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NS recruiting doctors but vacancies persist We will take as many asNS recruiting doctors but vacancies persist We will take as many as

first_imgHALIFAX – Nova Scotia health officials say they are stepping up efforts to address doctor shortages, touting the province’s quality of life and new healthcare approach to prospective physicians, but admit vacancies persist.A legislature committee heard Wednesday that 42,000 Nova Scotians are actively seeking a family physician, although federal statistics place that number at closer to 100,000 — including people who simply aren’t looking for a doctor.The Nova Scotia Health Authority has recruited 92 doctors since April 1, but there are still 60 or more vacancies due to physician retirements and other issues.Dr. Lynne Harrigan, the authority’s vice-president of medicine, told the public accounts committee the recruitment goal for this year is 100 doctors — 50 family doctors and 50 specialists. But despite efforts, she said, many vacancies will remain.“This number will remain between 55 and 60 for some time as more people retire and we bring more people in,” said Harrigan. “We are trying to gain traction, but 60, 70 — we will take as many doctors as we can.”Harrigan said the health authority is working to recruit doctors by selling them on the province’s quality of life and attempts to transform the health system through such things as collaborative medical practices.Progressive Conservative committee member Tim Houston expressed doubts the current pace of recruitment would be able to fix the shortage anytime soon.“I don’t know that they have a full grasp on the upcoming need over the next two years, five years,” said Houston. “I just don’t think that they fully understand how dire things are and if they don’t understand that then it’s hard to expect them to really ramp up to meet it.”Harrigan said new physicians working in the province include 26 family doctors and 66 specialists. There are currently 44 offers to doctors who are expected to come within the year — and 11 of those are to family doctors.Following the hearing, deputy health minister Denise Perret couldn’t say what kind of dent current recruitment levels would make in the doctor wait list.“We are going to shoot for a much larger recruitment and we are working on a physician resource plan that is going to update the projected need in this province so we will have a more accurate sense,” Perret said, adding the resource plan should be ready early next year.The authority’s physician recruitment website lists about 90 vacant positions, including locum positions — where physicians fill in when other doctors are absent or when health facilities are short-staffed.Dr. Rick Gibson, the authority’s senior medical director for primary health care, said the website numbers include positions that are currently vacant, as well as some that will be vacant because of expected retirements within the next 18 months to two years.Gibson said Dartmouth faces a looming problem, with 40 per cent of doctors due to retire within five years.“It’s on our radar and it also highlights why we need a provincial approach to recruiting. At the same as we’ve got incentives to lure people to rural areas we’ve got Dartmouth sitting there with a large number of doctors leaving.”NDP committee member Claudia Chender said while she thinks health officials are working hard to address doctor shortages, their efforts appear to be “too little too late.”“We are looking at another decade where not only will every Nova Scotian not have a doctor, but we’ll have a serious shortage,” Chender said.last_img read more

DGCA asks airlines to increase number of flights to stabilise rising airfaresDGCA asks airlines to increase number of flights to stabilise rising airfares

first_imgNew Delhi: India’s aviation regulator has asked all airlines to come out with individual medium-term plan by Wednesday on enhancing availability of domestic flights, in a move aimed at curbing rising airfares, government officials said.Airfares have been on an upswing across India for last few weeks due to sharp decline in number of flights primarily caused by grounding of three-fourths of cash-strapped Jet Airways’ 119-aircraft fleet. The availability of flights was also hit by pulling out of Spice Jet’s 12 “737 Max” aircraft in March following safety concerns in the wake of crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet on March 10. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has been meeting with the airlines continuously so that they augment their additional capacity, which would be over and above the flights approved for the summer schedule,” a senior government official said. According to officials, the each of the airlines was “requested to bring an immediate and medium-term plan to augment the additional capacity in the market”, and ways to increase the overall availability of flights will be discussed at a meeting on Wednesday. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KThe DGCA last month approved a nearly seven-month-long summer schedule beginning March 31 for SpiceJet, Vistara, IndiGo, Air India and GoAir. However, for Jet Airways, the DGCA approved the summer schedule for nearly a month only due to its financial crisis. The DGCA approves winter as well as summer schedules every year in order to ensure smooth flights operations. The airlines were asked to come out with immediate and medium-term plan over and above the summer action plan to make available additional flights so that airfares remain in control. During the last few weeks, the Jet Airways has been grounding its aircraft in tranches due to non-payment of dues to its lessors. While the airline has a fleet of about 119 aircraft, civil aviation secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola said on April 4 that only 26 aircraft of Jet Airways are flying “currently”. After Jet withdrew some of its flights from several routes, budget carrier IndiGo on April 8 announced rolling out new flights on both international and domestic networks.last_img read more

