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By Vedran Vuk Casey Research Exchangetraded fund

first_imgBy Vedran Vuk, Casey ResearchExchange-traded funds have been all the rage in recent years – they are easy to buy, easy to sell, and often have lower expense ratios than index mutual funds. But the Casey Research team dug deep into the complex world of ETFs and found that in many cases, their names can be utterly deceptive.Here are a few excerpts of our revealing special report, The Top Ten Misleading ETFs.Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners (GDXJ) – This ETF sure has a funny definition of a junior mining company. In my opinion, a junior miner is a small, speculative company just getting off the ground. Our publication, Casey International Speculator, specializes in this particular kind of company. If I had to put a number on the market cap, I’d say that junior miners fall under the $500 million mark. If you really want to push the definition to its limits, maybe a market-cap ceiling of $1 billion could still qualify for junior status.Regardless of the exact line of demarcation, most of us can agree that “junior” means “small.” Furthermore, most investors can agree that market caps over a billion dollars are anything but small. A billion isn’t a major, but it’s clearly in mid-tier territory. That said, the Junior Gold Miners ETF’s top 10 holdings are all over a billion dollar or more. The top holding, with 5.23% of assets, even has a market cap of $2.4 billion – that’s not exactly a junior, to say the least, and neither are the other companies on the list:GDXJ was a flawed idea from the very start. Junior miners are necessarily bad choices for bundling into large ETFs. A large market cap ETF funneling funds into tiny mining companies sounds like a bubble waiting to happen. This is one area where carefully selecting individual plays is the only way to go. And this ETF has come no closer to changing that approach.SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) – Since the last two funds had problems with rolling over futures contracts, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, why not just buy funds that actually hold the underlying assets?” That’s a genius idea… if it were only so simple. Even SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), a fund that holds physical gold, has much hidden in its fine print.At first blush, most investors think that GLD securely protects their gold and that they can retrieve it upon request. Yes, GLD has a giant vault where gold is actually kept. However, exchanging your paper shares for gold is much harder than the click of a mouse that gets you into GLD.First of all, to retrieve the gold one must have special permission – meaning one is either a broker or market maker. And there’s another footnote worth mentioning: Gold can only be redeemed at a minimum of 100,000 shares of GLD, equivalent to 10,000 gold ounces (a little over $17 million at current prices). For the high rollers reading this article, that might mean something. For the average Joe out there, that means you will never be able to redeem your GLD shares for gold. Those shares are nothing more than pieces of paper – or worse yet, electronic bytes in your account.With a closer examination of GLD, even the high rollers are misled by GLD. Deep in the SPDR Gold Shares prospectus, the fund includes an option to redeem gold requests in cash rather than physical metal. So, even if you are holding $17 million in GLD, you still might not receive your gold upon request in the case of a crisis in the gold market.But wait – there’s more. Though GLD seems like any other ETF, it isn’t. GLD is structured as a grantor trust. Hence, the investor doesn’t pay taxes similar to regular ETFs. Instead, the investor pays taxes on the underlying assets – in this case, gold. Unfortunately, gold is taxed for long-term holdings at a higher rate of 28% as a collectible instead of the 15% capital gains tax. What seems like a simple fund actually has a world of complicated specifics in the fine print.iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Eastern Europe Index Fund (ESR) – What do you think of when someone says “Eastern Europe?” The Iron Curtain, stuffed cabbage, kolaches, pierogies… No, besides that. For anyone who’s been asleep for the past few decades, Eastern Europe now has more countries than most can count. In the Balkans alone, there’s Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and even Kosovo… not to the mention all the other countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, the Ukraine… and the list goes on.With so many different countries and stock exchanges, an ETF would seem like a perfect way to cover them all. Unfortunately, the MSCI Emerging Market Eastern Europe Index Fund (ESR) will cover none of those countries just mentioned. In fact, the ESR does a better job of covering Russia, with a 76% allocation, than the rest of Eastern Europe – a whole 21% of the fund is invested in Russia’s Gazprom alone.Besides Russia, the fund only holds a couple of other countries including Poland at 16%, the Czech Republic at 4.1%, and Hungary at 3.4%. Though some companies in the fund may serve Eastern Europe, this is hardly what most investors had in mind for an Eastern European ETF. If investors really want a Russian ETF, those are not hard to find.[To find out what the other 7 ETFs are – and whether you might own one yourself – click here for your FREE special report, The Top 10 Misleading ETFs.]last_img read more

Weve all heard from our elders that Money doesn

first_imgWe’ve all heard from our elders that “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” It’s simple kitchen table economics: If you want money, you have to work hard for it, earn it, and then you can buy what you feel you can afford. How much easier things would be if we had a money tree, or better yet an orchard, and our only effort would be to pluck off all the cash we wanted. What most people fail to understand is that nearly every country in the world has such a money tree. It is owned and controlled by the government, king, central bank, or whatever they choose to call it. Here in the US, our money tree has been creating a 100-year supply of money every year—and the government is lavishly spending this magic money. By the time you read this, it will be over $4 trillion, up from $800 million a few short years ago. Borrowing is fine. Go ahead and spend more than you take in through tax revenue. You are pledging the work efforts of future generations of your citizens to garner money for you to spend right now. But you will probably be dead before the bill comes due, so you need not worry. This can continue for decades as long as your creditors have faith in your money and ability to repay. Copious borrowing and spending is one of the fun parts of belonging to the government elite. The peasants must believe that you, the owner of the money tree, are acting in their best interest. If you tax them, you must convince them it is for their own good. Whether it is building roads, bridges, providing education or police for their protection, there must be visible symbols that prove you are looking after them. You must not allow competition from any other trees or crops. If your tree produces fancy paper, you cannot allow others to copy your paper to make it look like money. They must face stiff penalties for doing so in order to discourage competition. You cannot allow other fruits like gold or bitcoins to be used as currency; only using money from your tree is allowed. Play by the rules. Like it or not, each owner of a money tree has a vast army to make sure you comply with their rules. Their goal is to protect themselves, even if it is at the expense of the hard-working citizens they are pretending to look after. There are still many legal ways to protect yourself that will allow you to keep the results of your labor. Diversify. While you may always be a “subject” to one or the other government, the best way to protect yourself from their heavy hands is diversification. Own things like gold, silver, farm land, and investments denominated in money from other money trees. Spreading your assets across various forms of money and locations can go a long way to protect your buying power. Use the power and might of your army and police force to protect the system. Flex your muscles regularly as a reminder to all peasants that they need to conform. Confiscation of wealth is an idea that can be easily sold to the masses. After all, what do the rich need all that money for? Redistribution of wealth is part of the rulers’ job. Without the benevolent government to lead, the peasants would never be able to survive. Always remember, you know best what your citizens need. What Is Happening to the Middle Class? The real issue is not that we don’t own a money tree, but rather the abusive behavior of the governments that do. You can look at most countries in the world and make the case that the leaders have abused the system. No matter how much tax revenue they take in, they are incapable of living within their means as everyday citizens do. They always have to spend more. Peek at the US debt clock to see that our leaders have pledged over $1.1 million per citizen of our future earnings to borrow and spend. And the future doesn’t look any better. Our own Bud Conrad has taken data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to show where we’re headed. By the end of this decade, gross federal debt will have reached $30 trillion. Be self-supporting. Don’t get caught up depending on the handouts from the government, or you will become an economic slave for life. Addict the majority of peasants to your handouts. The more dependent you can make the population on your handouts—as opposed to the results of their own work and effort—the easier it is to maintain power. As the old saying goes, “When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul.” Keep the peasants in a perpetual state of fear. Use the media to continually frighten the citizenry—tell them how their very lives are threatened by those who want to conquer and kill them. That way, you have justification for all your many taxes. Peasants will pay dearly to those who offer protection from harm.center_img Who knows for sure what the future will bring? The facts point to inflation, meaning the value of the money from the US money tree will radically drop (and possibly collapse at some point), following the fate of most other fiat currencies throughout history. So What Can We Do? Here are a few guidelines for those of us who don’t own a money tree, or ever will. Think and act independently. There is tremendous social and government pressure to go along with the crowd and see things their way. Survivors don’t get caught up in the hype. You don’t have to have an Ivy League PhD to understand what’s going on; the handwriting is very clear. Get the peasants to fight among themselves. Pit one class against the other. If you have a two-party system, let each blame the other for the problems at hand, even if they essentially both have the same goal: to serve themselves and their most influential members. In that manner, the peasants are less likely to unite and overthrow the king. Establish a vast and vicious army. Your reign is only as good as your army is intimidating. You must discourage others who wish to be king from attacking you and capturing your money tree. Keep the illusion of stability as long as possible. When taxation or borrowing no longer work, it may become necessary to magically create money. The never-ending spending must continue. Inflating the currency, making the value of each piece of paper or trinket worth less is a non-violent choice—so you can pay your debts back with “cheaper” money. Buy physical gold and silver. Gold and silver, throughout history, has been the only real forms of money. When the value of trinkets, shells, and paper collapses, precious metals are the best way to preserve your wealth. Make sure that some of your metals are held in places out of reach of your own, desperate government. While paper may cover rock in the old kids’ game, gold and silver win every time. Investigate all other orchards. If you find that other places in the world have better trees and less draconian rules for their working class, you may want to live there. You only live once, and keeping the fruits of your labor so you can provide for yourself and your family is called sensible economic survival. There are even ways to profit from debt, and nicely so. In the current edition of our monthly newsletter, Miller’s Money Forever,  we recommended a little-known business development company (BDC). BDCs are very similar to venture capital funds; they help grow small companies in the initial stages of their development. BDCs are required to distribute at least 90% of their annual taxable income to shareholders. The particular company we discovered focuses on higher-quality debt instruments and is paying a handsome 7.8% yield. It runs a diversified $371 million portfolio with companies from 23 sectors and subsectors. Over 80% of its portfolio is invested in first-lien senior secured debt. That’s what we like best about it: its conservative approach sets our pick apart from other companies in the private-debt sector. To get into this and other great companies right now, and to discover the best strategies for retirees and income investors to protect and grow their nest egg, consider giving Miller’s Money Forever a risk-free try. Test our newsletter for three months—which includes access to our full portfolio—and if you don’t like what you see, just cancel for a full and prompt refund. Click here to get started. Throughout history governments have had a money tree at their disposal and taken full advantage of it. The fairy tale never has had a happy ending—neither for the peasants nor for the owner of the money tree. The Money Tree Owner’s Manual Buried deep in the vaults of every government, there’s a “Money Tree Owner’s Manual.” Had Edward Snowden shared this information, no country on earth would have offered him asylum. As your humble scribe isn’t seeking asylum anywhere, I’ll share what Snowden couldn’t. Here are the rules: The peasants must believe the money has true value. If they do not believe in it (be it shells, sticks, or fancy pieces of paper), they will not work hard and be satisfied with receiving a piece of paper or trinket in return. Keep your lavish spending out of sight. Peasants do not appreciate working hard and being heavily taxed to support the lavish lifestyle of their feudal overlords. History is full of examples that the symbols of luxury are the first to be destroyed in a revolution.last_img read more

