WATFORD 9 points at 6/5 with Star SportsPROFIT/LOSS SINCE JAN 1 2017: PROFIT 20.14 points BET NOW WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more


first_imgSimon Nott is author of:Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting RingCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Interview: MARTIN & BELINDA KEIGHLEY: Martin and Belinda met while working at David ‘The Duke’ Nicholson’s yard then went on to set up their own currently successful training operation in the Cotswolds. They talk of their respective riding careers, point to points, frustration with handicappers, becoming Cheltenham specialists plus the agony of losing a Festival winner on a technicality. MARTIN & BELINDA KEIGHLEY (part 1 of 2) MARTIN & BELINDA KEIGHLEY (part 2 of 2)last_img