Washington Won’t Support Creation of State in Southern Morocco: WSJWashington Won’t Support Creation of State in Southern Morocco: WSJ

Rabat – According to the Wall Street Journal, the US position on the Western Sahara conflict is clear.  The August 11 publication emphasizes that the US are firm in the belief that independence for the region will never work as a solution to the conflict.According to Moroccan and Western officials involved in negotiations, American officials have made it clear in private talks that the U.S. backs Morocco.  The US is also clear in its opposition to the creation of an independent state in Western Sahara, reports the newspaper.The author of the report argued that  that the Trump administration’s position could disappoint separatist activists  hoping to raise their flag in a declaration of independence. “Officials involved in the talks said the U.S. have made it clear that Washington won’t support a plan that leads to a new African nation,” the paper adds.The publication also recalls Morocco’s major concerns over  US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s view on Western Sahara.Bolton and Western Sahara“To the U.N., this tiny peacekeeping mission [MINURSO] is a success,” the paper writes, emphasizing that Bolton is “putting the weight of the White House behind  a contentious plan to resolve the Western Sahara conflict by turning the screws on the U.N. and trying to force the rival parties to cut a deal,” according to the WSJ.The American official  has made no secret of his desire to give a new impetus to end the political impasse that prevents the parties from reaching a mutually acceptable political solution. Viewed from Rabat, however, Bolton’s enthusiasm and personal involvement are regarded with apprehension in light of his past statements about and involvement in the conflict.   Bolton was part of the US State Department team that helped draft the 1991 UN settlement which contributed to ending the 16-year long conflict that pitted Morocco against the Polisario. Bolton also worked with James Baker, former UN Secretary General Personal Envoy to Western Sahara between 197 and 2004. As such,  he participated in drafting the Baker Plan I, known as the Framework Agreement, in 2001 which Morocco accepted. Algeria and the Polisario opposed that agreement. Bolton also played a prominent role in drafting the terms of the Baker Plan II in 2003, which Morocco opposed, because the deal included the option independence through a referendum of self-determination.  Morocco’s firm opposition led eventually to Baker’s resignation in 2004. When Bolton was appointed US ambassador to the UN between 2005 and 2006, he failed to end conflict in line with his convictions. Ever since he left the government in 2006, Bolton has been vocal in blaming the failure of the UN-led process undertaken under Baker’s leadership on Morocco. He has also been vocal in criticizing the UN Security Council for not forcing Rabat to accept the deal.Bolton ranks among the rare  past and present US officials who support the holding of a referendum of self-determination to end the conflict. In light of Morocco’s opposition to the referendum, he called repeatedly for ending the  MINURSO’s mandate.In his 208 memoir Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations, Bolton said: “MINURSO had failed in its central mission to conduct a referendum and was now actually an obstacle to Morocco and Algeria dealing with each other. Since it was clear that Morocco had no intention of ever allowing a referendum, there was no point in a UN mission to conduct one. Instead, and typically of the UN, MINURSO seemed well on the way to acquiring a near-perpetual existence because no one could figure out what to do with it.”Ever since he was appointed national security adviser to President Donald Trump, Bolton has tried to leave his imprimatur on the political process. In December 2018, Bolton dismissed the UN mission to Western Sahara, known as  MINURSO, for being ineffective and costly.Bolton expressed frustration that the Western Sahara conflict is yet to reach a satisfactory conclusion for either party.“Ladies and gentlemen, 27 years of deployment of this peacekeeping force, 27 years and it’s still there? How can you justify that? I have got to know over the years the Saharawi people, I have enormous respect for them, I have enormous respect for the government and people of Morocco and Algeria, is there not a way to resolve it?” Bolton said at a Washington, D.C., event.UN mission sustains stabilityIn an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, argued that ending the UN mission in the region would have severe negative consequences for the region’s stability.Morocco has long warned that poverty and the dire conditions in the Tindouf camps, Algeria, could be a catalyst for the radicalisation of the region’s youth, pushing them into the arms of terrorist organizations. “Is the danger to the U.S. from 230 people from MINURSO or…. the fact that the Islamic State and al Qaeda are able to attract people from Indonesia, from Casablanca and elsewhere?” Bourita said.The journal writes that  “Serious talks on Western Sahara amid the uncertainty appear unlikely and a U.S. plan to end the U.N. mission could create more turmoil,”the author of the WSJ report said. “MINURSO is $52 million to keep stability, to keep a cease-fire in a region which is very difficult,” said Bourita.“No one has died since the cease-fire, which means this is the most cost-effective peacekeeping mission in the world.”He added, “No one has died since the cease-fire, which means this is the most cost-effective peacekeeping mission in the world,” he added. In addition to the conflict, the publication also recalled Morocco’s commitment to the development of Moroccan southern provinces in Western Sahara, including Laayoune.“Morocco has spent millions transforming Laayoune, the former Spanish capital of Western Sahara, into a functioning desert town of about 200,000,” the paper writes.Political process under control Despite the hopes the Polisario placed in Bolton to move the political process forward and to force Morocco to accept holding a referendum, and Algeria’s hiring of top lobbyists to sway the US administration, Morocco has so far succeeded in keeping the political process under control. More still, the latest resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council in the past 12 months have been positive for Morocco, in that, for the first time since the start of the political process, Algeria is considered a party to the conflict in quasi equal footing with Morocco and the Polisario. Both Resolution 2440 of October  2018 and Resolution 2468 adopted last April mention Algeria both in the preamble and the operatives paragraphs, which observers see as a significant change in the way the Security Council addresses the conflict. Morocco has long called for Algeria’s full involvement in the conflict and said on many occasions that Algeria is the party that arms the Polisario, supports its at the diplomatic, economic and military levels and without all that support the Polisario would not have lasted until now. read more

