Violent Offender walked away from a hospital and out to the

Hamilton police are reviewing why it took more than 19 hours to notify the public about a violent offender who walked away from hospital. Syna Lorn a mental health patient who police called “dangerous” and a “threat to public safety”. Lorn has been serving time at the St. Joseph’s West 5th campus. He was on an unsupervised 30 minute outside break that was approved by the hospital when he took off. He eventually turned himself in last night.Police have said they will review the case with the hospital and find out why he left and determine whether he will be allowed to have those breaks in the future. 33 year old Syna Lorn was serving time at St. Joseph’s west 5th campus. The hospital says they immediately called police but it wasn’t until after 11:00am on Tuesday more than 19 hours later that police notified the public.In 2006 Lorn attacked Rogers Murgrave a Hamilton cab driver by slashing his face with a machete. Hours after the attack, Lorn was shot by police but survived court documents show a number of convictions since then for aggravated assault, possession of weapons and drugs and breach of probation.In 2017 he was arrested for attacking his roommate with a samurai sword. He’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has a history of using illicit drugsSt. Joseph’s healthcare Hamilton released a statement saying they share the police and community’s concern about Lorn’s absence from this facility and that they are pleased he is no longer in the community”.”Patients are given pass privileges based on an assessment by clinical staff”. Those privileges are approved by the Ontario review board.Musgrave family have said they were relieved that Lorn was found and hope he gets the help he needs. Police say Lorn had a bail hearing on June 6th associated with leaving the hospital and breaching probation. His next court date is in June. He will be held at the Barton jail until then. read more