Interviewed by Louis James Editor International

first_img(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator)This interview was first published on November 24, 2010.Editor’s Note: If you’ve flown on an airplane in the U.S. in the last ten years, you know that TSA stands for the Transportation Safety Administration. It’s the group of government workers who frisk and interrogate travelers before letting them on a plane.Many Americans think the TSA keeps them safe from terrorists. Casey Research founder Doug Casey has a different view…Louis James: Doug, your favorite group of people, the Transportation Security Agency, have been in the news a lot lately, with their chief being summoned to Capitol Hill to answer for the excesses of his underlings. Today is National Opt-Out Day, when Americans are encouraged to refuse the full-body “porno” scans and the alternative pat-downs. And yet, the TSA is said to have very high approval ratings…as high as 81% in one CBS poll. As straws in the wind go, that does not bode well. What do you make of this?Doug: They’re certainly the face of government that one encounters most often these days. Some newer polls and news stories suggest that support for what they do may be waning, but in general, it’s another sign of the accelerating decline of the American Empire. As Tacitus pointed out in the second century, the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state. Although it’s also true that the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws… – CASEY: How to prepare for when money diesThere’s one asset you can own (now widely available in America) that will help protect you and your family from this chaos. Click here to learn more. — Biggest Accounting Fraud Since Enron?Get ready for another accounting scandal… one so big that it could trigger the next major financial crisis in America. According to Jim Rickards, this could be 525 times bigger than Enron. It’s not just employees and investors of a specific company who are in danger… All 300 million American citizens are potential victims of this massive accounting hoax. Click here to find out if you’re in danger. Recommended Links All bureaucracies inevitably become sodden, counterproductive, and centered mainly on their own agendas. But the TSA is on an extraordinarily steep downward trajectory. I suspect that is for several reasons. One is that the TSA is on the “front line,” as they pathetically describe it, of an unnecessary and illusory war on terror, so they’re very sensitive about somehow justifying their existence. Another is that they’re dressed up in uniforms and organized in a paramilitary manner; once you put people in costumes, they become much more obedient chimpanzees. Another is that their employees are actually the dregs of U.S. society. It amazes me that when Congress created it, they found 50,000 people, practically overnight, who thought that getting paid to go through fellow citizens’ dirty underwear at airports was a good deal.This is unskilled labor of the most menial sort. But these are not, by and large, teenagers with no skills; rather, they are middle-aged people who should be able to find some more productive (or at least higher-paying) use for their time. I suppose it was perceived as a step up for those who were Walmart greeters or packing bags at Safeway…although that’s incorrect, because although those are low-paid, unskilled, and unchallenging occupations, they are at least honorable work.And they’ve now expanded the force to 65,000, and they are still hiring: they’ve placed ads on the backs of pizza boxes. These people are truly the bottom of the barrel.L: I’ve just looked it up, and the TSA screener gets paid $10.91-$15.59 per hour. Overtime is up to $23.23, and there are bonuses. I wonder what those are for…Doug: I doubt the bonuses are based on “customer satisfaction.” Though I bet the government benefits are significant, and the fringe benefits are commensurate with government employment. At this point, the average government employee makes about 50% more than a civilian worker. It’s appealing to those who have not bothered to learn a useful trade.But the real problem is psychological. Certain types of people are drawn to certain types of jobs. Only a certain type of person would, for example, become a prison guard. It’s bad enough being sent to prison involuntarily, so what does it say about a person who’ll spend his or her days there, just to be the one with the baton? Many are really bad apples, and the power has, quite predictably, gone to their heads.L: You don’t think any of them think they are actually making people safe; Saving lives?Doug: There might be a few who actually believe that, but that doesn’t mean they are not still, on average, the sort of person who enjoys bullying other people. Actually, the people who are even more contemptible are the members of the chattering classes who cheerlead for the TSA, by saying “Yes, some mistakes are made, some officers are overzealous, or lack common sense, but it’s good and necessary in principle.” That’s totally pernicious nonsense on all levels. It’s a matter of principle that’s in question, something to which they’re completely oblivious.There are many, many recent examples of just how arrogant and abusive these thugs have gotten recently. I just read today about a cancer victim that had a bladder bag…L: Can’t take any liquids through security!Doug: Yes. So they pawed the thing and spilled urine all over the fellow, and he had to travel that way. Another story I read recently was of a woman who had pierced nipples and the TSA removed the rings with some pliers they had lying around, even after the things were identified and were obviously no threat. And there was a six-year-old child who couldn’t walk without a leg brace, but they made him take it off to go through the metal detector.And you better not back-sass your betters today, either…Actually, the TSA serves absolutely no useful purpose. On the one hand, it’s playing into the bad guys’ hands by helping bankrupt the U.S., by death through a thousand cuts. On the other hand, if a bad guy really wanted to do some damage, he’ll just stand in a line with hundreds of others waiting to go through screening, and detonate his carry-on bag there. That will certainly happen.Doug Casey is a multimillionaire speculator and the founder of Casey Research. He literally wrote the book on profiting during economic turmoil. Doug’s book, Crisis Investing, spent multiple weeks as number one on The New York Times best sellers list and was the best-selling financial book of 1980. Doug has been a regular guest on national television, including spots on CNN, Merv Griffin, Charlie Rose, Regis Philbin, Phil Donahue, and NBC News.Doug and his team of analysts write The Casey Report, one of the world’s most respected investment advisories. Each month, The Casey Report provides specific, actionable ideas to help subscribers make money in stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, and commodities. You can try out The Casey Report risk-free by clicking here.last_img read more

