No stopping Seeking My Dream

first_imgBalloting for ‘Horse of the Year’ and other awards not based on statistics by a 17-member panel comprising members of the press and Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) officials, is under way and early indications are that the 2015 derby and Diamond Mile winner SEEKING MY DREAM will be crowned ‘Horse of the Year’ by unanimous acclaim. Voting will conclude tomorrow inside the CTL Racing Office at Caymanas Park.Trained by 15-time champion Wayne DaCosta for Member of Parliament Derrick Smith, SEEKING MY DREAM enjoyed a record-breaking season. He won the two richest races on the calendar – the Cal’s Jamaica Derby in June with a purse of $7 million and the inaugural running of the Supreme Ventures Diamond Mile on December 5 which offered a record purse of $13.5 million, both with the season’s leading money-winning rider Omar Walker aboard.Having finished second in the 2000 Guineas, St Leger and CTL Invitational Mile on November 14, SEEKING MY DREAM pushed his 2015 earnings to a record $14.2 million, well clear of stable-companion PERFECT NEIGHBOUR in second with $5.1 million and Superstakes winner FRANFIELD in third with $4.9 million.Bred by Sherman Clachar and Norman Gordon, the chestnut colt by Seeking The Glory out of the 2008 Triple Crown winner and Horse of the Year Alsafra was never worse than second in 10 starts last year – winning five races and finishing second in five as well.SEEKING MY DREAM should also be named champion three-year-old, champion middle-distance performer and champion native-bred horse.hoping for top awardsAs far as DaCosta is concerned, his horses should sweep the top awards. Speaking at Caymanas Park on New Year’s Day, the trainer said:”Seeking My Dream is unchallenged for Horse of the Year, having won the two biggest races on the calendar last year, while Perfect Neighbour who captured important races such as the Gold Cup and Harry Jackson Memorial Cup looks a cinch for first runner up, champion stayer and champion four-year-old and up”, he predicted.”The second runner-up award could be close between my horse Poker Star and the consistent grade-one campaigner Uppa Tune, but Poker Star is a safe bet for champion sprinter and Future King the obvious choice for champion two-year-old,, argued DaCosta.The Horse of the Year Committee will also choose the most improved trainer from a list of four nominees – Harry Parsard (30 wins), Donovan Plummer (19 wins), Marlon Anderson and Neive Graham with 17 wins each as well as most improved jockey from a list comprising Robert Halledeen (72 wins), Paul Francis (52), Shamaree Muir (43), Aaron Chatrie (38) and Jevanne Erwin (36).last_img read more

Are Dark Matter and Dark Energy the New Epicycles?

first_imgAn article in The Economist suggests that dark matter and dark energy may not be necessary to understand the structure of the universe.  It refers to two recent papers that explain the cosmic background radiation and galaxy clusters with ordinary matter, without a need for either of the other two unknown quantities.  Are dark matter and dark energy like the fudge factors called epicycles that Ptolemy used to keep his outdated cosmology working?  The article allows that, at this point, either side of the controversy could be wrong, but “On the other hand, a universe that requires three completely different sorts of stuff to explain its essence does have a whiff of epicycles about it. … one cannot help but wonder whether Ptolemy might soon have some company in the annals of convoluted, discarded theories.”Dark energy is the big fad these days.  Leading cosmologists are certain they have proved its existence in this era of “precision cosmology” (see 06/20/03).  A model that doesn’t rely on 96% unknown entities would seem to have a built-in advantage.  Let’s watch to see who eats crow a few years from now.(Visited 95 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Simple Strategies for Keeping Cool