Violent Offender walked away from a hospital and out to theViolent Offender walked away from a hospital and out to the

Hamilton police are reviewing why it took more than 19 hours to notify the public about a violent offender who walked away from hospital. Syna Lorn a mental health patient who police called “dangerous” and a “threat to public safety”. Lorn has been serving time at the St. Joseph’s West 5th campus. He was on an unsupervised 30 minute outside break that was approved by the hospital when he took off. He eventually turned himself in last night.Police have said they will review the case with the hospital and find out why he left and determine whether he will be allowed to have those breaks in the future. 33 year old Syna Lorn was serving time at St. Joseph’s west 5th campus. The hospital says they immediately called police but it wasn’t until after 11:00am on Tuesday more than 19 hours later that police notified the public.In 2006 Lorn attacked Rogers Murgrave a Hamilton cab driver by slashing his face with a machete. Hours after the attack, Lorn was shot by police but survived court documents show a number of convictions since then for aggravated assault, possession of weapons and drugs and breach of probation.In 2017 he was arrested for attacking his roommate with a samurai sword. He’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has a history of using illicit drugsSt. Joseph’s healthcare Hamilton released a statement saying they share the police and community’s concern about Lorn’s absence from this facility and that they are pleased he is no longer in the community”.”Patients are given pass privileges based on an assessment by clinical staff”. Those privileges are approved by the Ontario review board.Musgrave family have said they were relieved that Lorn was found and hope he gets the help he needs. Police say Lorn had a bail hearing on June 6th associated with leaving the hospital and breaching probation. His next court date is in June. He will be held at the Barton jail until then. read more

Teck commissions IDE to design supply huge desalination plant for Quebrada BlancaTeck commissions IDE to design supply huge desalination plant for Quebrada Blanca