After an unsuccessful run for Alabama governor Tu

first_imgAfter an unsuccessful run for Alabama governor, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is taking what he’s learned and applying it to the city. WVUA 23’s Jabaree Prewitt sat down with Maddox for a discussion on his future plans in this three-part special report.READ THE SERIESPart 1Part 2Part 3Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox’s $250 million Elevate Tuscaloosa Proposal was a long time coming, he said, and it comes with some fixes that are also a long time overdue.“My first action as mayor in 2005 was to apologize to the people of West Tuscaloosa for the neglect they’ve seen for decades,” he said. “It’s been our No. 1 core of believe because West Tuscaloosa didn’t get the investment they deserved over time.”His new plan includes $60 million in West Tuscaloosa investments, including $18 million for the McDonald-Hughes Center. “I’m very proud in our 13 years we’ve made more than $100 million worth of infrastructure investments that certainly made a difference,” he said. “Now we have to put in even more of what I call ‘surface investments’, so that’s why it’s part of the Elevate Tuscaloosa plan.”That plan contains 19 projects throughout the city, and comes with a proposed 1-cent sales tax increase equaling out to about $250 million over the next 10 years.“If we don’t (do this) we’re not going to feel the effect in five years,” Maddox said. “Maybe in 10 years, but most likely 15 years from now we’ll wish we’d have been ahead of the curve instead of reacting to the curve.”Alabama Sen. Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa has already filed a bill in the Alabama legislature that requires a referendum before any sales tax increases are enacted in Tuscaloosa County, saying he feels the people of Tuscaloosa County should decide for themselves if they want to pay more taxes. But that move, Maddox said, isn’t stopping him.“Tuscaloosa has one of the highest credit ratings in the state, and the lowest city sales tax,” Maddox said. “We have one of the lowest unemployment rates, one of the highest employment rates. In nearly every measure that you judge a city, we’re in that top category.” Alabama Rep. Chris England is filing a bill in the Alabama legislature that would exempt Tuscaloosa’s portion of the grocery tax if it’s passed.last_img read more

He wasnt much of a player – if you can say that

first_imgHe wasn’t much of a player – if you can say that about someone good enough to make the Major Leagues, but the less-than-luminous career of catcher Charles “Greek” George was recently nevertheless recalled by the baseball site SB Nation.He played 118 games over 20 years, beginning on June 30, 1935 and never much stood out despite his 6-2, 200-pound frame and having been a star athlete and football.It was August 22, 1936, when he knocked in his first run. Later that season, he caught nine innings of Bob Feller and set a single-game American League put-out record with 17 but Feller and George allowed nine stolen bases.His seven games with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938 were the only time he was able to maintain a BA over .199 (It was .200). But he played in The Bigs.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

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Kwadwo OwusuOfori with the zebrafish at his labL

first_imgKwadwo Owusu-Ofori with the zebrafish at his lab.Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 09:04 pmThe Anokye Food Co. LLClocation: Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequonfounders: Kwadwo Owusu-Oforifounded: 2012 Product: Vitamin-enriched coffee creamers and hot chocolatewebsite: employees: 3goal: Complete trials; get on retail shelvesexperience: Owusu-Ofori holds a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences and completed a Kauffman Foundation fellowship in lean startups. He is an adjunct professor in pharmaceutical sciences at Concordia and was previously operations manager at the City of Milwaukee Public Health Laboratory.While he was completing his post-doctorate work in pharmaceutical sciences, Kwadwo Owusu-Ofori became disillusioned with the pace and impact of academic research.“When it came to doing research, a lot of people at these universities do research, it just goes in a paper and sits there,” Owusu-Ofori said. “I thought to myself, ‘There could be a next step.’”Kwadwo Owusu-Ofori with the zebrafish at his lab.Credit: Lila Aryan PhotographySo he wrote a business plan and completed a Kauffman Foundation Global Scholars fellowship focused on lean startup companies. The lean startup methodology involves quickly and cheaply building a company through iterative product development.As a result of the program, Owusu-Ofori launched his company, The Anokye Food Co. LLC, to tackle a big issue he saw impacting people across ages and socioeconomic classes: anxiety.In his pharmacy work, he had noted many people don’t want to take pills every day, so he created coffee creamers and hot chocolate enriched with vitamins to aid mental health. The vitamins include vitamin D, L-theanine and magnesium.“At least in the Western world, in America, a lot of people are walking around with magnesium deficits, and that can cause anxiety and depression, as well,” Owusu-Ofori said.In 2015, Anokye started selling its Satori coffee creamers and hot chocolate on Etsy.Once the product was launched, Anokye began increasing its efficacy by studying Satori’s impact on users. Anecdotally, users have seen positive impacts on their mental health, he said.“We’re just putting forth the products based on the research that’s out there, but we also have to do our own research,” Owusu-Ofori said. “Instead of going from cells to mice to non-human primates and hundreds of millions of dollars, can we test something that’s safe? All the vitamins we use are generally regarded as safe by the FDA.”Owusu-Ofori and his team at Concordia are currently conducting two years of trials on zebrafish, because their biome and brain functions are considered a good model for human anxiety.Next, Anokye plans to apply for a Small Business Innovation Research grant. And the company hopes to get its product on retail store shelves, ideally in coffee shops. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

Shawn MendesLast updated on July 3rd 2019 at 071

first_imgShawn MendesLast updated on July 3rd, 2019 at 07:10 pmShawn MendesGrammy nominated singer songwriter Shawn Mendes will perform at Fiserv Forum on Tuesday, June 25, the Milwaukee Bucks announced Thursday.The show is part of his world tour, called Shawn Mendes: The Tour. It will feature singer songwriter Alessia Cara as a special guest. Tickets for the show go on sale to the public on March 2 on Fiserv Forum’s website. Fiserv Forum, which officially opened to the public on Aug. 26, hosted The Killers and the Violent Femmes on Sept. 4 for its grand opening show. So far, 42 concerts, shows and special events have been announced for the venue. The upcoming lineup includes:Travis Scott, Feb. 222Cellos, Feb. 24KISS, March 1Shinedown, March 8Eric Church, March 29 and 30Mumford & Sons, March 31Godsmack, April 20P!nk, May 2Cher, May 12New Kids on the Block, June 12Pentatonix, June 18Carrie Underwood, June 20Shawn Mendes, June 25Ariana Grande, July 5John Mayer, Aug. 6Backstreet Boys, Sept. 11Elton John, Oct. 19The Chainsmokers, Nov. 12 Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

A training session at Monkey Bar Gym Photo courte

first_imgA training session at Monkey Bar Gym. Photo courtesy of Monkey Bar Gym, FacebookLast updated on July 3rd, 2019 at 07:09 pmEight years after bringing Madison-based Monkey Bar Gym to Milwaukee, owner Jeff Winzenried says he plans to restructure and downsize the business as it struggles to stay afloat in the midst of a “broken” fitness industry.The gym will relocate next month to a smaller space within “walking distance” of its current location at 173 N. Milwaukee St. in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, Winzenried said, though he declined to disclose an exact location.As part of its new model, Monkey Bar will operate as a private gym with limited membership availability, a small staff and greater emphasis on one-on-one training– ultimately moving away from class-based programming– an industry trend brought on by boutique fitness, Winzenried said. “I don’t want to be thrown into this bucket of boutique gyms,” Winzenried said. “We’re hoping these changes will get us away from the pack.”Monkey Bar Gym specializes in functional fitness programs centered on natural training (“no machines, no shoes, no mirrors and no egos”), yoga and clean eating. The concept first launched in Madison in 2000 and has since grown to operate 10 locations in Wisconsin, Washington, Colorado, New York, Louisiana, Montana, Connecticut and Canada.Winzenried opened the company’s affiliate location in 2011, during a time when there was a more limited selection of fitness centers in the Milwaukee area. But that has changed over the past few years as boutique and studio fitness concepts has taken the national and local health club industry by storm, bringing fast-growing national brands like Orangetheory Fitness and Cycle Bar to the area.Plus, advancements in technology and the rise of social media have simplified the process of starting a business, Winzenried said, prompting many trainers to open even more studios or personal training businesses of their own.Faced with industry competition, the downtown Milwaukee area’s skyrocketing rent prices and decreasing membership, business for Monkey Bar Gym has steadily declined since hitting its peak in 2016, Winzenried said.“We haven’t been profitable for four years,” he said.What’s more, Winzenried said he isn’t able to make a living off of the gym’s current model.“Our lease is up at end of 2020 and I’m subject to market value,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense to bleed with my arm cut off and not be able to make a living.”Winzenried in March announced his plans for the business to the gym’s 120 members. He said the members are on board with the upcoming changes, but several of his employees were not and unexpectedly quit last week.The gym now employs only a few trainers and staff, including a yoga instructor and a boxing instructor. Winzenried is currently leading almost all of the gym’s 31 weekly classes and training sessions, which is down from previously 70 classes offered each week (for a $100 to $150 monthly fee).He also teaches two weekly boot camp classes at Adventure Rock on Milwaukee’s East Side and runs a group fitness program in West Bend. Starting in May, Winzenried will offer early morning, free boot camp classes that will take place outside Fiserv Forum.“The only way to make honest living in this business is if you do it yourself,” he said.Monkey Bar Gym currently is not accepting new members or hiring new staff, Winzenried said. When the gym relocates next month, he hopes it will allow him more time to devote to his clients and to “truly help them with their goals.” Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