first_imgWe’re into those hot days of summer–really hot–with temperatures predicted in the mid- to upper-90s, even in Vermont, this week. In this column I’ll provide some simple tips for keeping (reasonably) cool in hot weather or, if you use air conditioning, operating that air conditioning equipment most efficiently.Keep the sun outShading windows is the easiest way to keep your house cool or keep your air conditioning bills down. Pulling down interior window blinds will help (the more reflective the outer surface of the blinds the better), but shading is even more effective if you can block the sunlight on the outside of your windows. In Europe, exterior roller blinds are often used, and these are beginning to catch on here, but they’re not yet widely available. I’ve improvised exterior shading on a wide patio door facing west by propping up a tarp on the outside of the door, and that makes a huge difference. Climbing vines on a trellis, nearby trees, large potted plants that can be rolled in front of doors or windows, and awnings can also help a lot. If there’s no way to block that sunlight on the outside of windows and patio doors, install and use interior blinds.Keep hot air outClosing windows on hot days seems counterintuitive to some (don’t we want open windows for breezes?), but it makes sense. I have a digital indoor-outdoor thermometer on the north side of our house, and I use that to gauge when to open and close windows. When it’s hotter outside than inside, I close the windows, and when it’s cooler outside than inside, I open them. That’s pretty simple–but it does require paying attention and opening and closing windows fairly often. In hot weather, I often open up the house at night and close it up during the day.Minimize interior heat loadsTry to avoid generating a lot of heat and humidity in your house in hot weather. Consider meals that don’t require much cooking. Turn off lights when not needed (and replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs). Make sure televisions and stereo systems are turned of when not in use (putting them on power strips allows you to turn them totally off to eliminate the “phantom loads”). Only run your dishwasher when totally full, and operate it in the middle of the night if possible. Wash clothes in cold water and hang outside to dry rather than using the dryer.Use a fan to circulate air when you’re in a roomAll other things being equal, a breeze will keep you a lot cooler. If you’re normally comfortable at, say, 72 degrees, using a ceiling fan or oscillating desk fan may enable you to be just about as comfortable with an air temperature of 75 to 80 degrees–because the moving air evaporates moisture from your skin. Note that fans don’t actually cool the air (in fact, they increase air temperature slightly from the motor’s waste heat), so turn them off when you leave the room.Wear lighter clothingThis is common sense, but bears repeating. Shorts, and loose-fitting shirts, blouses, and dresses allow more air circulation next to your skin and will keep you cooler. At the office, convince your manager to relax the dress code during hot weather.Control your air conditioner wiselyTo save energy, raise the temperature setting on your air conditioner’s thermostat when you’re not home. Keep windows closed when using an air conditioner–not only to keep hot air out, but also to keep down indoor humidity.These strategies can help you save money and maintain greater comfort during hot weather. They can also be lifesaving for vulnerable people (the elderly or ill) in the event of a power outage–as can happen in very hot weather when electricity demand is the highest. In late June, rolling brownouts affected over 100,000 customers in Brooklyn, New York; a more extended blackout could be deadly if it were to occur during very hot weather. If you lose power and don’t have air conditioning, simple passive measures will be critically important.In addition to this Energy Solutions blog, Alex writes the weekly blog on “Alex’s Cool Product of the Week,” which profiles an interesting new green building product each week. You can sign up to receive notices of these blogs by e-mail—on the blog page enter your e-mail address in the upper right corner.Alex is founder of BuildingGreen, LLC and executive editor of Environmental Building News. To keep up with his latest articles and musings, you can sign up for his Twitter feed.last_img read more

Stop Chasing What Is New and Start Chasing Impeccable Execution

first_imgFor many, the next idea is going to be better than the one that came before it. They believe the next evolution of the sales process is going to be more effective than the existing process, the next new methodology better than the last. The next digital offering is going to revolutionize sales like nothing seen before, turning the industry on its head, and changing sales forever. The next new research report is going to provide a greater depth of understanding of how you should sell and what your clients need from you.Looking for “next” is chasing, and chasing is how one avoids doing the work necessary for producing better results. Also, there is something you can easily recognize in those who chase: they rarely ever execute the fundamentals consistently enough to produce results, being too busy looking for something better, something easier, and something new.If you are going to chase, chase impeccable execution of the fundamentals.You Know What You Need to DoThe execution of opportunity creation requires a few different activities. It starts with targeting your dream clients, those prospective clients who will perceive your value proposition as strategic, worth changing providers to obtain, and worth paying more for the better results you produce. Creating an opportunity means capturing mindshare by nurturing those relationships and executing a persistent, professional pursuit plan. You create opportunities by prospecting and scheduling meetings with your dream clients and prospects.The time you spend trying to avoid, over-automate, or over-optimize these activities, the worse your execution.In addition to executing against the activities that create opportunities, you need to execute opportunity capture, i.e., winning those opportunities. In most cases, this means face-to-face, or video face to video face, or ear-to-ear conversations with your dream clients. The execution of those meetings require you to plan your sales call, have a theory about what creates enough value for your dream client to continue to engage in the sales conversation, and gaining the commitment to take the next step. It also requires that you know how to control the process and, in complex sales, how to manage the many and varied stakeholders who are going to weigh in on any decision to change.The execution of a sales process includes good discovery work, proper development of solutions, and excellent presentation and proposal skills. All of this work now requires you have the business acumen and the relationship to create a preference to work with you, your company, and your solution.Everything outside of these two major outcomes, opportunity creation, and opportunity capture, is commentary, even when it is vital to good sales hygiene.All of this is to remind you that the difference in your future result isn’t likely to found in anything “new,” unless what is new is your commitment to impeccable execution. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Polls Open Voting has begun