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first_imgLast updated on June 18th, 2019 at 02:24 pmJanesville AcousticsDivision of Jason Inc., Milwaukeejanesvilleacoustics.comInnovation: Aerotex underbody panels Historically, the underbody panels on vehicles have been made from hard plastics. Either injection molded or thermoformed, the parts would degrade over time and get brittle or break. Janesville Acoustics, a division of Milwaukee-based Jason Industries Inc., set out a few years ago to find opportunities to convert parts from plastic to a polyester fiber-based product and quickly settled on the car underbody. After a year-and-a-half of development, the result is the company’s Aerotex product.The product is made from post-industrial waste such as soda bottles, which are ground up. The resulting mix is made into pellets and then extruded into micro strands that are cut to length, according to Srivas Prasad, senior vice president and general manager of Janesville. The strands are then converted into blankets and compression molded into three-dimensional shapes with structural integrity. The product is both made from recycled material and recyclable.Prasad said the challenge in developing the product was finding the right blend of materials to withstand the exposure to the elements under a car. Janesville also had to convince its customers, large automakers, to shift away from familiar products. He said Jason works on innovation by creating an environment for employees to come up with new ideas and then deciding which ideas should receive additional funding. “It’s okay for people to fail,” Prasad said. “Quite frankly, we expect the initial things to fail; very rarely do the first ideas take off for the first time. It’s a process of iteration.” Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

View the above video for a project introduction by

first_imgView the above video for a project introduction by Carl Specter, the Boston’s Environment Commissioner followed by project manager, Alisha Pegan and profiles of the local team members, including their favorite North End locations. Local elected officials attending the session were State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz and District 2 City Councilor Ed Flynn. The City of Boston hosted a poster session to introduce the Climate Ready North End and Downtown projects at a March 12th meeting. Residents filled the Pilot House venue to capacity to hear from city officials and take part in the planning exercise. Projects in the North End will likely include new designs for Christopher Columbus Park, Langone & Puopolo Parks and Sargent’s Wharf. Other areas needing attention include Long Wharf, the New England Aquarium and the overall Harborwalk stretch from the North End into Downtown. The open poster session had information for attendees to learn about the projects, talk to experts and provide feedback. *Advertisement* Posters displayed at the open house are shown below. center_img With flooding now a regular occurrence on the waterfront, the Climate Ready Boston initiative was introduced to prepare Boston for the long-term impacts of climate change and rising sea levels. So far, the City has published reports for the neighborhoods of East Boston, Charlestown and South Boston. This effort was also recently announced as part of Mayor Walsh’s Resilient Boston Harbor vision. The next public session for the North End and Downtown project is expected to be scheduled in May / June 2019.last_img read more

By WFWP USA Angelika Selle Over the weekend of O

first_imgBy WFWP USA, Angelika Selle: Over the weekend of October 22-24, 2015 the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA held its national assembly titled “Learn to Lead – Women Leading the Way to Sustainable Peace”. More than 200 women, young professionals, mothers, daughters and gentlemen gathered in Washington DC over the course of three days to participate in the 23rd Anniversary National Assembly and also the 20th Anniversary of the Bridge of Peace, the flagship program of WFWP. All generations and diverse ages (from 9 to 77) were represented, as well as women of all races, religions and backgrounds.On this special occasion of commemorating the 20th anniversary of WFWP’s Bridge of Peace, we were excited to have with us the two first presidents of WFWP USA, Mrs. Nora Spurgin and Mrs. Alexa Ward, who represented its very substantial history. Another special guest was Georgia Sen. Donzella James, a longtime friend of WFWP, other providential organizations and True Parents. The many young women in the audience brought a fresh bright spirit with them. Everyone felt that this year’s assembly promised to be a unique undertaking, as we gathered to honor the past, celebrate the present, and build the future. The entire three days of events were conceived and executed to a large degree by the younger generation of women leaders on the WFWP USA’s staff and board, together with the national chairwomen, making it a truly intergenerational effort.DAY OF SERVICE, Thursday, Oct. 22As has been the tradition for the last two national assemblies, we started off with a Day of Service under the theme of “Leadership through Service – Living by the Logic of Love.”The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department’s Fourth Precinct once again offered their facility for the students and teachers from four public schools to gather, take their brooms, rakes and shovels, and clean and beautify the surrounding Georgia Avenue. As always, this program was designed to educate the students that leadership begins with service, as well as to provide character education through service.The students also received values education from several speakers: a representative from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office, who presented a Proclamation recognizing WFWP USA and the Day of Service; WFWP USA President Angelika Selle; Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, WFWP USA Senior Vice President and Day of Service leader; Minister Chi Mauuso, community activist and Day of Service assistant leader; Ms. Elizabeth Aihe, WFWP Chairwoman of Washington, DC; and Minister Fannie Smith, WFWP USA Schools of Africa Coordinator.Over 70 people participated in the day’s projects. Nandi Morton explained the cleaning procedure and then we went out to clean Georgia Avenue, Emory Park, outside the Fire Station and shop windows.After lunch, we gave certificates prepared by the WFWP DC chapter to all students for their participation. Fannie asked students for their feedback on this event, and many said they needed more time to clean. Students felt so much love that they wanted to come again.THE ASSEMBLY BEGINS, Friday Evening, October 23The Washington Times Ballroom was transformed into an elegant banquet hall, with autumnal flowers gracing the stage and tables throughout the hall. The opening night was dedicated to a Networking Fair. The spirit was already very high when “The Keys” band kicked off the program by performing contemporary songs and some Beatles numbers. This inspired several ladies to start dancing in the back of the room, and before we knew it many in the audience were on their feet.Professional and classy emcee, Julie Randolph, opened the evening with a warm welcome, detailing the purpose of the evening, which was to hear more about WFWP, its founding, vision and mission, and activities from the international and the United Nations level to the local level.Mr. Tom McDevitt, Chairman of the Washington Times Board of Directors, greeted the audience and congratulated WFWP for its excellent work over the years and affirmed that it is indeed time for women to step up and become involved in the affairs of society.Mrs. Alexa Ward, current Deputy Secretary-General of WFWP’s UN Office, then presented a comprehensive, well-researched and insightful presentation on the founding of WFWP in 1992, the founders’ vision and WFWP’s activities worldwide. These activities, she said, have impacted and involved world leaders, and have given birth to multiple service and relief projects and educational seminars.Current WFWP USA President Angelika Selle then welcomed special guests in the audience, among them Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb, President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) US; the former First Lady of Mali; and Hollywood TV and internet talk-show hostess Nia Lyte and actor husband Shin Koyamada. She proceeded to share freely from her heart about WFWP USA’s activities in the last 5 years which was focused on developing leadership training with local chairwomen and preparing to raise the younger generation of women leaders. She also announced the most recent appointment of Mrs. Katarina Connery as the new Vice President and future President of WFWP USA.Mrs. Connery then shared from her heart what inspired her about working with WFWP, “Men and women do not need to struggle with each other, because they do not need to imitate the characteristics, dispositions or roles of the other. It is not necessary to confront, compete or covet the things of the other, or take them by force. Instead, by giving what one has to the other, with true love, and by completing the other, they can become united as a greater whole and share in a relationship of joint ownership.”Our emcee then announced a raffle and redirected the audience to the availability of mocktails on a side table, along with deliciously prepared and very colorful hors d’oeuvres to munch on as the Networking Fair continued.MAIN EVENT, Saturday, October 24The doors opened early in the morning as an increasing number of guests and women joined the Assembly from the DC environs. Mrs. Julie Randolph again welcomed the audience. She introduced international President Professor Yeon Ah Moon, who was not able to attend in person. Her welcoming remarks were read by Vice President Katarina Connery.Sen. Donzella James of Georgia then came to the podium. She sincerely honored True Parents, the WFWP founders, and shared words of deep wisdom and practical advice about women’s leadership based on her own experience as a woman leader in politics. She encouraged all women in the room to not be afraid to lead and bring their motherly hearts to the table.Dr. Michael Balcomb challenged the audience and WFWP, in light of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian and other refugees seeking shelter in Europe, to consider inviting one family into each of our homes here in the US.President Selle then gave her opening remarks entitled: “Why We Are Here,” and explained the purpose behind the theme of the assembly, “Learn to Lead”. She spoke about the strong need to raise up a new crop of leaders who can lead toward lasting peace and who can transform leadership from that of the head to that of the heart. She explained that all components of the conference—from the speakers who would provide practical tools and insights on peacemaking, to the Bridge of Peace, that would stir the heart to tears—would equip everyone with the insights to find the leader of the heart within each of them.Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis explained the purpose of the Day of service and then gave a brief Character Education presentation. She shared in a very succinct and eloquent way the vision behind the Day of Service: to teach children from an early age that leadership begins with service. She brought her powerful team to the stage, including a 9-year-old student participant who had eloquently spoken at the Day of Service. She asked him to give a small synopsis of what he felt on the Day of Service, and he said he liked to serve very much, and that he learned, in his own words, that “Serving is cool!”Minister Chi Mauuso, mover and shaker and Day of Service coordinator, reminded everyone that “teamwork makes the dream work” and to continue to live for the sake of others.The audience then prepared for the Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) panel, where four women conducted a forum from the stage. They shared their insights on the topic of “Women Leading the Way to Sustainable Peace” in the areas of business, politics, family and youth activism, followed by questions and answers from the audience. The GWPN was established by True Parents in 2012 before True Father’s ascension.After an entertaining icebreaker and during a delectable lunch, FFWPU North America Continental Director Dr. Ki Hoon Kim graced the audience with a brief message, sharing from the heart of our founders, True Parents. He applauded WFWP USA for the Day of Service project as a wonderful way to substantialize our assemblies with action and to educate the younger generation.Also, special guest of honor the former First Lady of Mali greeted the audience with a brief speech on peace, sharing her perspective on why women are needed at this time of world crisis to step forward and exercise leadership that promotes lasting peace.We were overjoyed to once again have Mrs. Nia Lyte with our national assembly, this time as our keynote speaker. She stirred our hearts deeply by shedding light on the word “sustainable” and what it takes to accomplish sustainability. She explained that we needs to start with ourselves to live a lifestyle of peace, and to become a peacemaker in our own extended family. The audience responded with a standing ovation.In the afternoon, the ladies and gentlemen were given the choice of attending one of eight practical breakout sessions on various topics that were carefully chosen to be in line with the overall topic. Their aim was to provide hands-on tools to become an effective peace leader.After this, and undoubtedly the highlight, heart and soul of this year’s assembly, was the Bridge of Peace Ceremony. A team of seven women under the leadership of Maryland WFWP Chairwoman Mrs. Kim Dadachanji had prepared in prayer and discussion for six weeks for this momentous occasion.The New Hope Japanese Women’s Peace Choir prepared the atmosphere for this sacred moment. Mrs. Dadachanji laid out a brief account of the history of the Bridge of Peace while images flashed on the screen, bringing back many precious memories for many women in the room.This year, the Bridge of Peace Committee carefully prepared scenarios to be addressed through this symbolic “bridge” that reflected current and past unresolved pains. Each pair who crossed the Bridge was introduced with a brief scripted text and sometimes with a video clip to bring home to the audience the issue or problem they represented. In this way, as each pair crossed the Bridge, everyone could experience the repentance, forgiveness and healing together with them.The areas being reconciled were:Japan and the US – commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Bridge crossingNorth and South Korea – Unification of North and South KoreaNative American and White – Acknowledging America’s First People and their SpiritualityDemocrat and Republican – Democratic and Republican CooperationBlack and White – To Build Black and White UnityInterracial Couple – Creating World Peace through International and Interracial MarriagesTears flowed and then faces began to smile as each pair crossed the Bridge. After all the pairs crossed, everyone sang together, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” and took a group photo on the Bridge. As one participant noted, “Today history was made in America for a change for the better. Something came to a closure and something new was given birth to.”Then came the celebration with music and dance. Las Vegas singer Sandy Kastel entertained everyone with songs, followed by a stunning performance by the New Hope Academy Company Dancers. To top it all off, three belly dancers of the Mia Naja al Sephira and the Raks Divas Dance Ensemble performed. The Belly Dance is actually a sacred dance for women to commemorate bearing and raising children.Great raffle prizes were offered and won, including cookware, jewelry and a $3,000 original painting by an artist from Belarus. A final powerful call to action was issued by the afternoon’s dynamic emcee and Chairwoman of the Connecticut chapter, Mrs. Lena Yasutake.President Selle then concluded the day by bringing up the many volunteers, core staff and members of the Bridge of Peace Committee.By that time everyone felt like one family and, following the tradition from last year, Crow, Muscogee Creek and African American drummer Chief Dawn Wolf (Gregory E. Woods) gave a performance. He drummed around the room with his sacred drum to offer up all the events of the day. Then he sat down on the stage with his drum and drummed with the authority that stirred the soul, causing true celebration and dance to break loose.We thank our God in heaven and most of all our True Parents, who have shown us through their example how to live for the sake of others. They have laid the foundation for this precious organization and are now counting on us to carry on their legacy of true love in action. It was an assembly to remember!last_img read more

The Road to TechConneXt Ryan LeslieInnovator or

first_img The Road to TechConneXt: Ryan LeslieInnovator or ‘Wantrepreneur’: Which of the 6 Ty…Where There Are Black Men There’s Excellence: B… Rodney Williams is not what some would deem the stereotypical, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and this has actually worked in his favor. He is a young, black male, from Baltimore, Maryland, who initially had dreams of being a rapper or a Division I athlete. Instead, he was bit by the entrepreneurship bug.Williams once told his mother that he wanted to create a piece of technology that would change the world. Today, that is exactly what his ultrasonic protocol, LISNR, is poised to do.For all of you who aren’t familiar with LISNR, this technology that enables proximity messaging, second-screen interactivity, authentication, and device-to-device connectivity. In layman’s terms, LISNR’s technology transmits data over audio you can’t hear.There are a lot of real-world applications for LISNR, like pairing speakers or checking out faster. Though similar to traditional Bluetooth technology, LISNR takes it one step further. Instead of you having to do the work, LISNR will do it for you, which means less steps and more ease. The app opens up, authentication happens, and voilà! You’re ready to use your headphones.(Image: Rodney Williams)When asked if not being in Silicon Valley ever caused him to feel at a disadvantage, Williams–a BE Modern Man, who was also the cover subject of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine’s May 2016 issue–said absolutely not. Furthermore, he doesn’t believe that living in Silicon Valley is essential to running a great company. And the proof is in the pudding; Williams raised over $14 million, and his company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. “If you have a great product, you’ll get great news, and you’ll get great accolades,” Williams says. “Eventually, I do believe that you’ll get great investors.” Williams says that when he expands, he probably will not even look to set up shop in Silicon Valley. “I’m actually not a fan of it,” he states. “I love the talent that’s floating around in Southern California. When you think of our tech as a protocol, and the historical CE companies that have grown up there, there are a lot of other reasons for us to be in other places, given what we ultimately want to do,” he continues.To learn more about Rodney Williams’ journey, and where he sees the future of technology going, check out the latest video podcast episode of BE the Code below:(Video: Niranjan Deshpande)Sequoia Blodgett is a technology editor for Black Enterprise, Silicon Valley. She is also the founder of 7AM, a lifestyle, media platform, focused on personal development,  guided by informed pop culture. be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