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 15, 2016 – Polls across the country open at 7am for voters to select who will govern these Turks and Caicos Islands for the next four years.   Both major political parties held rallies last night and both were very well attended.While campaigns this time around kept with tradition and saw candidates giving door to door visits, handing out manifestos or plans for the islands if elected, with street signs erected and the rallies where those offering revved up their bases and aimed to appeal to any undecided voters.. there was use of new promotional tools, including electronic copies of party documents, social media buzzing, especially on Facebook and Instagram, use of online target marketing through Google AdWords, QR codes, even the introduction of free Apps and live streaming of debates and other political events.In a system which is relatively new to these islands, voters will choose not one constituency member but six candidates from the slate.  One of those will be for the district or constituency, but the other five will come from a pool of 20 people who have offered in the At Large category.Seven of those individuals are independent candidates; the other 13 are from the three political parties.  Grand Turk South, South Caicos and Wheeland will each field an independent candidate and by the end of the night, the Elections Office would like to announced, even if unofficially, who are the 15 selected to comprise the House of Assembly.  The party with the most seats gets to govern.  Employers are legally bound to allow staff time to vote.There are 24 voting sites in the Turks and Caicos, polls open at 7am and close at 7pm. Related Items:last_img read more

Merson slams Ramseys contract situation

first_imgPaul Merson lambasted his former side Arsenal for their poor handling of Aaron Ramsey’s contract situation.Arsenal are set to lose Ramsey to Juventus for nothing this summer after the Wales international agreed on a deal with the Serie A champions after his contract was allowed to run down.Merson went on to call his former club “stupid” for letting an experienced player like Ramsey leave the club in the prime of his career.“It’s stupidity from Arsenal to allow someone of Ramsey’s quality to let their contract run down,” he told Sky Sports.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“It’s yet another player after Alexis Sanchez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott. Players’ contracts come to an end then they all leave on frees.“In footballing terms, it’s criminal. It’s like buying an £80m house, waiting for the leasehold to run out and losing the house.“Arsene Wenger sorted out his contract every year but seemed to forget everyone else’s!“I wouldn’t mind if all these players were 35 years of age or older, but they are in the prime of their careers when they are playing their best football ever.”last_img read more

Boeing pledges 100M to families of those killed in 737 Max 8

first_img 49 Photos Share your voice The official causes of the crashes, which appear to be similar, are still under study. Investigation teams in Indonesia and Ethiopia are focusing on faulty sensors and a flight control system designed to push the nose down in the air. Boeing says it has completed the necessary update for review by the FAA. But as of now, the agency has not said when that will happen.”We at Boeing are sorry for the tragic loss of lives in both of these accidents and these lives lost will continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and on our minds for years to come,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, in a statement. “The families and loved ones of those on board have our deepest sympathies, and we hope this initial outreach can help bring them comfort.” Boeing Tour a B-17 and other aircraft at the Palm Springs Air Museum Boeing’s 737 Max 8 is grounded after two crashes that killed 346 people. Boeing Boeing will spend $100 million in the coming years to aid the families affected by two 737 Max 8 plane crashes. The planes have been grounded since March following the crashes, which left 346 people dead. The company said the funds will address “family and community needs” and support “education, hardship and living expenses for impacted families, community programs and economic development in impacted communities.” Boeing will work with local governments and non-profit organizations to carry out the aid. The first 737 Max 8 crash occured Oct. 29, when Lion Air flight 610 crashed in the Java Sea 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 189 people. Then, on March 10, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 departed Addis Ababa Bole International Airport bound for Nairobi, Kenya. Just after takeoff, the pilot radioed a distress call and was given immediate clearance to return and land. But before the crew could make it back, the aircraft crashed 40 miles from the airport at 8:44 a.m., six minutes after it left the runway.center_img 0 Tech Industry null Tagslast_img read more

Chairmans fishery blocks flow of Ichhamati

first_imgFish farming using bamboo and net fencing continues unabated in a four-kilometer area of the Ichhamati river in Nawabganj, Dhaka. Local residents suffer. The photo was taken recently. Hasan RajaA local chairman has been fish farming on the Ichhamati river in Shikaripara union of Nawabganj in Dhaka, hampering the river’s natural flow.This has caused local residents a lot of suffering.Chairman of Shikaripara union Alimor Rahman Khan erected a bamboo fence around a four-kilometre area on the Ichhamati river about five years ago and started fish farming.As a result, residents cannot freely use the river for bathing, fishing, or travelling. The life of aquatic animals is also in danger and river traffic cannot move.Residents say they have complained to the district administration.Under the authority of mobile courts, the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has had the fence removed a number of times, but the chairman and his associates put up a new fence and start fish farming again.The residents allege this fish cultivation has been going on for the last five years. Around 600 fishermen from seven villages used to fish in the river. Now the chairman’s henchmen do not allow them to fish. They also prevent villagers from bathing in the river. When, The chairman’s men snatch away stray ducks from the river that belong to local residents.There are also allegations of local residents being beaten up and  residents on both banks of the river are leading troubled lives.There is a large bridge over the Ichhamati river in front of a bazar in Shikaripara union of Nawabganj. Under the bridge, bamboo and net fencing form clusters of fisheries. Such operations can be found in other sections of the river including Mahespur, Garibpur, and Hagradi bazar.During a recent visit, this correspondent, on Sunday, found a  bamboo and net fence stretching some 300 metres wide on the river near the Kashiakhali dyke.Local residents say such fences are there at about eight different places on the river.Speaking to Prothom Alo, a number of fishermen, including Amar Haldar, a fisherman from Daudpur, and Maron Barmon from Ananda Nagar, said they were not allowed to fish in the river for five years. Earlier, fishing on the river was their livelihood.Ali Hossain, Shikaripara bazar trader says there was a time when they travelled by launch on the river. Now, not even a boat can move on it. Because of a dyke built at Dasher Kandi, where the river originates, sand builds up in the area.Speaking to Prothom Alo, Awami League president of Shikaripara union, Mozammel Hoque, said the chairman is grabbing the river and water bodies of the locality using a “pocket” committee.According to chairman Alimor Khan at his home, the river flow is falling due to an embankment at Kashiakhali and water dries out during the lean season. Following these circumstances, the Directorate of Fisheries launched a project in 2017 to cultivate fish by dredging seven kilometers of the river. He said a 104-member committee comprising of fishermen, freedom fighters and their beneficiaries, are running the project. Alimor, who heads the committee, said Tk 1M is invested in the fish farming enterprise and the profits are distributed to the aforementioned beneficiaries.Asked whether it is fair to cultivate fish by obstructing the river, Alimore said, “The directorate of fisheries is not concerned about the flow of the river. The organisation focuses on fish production in the country.”About the allegations of local residents, chairman Alimor Khan said, “We do not torture anybody. Out of jealousy, some people spread false propaganda’.When contacted about the project, Iqbal Azim, deputy director of fisheries, , in charge of Dhaka division, said a project of dredging rivers and ponds across the country to cultivate fish was indeed He also said the local administration leased out the water bodies to various beneficiaries. The department of fisheries provides the scientific and technical support, said Iqbqal Azim, adding that they provided technical assistance for the fish farming project on the Ichhamati river.He said the local administration attends to matters like grabbing, , and any hardships of local people.Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Nawabganj-Dohar, AKM Al Amin, said he would investigate the allegations and take action.Prothom Alo Nawabganj Corresondent cooperated to file this report. * This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Rabiul Islam.last_img read more

Dhaka summons Myanmar envoy proposes joint operation

first_imgMyanmar acting ambassador Aung Myint. Photo: Prothom AloBangladesh has made a proposal to Myanmar to conduct a joint operation against militants, the Arakan Army and any other forces.The foreign ministry made the proposal on Monday after summoning Myanmar acting ambassador in Bangladesh, Aung Myint.Dhaka expressed grave concern as the Myanmar government termed their local terrorists ‘Bangalees’ following fresh violence in the Rakhine State, in which 89 people were killed.Myanmar ambassador Aung Myint met with the director general (South-East Asia wing) of the foreign ministry Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury at his office.Speaking to Prothom Alo, a foreign ministry senior official said a specific proposal on a joint operation along Bangladesh-Myanmar border was formally given to the Myanmar envoy.Bangladesh wants to cooperate with Myanmar to remove its security concerns, the official added.last_img read more