Prepared by FFWPU USA On October 12th 57 women fr

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU USAOn October 12th, 57 women from around the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean arrived at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) for a four-day seminar. Occurring in Las Vegas just 15 days after a mass shooting left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded, the retreat was a reminder of the unity that is possible when we work toward our common goals.The theme for the retreat was Igniting a Culture of Heart. At the seminar, women were asked to share what they most wished they could change about the world. Those present spoke of their dreams to end poverty, wars, and racism; to provide adequate education for all children; and to celebrate the value of women.  While recharging their minds and bodies in a relaxing atmosphere, participants learned about the work of WFWP and discussed how their personal and career aspirations might align with the vision of the women’s nonprofit, started in 1992 by Unification Movement founder Hak Ja Han Moon. During the retreat, Vice President Katarina Connery introduced a new chapter manual, Financial Administrator Irmgard Baynes explained WFWP’s efforts to increase financial transparency, and Membership Coordinator Hanabeta Deshotel explored ideas to increase chapter membership.Later, WFWP President Angelika Selle and talk show host Aimmee Kodachian discussed keys to effective outreach, and schools of Africa Coordinator Fannie Smith presented on the various efforts of WFWP to provide education to impoverished youth around the world. Several chapter heads were honored for their work.On the final day of the retreat, President Selle and Vice President Juanita Pierre-Louis discussed the value of feminine leadership styles and praised the work of International WFWP President Yeon Ah Moon. A native German and an an African-American, the two served as representatives of black and white America and a reminder of the bridge we must make across racial divides. WFWP members remarked that Angelika and Juanita’s talk gave them hope for America’s current race relations.At the end of the seminar, several women visited the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort to pay their respects to the victims and families of the October 1st massacre. They brought flowers and prayed at the site, finishing with a moving rendition of America the Beautiful. While they prayed and sang, bystanders and onlookers stopped what they were doing to join the women for a few moments. Out on the city streets, still crowded with tourists and mourners, the women were, momentarily, a symbol of love and peace.REFLECTIONS“The format of the retreat was excellent. By that I mean – the flow of the workshops and how each one moved from the general to the specific, and from ideology to hands-on tools, with ample time in between to rest and reflect.”“The dynamic duo of Angelika and Katarina was excellent! Angelika’s vision and how she expressed her heart and the heart of Heavenly Mother was deeply moving as always. Katarina’s insight and organizational/ development skills are superb. I could listen to her for days.”“Thank you so much for putting on such an extraordinary retreat. The location was marvelous. The presentations were informative and inspiring, and provided lots of tools which are useful for our chapters. The group activities were good even though we had short time; it helped sisters to open up a bit and bond more. Throughout the retreat we felt so much love.” “I learned to let go, and let God. I try to control everything and God has told me multiple times, multiple ways, and I have been resisting. I will own it now.”— Anonymous Participant last_img read more

In the entertainment industry just like any other

first_imgIn the entertainment industry, just like any other, it is extremely important to have an active support system. Bandbasher, an online platform for artist development, community collaboration, and business management, recently rolled out a new feature called Connections. This feature allows musicians to expand their networks; increasing their opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.“It’s a way to build your support system,” explained Bandbasher co-founder and CEO DeCarlos Garrison in a statement. “You need someone who’s on the same page, who’s going through the same struggles, to motivate you. We want our users to talk about their goals and aspirations, about their skill sets.”Garrison understands this more than most having worked in promotions at Def Jam, running management for the hip-hop duo Smilez and Southstar, and doing marketing for Nelly, Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, and Loud Records. In order to gain access to these positions, he had to work his way up through the system and rely heavily on his network.Once users are in the system and begin to connect with other users, they will be given tools to support their projects. The platform allows for user engagement very seamlessly. “No one has really done a great job on musician-to-musician social networking,” co-founder and COO Gleb Teper states. “There are lots of stand-alone platforms and services, but none where you can manage aspects of your professional life in a single, easy dashboard.”Other features of the platform include:Courses: Video-based learning resources cover a variety of subjects, including branding, collaboration, budgeting, project management, distribution, networking, music videos, and record dealsNumbers: The display of statistics helps users understand how online actions contribute to progressMusic: Users can store, plus move their audio tracks, track descriptions, images, albums, plays, and likes from sites such as SoundCloud to their account, which can provide peace-of-mind when the status of such services becomes shakyConnections: Users can search for the missing pieces of their network, connect with music industry professionals, and chat to set up collaborations(Image: Band Basher)Musicians, check the platform out here.. be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

Lockdown duffle bag

first_img Lockdown duffle bag White on Nunes-Cris rematch: ‘That’s the fight I want to make’ Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Can You Control Tinnitus Naturally? [Photos] This is What Happened When His Wife Met the… Bob’s Hideout The Bloody Elbow Judo Chop Accessories Standard Ranked Rashguard Most Underrated Fighters (BR) Top 10 Title Contenders (BR) Ranking the Gracies (BR) 75 Best Knockouts (BR) Lesnar’s Possible Foes (BR) Standard BJJ Gi Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career View all 434 stories Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Latest From Our Partners Conor lashes out at Herb Dean, says Khabib was ‘riddled in panic’ during bus attack Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Gloves Judo Chop: Jorge Santiago’s Inverted Heel Hook Judo Chop: Analyzing Anderson Silva’s Thai Plum Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Apparel Latest From Our Partners Top Contenders for Fight of the Yearcenter_img [Photos] Scientists Unearth 10,000-Year-Old Hidden… Science 101 Bloody Elbow King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt ProMax 440 BJJ GI More From Sale Sponsored Content In this Storystream More: Pivotal Moments: Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum White: McGregor didn’t like my comments about Masvidal being ‘too big’ for him UFC 240: Fights to make Latest From MMA Warehouse Recommended by [Pics] This Man Actually Built One of The Most Massive Underground… Direct Expose Latest From Our Partners Greatest Soccer Player of All Time by Country Stadium Talk Good Night Tee UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler fight card With UFC 147 and UFC 148 looming in the near future, we are about to see some of the best middeweights in MMA history fight once more in the twilight of their careers. Anderson Silva is near universally recognized by fight fans as one of the best athletes MMA has to offer and Rich Franklin may be the forgotten man in terms of how well he did and for how long he did so. Both men have given us some of the best moments in fight history.In my previous two Judo Chops of Anderson Silva, we looked at his counter jab and high kick against Yushin Okami in Part 1, and in Part 2, his counter right hook against Forrest Griffin. In this edition, we will examine his performances against Rich Franklin, then thought to be the best middleweight in the world. This Judo Chop will cover specifically his use of the Muay Thai plum position – or both hands behind the head, on the base of the skull.One of the interesting things about the entire Anderson Silva phenomenon has been the amount that fans forget based on hype. Anderson Silva has NOT always been a great fighter, in fact during his PRIDE run he was a pretty mediocre fighter, pulling out a couple of decent wins and a couple of losses to poor opposition. It is the fact that so much of Anderson’s skill has been acquired through intelligence and hard work, rather than being god-given, that makes him such an incredible figure.Silva’s striking, like the rest of his game, has improved continuously throughout his career. Nowadays, Anderson is known as possibly the best boxer in MMA. Ridiculous assertions about a match with Roy Jones Jr. aside (which Silva would not come out of well even against the Jones of today), it is hard to argue against Silva’s boxing skill in an MMA context. He was not always so smooth with his hands, however.In fact against Franklin, Silva’s head movement was absent (aside from his dance toward the end of the first round of their second meeting) and Franklin landed most of the best punches outside of clinching range. Anderson came out in almost a pure Muay Thai mindset; his hands high and reaching to parry Franklin’s blows. Certainly, it was Silva’s plan to stand firm and get into the clinch, but for much of the time spent standing in their bouts, Franklin was actually doing slightly better than Silva from a pure kickboxing perspective.It should be noted that while Rich Franklin’s stand up is not brilliant from the perspective of body mechanics, and he often seems wooden, he is very much an intelligent striker. Combining this with a good all around game, and great conditioning is what made Franklin shine in a very unexciting division. For instance, against Evan Tanner, both men crossed their feet when circling, either man could have been knocked to the floor with a strong low kick or even a well timed foot sweep or punch, this is a first few days of kickboxing error. Franklin does, however, make up for this by doing more interesting things, such as throwing an overhand style lead hook which catches many opponents off guard, dipping when he jabs, and hooking off of the jab – a move that only boxing old timers perform regularly today. All are fairly high level strategic maneuvers.After the jump we will look in detail at just how Anderson used the Thai Plum to overwhelm the crafty Rich Franklin.Entering the PlumAnderson Silva’s Thai Plum (or double collar tie) is known as one of the most dangerous positions in MMA. Though it began as an effective continuation of offense, as Wanderlei Silva had pioneered it in PRIDE, Silva’s Thai Plum has also found a place in his defensive arsenal, substituting for the wrestling pedigree which he does not own. This was particularly clear against Yushin Okami, and has since been taken up by several other fighters who use the Thai clinch as a counter to the wrestling clinch – such as B.J. Penn and more recently, Michael Bisping against Chael Sonnen.In Anderson Silva’s first bout with Rich Franklin, Silva came in with the very clear intention of getting the Plum on Franklin with little concern for striking. Notice below in the first two frames (top left and top right), Franklin attacks with his dipping jab, and Silva parries, raising his other forearm in anticipation to block. Silva’s modus operandi is normally to move away from strikes, not to stand and take combinations on his forearms – it is clear that had Franklin continued his combination, Silva would have assumed the Thai clinch on him by blocking inside of Franklin’s hooks and snaking his hands around the base of Franklin’s skull.In the middle two stills, you will observe that Silva is circling away from Franklin and instinctively tries to grab the clinch as Franklin swings at him. He is, however, moving backward and Rich’s head simply slips free.In the final stills you can see Anderson enter behind his rear hand, which was covering Franklin’s lead hand, preventing Franklin from jabbing Silva as Silva stepped in (I talk about this a great deal). Franklin is forced to drop his hand to escape Anderson’s lead hand’s influence, then attempt a looping hook. As Franklin drops his right hand, Silva threads his left hand through for a half plum. Though Anderson’s shoulder is protecting his chin, Franklin aims for Silva’s temple, unlike most average strikers. In the match, Silva broke his clinch off and stiff armed Franklin, hit him with a hook, then dived right back in to the clinch. I also talk a great deal about hand fighting at striking range in my ebook, Advanced Striking: Tactics of Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Masters.In his first bout against Franklin, Silva took the champion by surprise with his move into the clinch, and was able to step inside and grab the full plum rather easily. In their second match, however, a great deal more strategy was needed to force the Thai plum on an opponent who was now fully aware of its power. Firstly, Rich Franklin’s team had noticed that Silva was extending his hands when he parried shots, hoping to skip his hands from defending Rich’s punches to grasping Rich’s neck in one movement. To this end, Franklin began throwing the jab and lead hook in rapid succession.Notice, Rich has just faked a jab and Anderson reached to parry it, which is very bad striking form unless you are setting something up of it. Anderson was setting up the clinch, but Franklin knew this. Notice how the hook has a clear path to Anderson’s jaw. It did not connect hard – Franklin does not put his weight into his punches very well unless he is really loading up as he did against Nate Quarry, and this one fell a little short – but Franklin managed to fluster Silva on a couple of occasions with these rapid jab – hook combinations.When Anderson Silva did acquire a hand behind the neck on Rich Franklin, Franklin hand fought for his life. Anderson too, had upped the level of his clinch game however. Anderson routinely found himself with a single collar tie (hand behind Franklin’s head), but fighting to get full, two handed control of Franklin’s posture. To this end, he would assume wrist control, force Franklin’s wrist to his waist line and attempt to pummel into a full Thai plum from there. Anderson didn’t rely entirely on speed though, he used an excellent technique at the end of the first round to get from a single handed control to a full plum from which he almost finished Franklin.Look below. Anderson is locked up with Franklin, holding behind Franklin’s neck with his left hand and controlling Franklin’s wrist with his right hand at hip level (top left still). Anderson steps his right foot behind Franklin (top right still), before hooking his lower leg around Franklin’s calf and forcing his weight towards the fence (middle left still). Franklin is not expected to fall for such a basic trip, but as Franklin hops back off balance, his arms flail to control his weight, and Anderson is free to snake his other hand behind Franklin’s head (middle right and bottom left stills). The trip has also forced Franklin’s posture to break, and he is now easy to pull forward by the head. From here, Anderson connects a near fight ending knee to Franklin’s sternum (bottom right still). Franklin was carried to his corner by his team, and never truly recovered from this particular clinch assault, allowing Silva to simply walk him down and assume the clinch with ease in the second round.Anderson Silva’s clinch work is a thing of beauty. Especially as a striking exponent, I admire his ability to look at the clinch from a striking perspective, and use it to damage and deter opponent’s who consider it from a wrestling perspective. In future years, we will see a great many more fighters utilizing the Thai plum as a form of takedown defense as Anderson did against Okami. There are numerous subtleties to Anderson’s clinch game, and I have barely touched on them here – for instance, his stiff arming of opponent’s to land more strikes as he messes with their posture, as Fedor Emelianenko and the great Jack Johnson both did.Where Wanderlei Silva brought the Thai plum to popularity in MMA, and Shogun Rua carried the torch, Anderson Silva has added a further technical element to what the former two fighters used as a brute strength technique. Silva’s numerous methods of entering the Thai plum and unbalancing the opponent have taken his clinch work several levels above his mentor’s.The techniques of Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Jack Johnson and 17 others are examined in Jack Slack’s ebook, Advanced Striking. Pick it up now!Jack Slack also blogs at Fights Gone By [Photos] This Is Why No One Dares to Deal With Americas Navy Fleet… Ice Pop Robert Whittaker hails ‘Wonderboy’ the best ‘outside fighter’ in MMAlast_img read more

NXT results live blog Roderick Strong vs Pete D

first_img NXT results, live blog: Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne One of WrestleMania 29’s main events, the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H rematch? Next Up In NXT UK books TakeOver: Cardiff’s main event Drake Maverick reminded us he’s a great pro wrestler WWEcenter_img Braun wants to main event multiple ‘Manias, wants to start with… Triple H did the right thing at SummerSlam, for once. He tapped out to Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock in the centre of the ring, after being caught in the submission hold just as it looked like he had the victory in the bag after a second Pedigree. The clean finish, likely came up by Paul Heyman, was inspired by Fabricio Werdum locking on a deep triangle and an armbar from his guard to submit the legendary Fedor Emelianenko on June 26th, 2010, mere moments after being knocked down by him, in the greatest upset in MMA history.On paper, this perfectly set up Brock Lesnar to be the latest man to attempt to end the streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, having broken the arms of the two men who came closest to achieving that feat in recent years, Shawn Michaels and Triple H.But a spanner was thrown into the works when it became apparent that the defeat was just to set up a rematch between the two, where Triple H would most likely get his win back. Early speculation was that this match would happen at Hell In The Cell on October 28th or Survivor Series on November 18th, which seemed like a bad move, as Lesnar shouldn’t be losing to anyone before WrestleMania. But then came Triple H’s unconvincing retirement speech on Monday Night Raw. Though it hasn’t stopped WWE before, having Hunter break his retirement tease in less than three months would be a trifle rushed when he was trying to obtain the exact same sympathy Edge got for his all too real retirement in April 2011 due to spinal stenosis.Unless there’s a change of plan, which is always possible, don’t expect such a rush job in this case, as Dave Meltzer reported on today’s subscriber only Wrestling Observer Radio show that the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H rematch is currently pencilled in for WrestleMania 29: The plan I heard this week was WrestleMania. That’s what I heard the plan was.For those of you who thought Geno Mrosko’s post Raw rant about Triple H’s out of control ego was uncalled for, then this is evidence that he was sadly right on the money. It was blatantly obvious coming out of SummerSlam that there wasn’t enough fervour coming out of their first match together that a rematch would be a hot enough issue to headline WrestleMania 29. Fans would much rather see Lesnar square off against Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, The Rock or even CM Punk on the big show than see Hunter get his revenge.The only defence for booking their rematch at WrestleMania is if The Undertaker is too banged up to work another match and Shawn is unwilling to come out of retirement for such a plum spot, as WWE already has their heart set on another rematch in The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship and thus both would be unavailable to face Lesnar. Though given Undertaker made a physical appearance at Raw 1000 the former doesn’t seem to be the case. Of course, if the SummerSlam buy rate comes in lower than expected, then the rematch will probably come before Mania, provided they have enough dates left on Lesnar’s contract to squeeze in another match between now and then. What say you Cagesiders, when would you like to see part two or aren’t you all that bothered if they never faced each other again? SmackDown loses to the debate Why Stone Cold vs. Hulk Hogan never happenedlast_img read more

Midnight Mania Trump Family In The Chaos Corner

first_img Midnight Mania! Trump Family In The ‘Chaos’ Corner? Latest From MMA Warehouse ProMax 440 BJJ GI Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career More From Latest From Our Partners Gloves Apparel More: Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Amanda Nunes’ Biggest Threat? Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Accessories Gordon Ryan Competition Kitcenter_img Lockdown duffle bag Lights. Out. Good Night Tee Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Chris Trotman Bizzy Was Sneaking Needles Into The Toilet For GSP Fight Fight Motion! Watch Holloway, Cyborg Do Work Via Ghost Cam Sale Standard BJJ Gi Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement There’s UFC Heavyweights, And Then There’s Shaq Standard Ranked Rashguard As we approach Ultimate Fighting Championship’s twentieth anniversary next month, it seems an appropriate time to look back on the storied history of the world’s leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organization.Perhaps just as intriguing as charting UFC’s rise from a taboo, vulgarian start-up — categorized by many at the time as purveyors of “human cockfighting” — into the mainstream promotional juggernaut it is today, is an examination of what could have been.For all of UFC’s blockbuster successes over the years, there have been numerous missed opportunities along the way. These have stemmed from myriad causes: irreconcilable differences between ZUFFA managment and talent, unfavorable timing, injuries, and occasional instances of butter-fingered promotional ball-dropping on UFC’s part.For instance, what if UFC had been able to make the heavily-anticipated Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre “super fight” before “The Spider” went and got KTFO by Chris Weidman?Or how about UFC President Dana White’s albino whale: signing Fedor Emelianenko and matching him up against the company’s then-heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar?Then again, for humanities’ sake, it may be for the best that one didn’t happen. A victory by the philistine pro wrestler would likely have led to a rash of suicides among thousands of devout fanboys who begin each day by prostrating themselves before their copies of the PRIDE: Shockwave 2004 and PRIDE: Final Conflict 2005 DVDs they use as makeshift shrines to the “Last Emperor.”Speaking of Lesnar, what if UFC’s undisputed pay-per-view (PPV) king hadn’t had his athletic prime cut short due to a gastrointestinal disorder that made it impossible for him to train at a championship level?All of these hypothetical questions represent some serious money left on the table, but they all pale in comparison to an idea so revolutionary, a concept so amazing, that if UFC had implemented it lo those 20 years ago, the company would have assuredly been drawing blockbuster PPV numbers from the get-go.Read this account from UFC co-founder Rorion Gracie and weep, fans of privately held companies one has no financial stake in making as much money as humanly possible (via Fighter’s Only):We thought of a moat with alligators. We thought of an arena with sharks around. We seriously thought about an electric fence. But we couldn’t in case one guy pushed the other into the moat and he’d get chewed up. We laughed at it, but in Hollywood your mind travels and we just thought of every different possibility… Eventually I settled on the Octagon.The mind truly reels at the possibilities.Sick of fighters clinching up against the cage? 2,000 volts of electricity flowing through that mo’ fo ought to take away any temptation grappling-centric fighters have to wall and stall their opponents on the fence. Scores of martial arts aficionados nationwide may have flocked to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes after the svelte Royce Gracie subbed the much larger Ken Shamrock and Gerard Gordeau at UFC 1, but imagine if he had slapped a rear naked choke on a great white and gotten the beast to tap its pectoral fin on the canvas? We’re talking Gracie Jiu Jitsu being a required subject for grades K-12 in public schools across the nation, people.As if that isn’t enough, 10 seconds spent conjuring up the mental image of ring announcer Bruce Buffer clad in a full suit of armor and reciting the phrase, “Three judges scoring the bout at moat-side are…” before each fight will surely convince you the incipient UFC’s decision to house its No Holds Barred (NHB) contests in an octagonal cage instead of an electrified hog-pen, surrounded by an aquatic ditch filled with carnivorous animals, was one of histories’ most regrettable missed opportunities.Oh, well. I guess UFC brass will just have to content themselves with running a multi-billion dollar company that is far and away the industry leader in MMA.Somehow I’m sure they’ll manage.For more on UFC’s twentieth anniversary click here and here.last_img read more

UFC on ESPN Covington vs Lawler fight card

first_img UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler fight card ProMax 440 BJJ GI Gloves Bloody Elbow Good Night Tee Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career UFC President Dana White had always been candid about his interest in signing Fedor Emelianenko back in 2009, and never shied away from expressing his vehement dislike for the Russian legend’s management team.  However, according to Fedor’s longtime manager Vadim Finkelchtein, several important details have been left out of the picture.Back in the summer of 2009, when the UFC was still salivating at the though of producing a Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko superfight, an infamous meeting took place on an Island – one that saw Vadim, Fedor, as well as M-1’s main financial supporter Sergei Matvienko meet with UFC President Dana White, as well as CEO Lorenzo Fertitta to negotiate a deal. While this is an infamous tale that was later retold by White, most fans assumed that the negotiation was simply focused on Fedor joining the UFC.According to Vadim, the UFC was also interested in purchasing M-1 Global.”Fedor used to rest on that island,” Vadim told “The UFC wanted to talk, so I offered to meet on this island. And there they made us an offer. They wanted to buy M-1.”Negotiations hit a stalemate quickly, and both sides have different retellings of the story; White claims to have offered Fedor the most lucrative deal in the history of the promotion, while Vadim deems half of what White said incorrect. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle.White and Fertitta flew back to Las Vegas with neither a contract with Fedor, nor a deal to purchase M-1 Global.”Sergei Matvienko decided not to sell.” Vadim explained. “At that time, he was the main founder of us; our main financier of the west. Sergei later left M-1 in 2010 or 2011. I think the UFC felt our potential when Matvienko was with us. We did fights in the United States, and our tournaments were shown in 140 countries.”At the time of the decision, Vadim was the co-founder of the promotion, and not the man at the helm of the company. Had the decision to sell M-1 to the UFC been his alone, he is not certain what his response would have been.”I do not know, honestly. Maybe I would have sold. The proposal was normal.”Five years later, however, the decision to maintain control of his product was a far simpler one to make. When the UFC approached M-1 to purchase its video library for Fight Pass, Vadim was simply not interested in any offer.”Some time ago, there came an offer to sell my entire video library for their mobile platform. But I do not want to sell it. Why? I have my own platform.”MMA may not be the most profitable of businesses to invest in, but Vadim has been a part of M-1 since its inception over 17 years ago. Parting ways with any portion of it will never be an easy decision. Latest From Our Partners Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Gordon Ryan Competition Kit UFC 240: Fights to make Latest From MMA Warehouse More: Esther Lin White: McGregor didn’t like my comments about Masvidal being ‘too big’ for him Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Apparel Standard Ranked Rashguard Standard BJJ Gi Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Robert Whittaker hails ‘Wonderboy’ the best ‘outside fighter’ in MMA “In general, I spent many years on this project and I cannot just leave it. Though, probably, there are a million other businesses (not MMA) that would give me more. But M-1 is my life’s work. I know what I’m doing – unlike other promotions that go on the market with noise. I quietly walk down the stairs.” Sale More From White on Nunes-Cris rematch: ‘That’s the fight I want to make’ Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Lockdown duffle bag Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Accessories Conor lashes out at Herb Dean, says Khabib was ‘riddled in panic’ during bus attack King Ryan Longsleeve Shirtlast_img read more