first_imgIDE Technologies, a leader in water treatment solutions, has announced that it has been chosen by Teck Resources Ltd to design and supply the desalination plant for the Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) copper mining project in Chile. QB2 is an extension of Teck’s existing Quebrada Blanca operation in Chile. The desalination plant will be located at the port site for the QB2 copper mine in the Tarapacá region and will be the second largest seawater desalination plant in Chile.“IDE’s experience encompasses more than 400 desalination plants worldwide, with more than 20 successfully operating desalination plants in Chile. The new SWRO desalination plant for the QB2 project will produce high-quality water for use in the copper concentrator. IDE’s design of the QB2 desalination plant will be in accordance with the stringent environmental requirements and safety regulations in Chile.”“IDE’s experience in South America and worldwide, and their commitment to high environmental standards were key factors in their selection for the QB2 project,” said Karl Hroza, Project Director, QB2, Teck.IDE has extensive experience designing large-scale modular RO plants for the mining sector and is aware of the common practices and the challenges facing the mining industry. IDE’s modular solution simplifies the installation of the plant while reducing installation and startup time and cost. IDE will work closely with Teck to ensure that the QB2 desalination plant meets its availability and reliability goals.“We’re excited to partner with Teck in providing high-quality water in an economical and sustainable manner, to support the expansion of this mine,” said Guy Sagie, CEO, IDE Projects. “Our modular SWRO desalination design is an excellent solution for remote locations due to the use of prefabricated modules with minimal maintenance requirements. Once completed, the QB2 desalination plant will deliver a consistent and reliable supply of water for daily mining operations.”last_img read more

iPhone 5 Foxconn renforce ses effectifsiPhone 5 Foxconn renforce ses effectifs

first_imgiPhone 5: Foxconn renforce ses effectifsApple a vu les choses en grand pour la production de son futur iPhone. L’assembleur Foxconn, qui en assurera la grande majorité, s’est lancé dans la construction d’une nouvelle usine et va embaucher quelques 20.000 employés.L’arrivée de l’iPhone 5 approche. Et Apple a déployé les grands moyens pour assurer la production de son nouveau smartphone, tant attendu. Son principal assembleur, le chinois Foxconn, assurera 85% de la fabrication du téléphone. En un an, il devra ainsi assembler quelque 57 millions d’iPhone 5.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Face à cette demande, Foxconn a décidé d’embaucher 20.000 salariés supplémentaires. Il se serait également lancé dans la construction d’une immense usine à Tai Yuan, dans la province de Shanxi, rapportent The China Morning News et le site M.I.C. Gadget. La firme chinoise a d’autant plus besoin de mains supplémentaires qu’une partie de ses employés sont actuellement en grève.Les ouvriers de Foxconn, qui travaillent dans l’une des provinces chinoises où les salaires sont les plus bas, réclament une augmentation après que les revenus des directeurs et des techniciens aient été revues à la hausse.Le 27 mars 2012 à 10:30 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Platini thinks Varane should win the Ballon dOrPlatini thinks Varane should win the Ballon dOr

first_imgFormer UEFA president Michel Platini, revealed that choosing the Ballon d’Or has never been easier as he would vote Raphael Varane.It appears that former UEFA president Michel Platini, doesn’t really care about trends as he would choose France defender Raphael Varane to win the Ballon d’Or this year.The achievements that players like Luka Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, and even Kylian Mbappé are not important to him.In Platini’s view, the prize should go to the only player who won the two major trophies of the year, which are the World Cup and the Champions League.Raphael Varane did have a starring role in both competitions for Real Madrid and France, but the defender is far from the type of player that usually gets picked to win the Ballon d’Or.Also, there is a very slim chance for Varane to be the player who breaks the 10-year tradition of giving the award to either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.Even the Argentine who won none of those important trophies that Platini considers for giving the prize, has a far better chance of being in the podium than Raphael Varane ever will.The France international also has at least another three compatriots to worry about if he wanted to pick up the prize at this year’s ceremony in Paris, his teammates Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, and N’Golo Kanté have a better chance than he does to be part of the ceremony.”It has never been easier to choose a Ballon d’Or winner. Only one player won both the World Cup and the Champions League – his name is Raphaël Varane.”– Michel Platini— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) October 30, 2018There is still no clue to which player will be part of the podium for the award, but the favorites to be part of it are still Luka Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Antoine Griezmann.Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé, does have a slight chance of sneaking in the final three players who will fight for the award, Lionel Messi does too because of his impressive stats from 2018.But the most obvious choices are the three players who were recently mentioned, with Griezmann edging out as the clear favorite given that he won the Europa League and the World Cup this year.Actually, when Platini spoke to RMC Radio via L’Equipe, it seemed like he was talking about Griezmann but he surprised everyone when he revealed that his top choice was Varane.Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…“There has never been an easier decision on who should win the Ballon d’Or. There is only one player that has won the European Cup and World Cup,” said Platini.“Normally there is a debate between Ronaldo or Messi, Messi or Ronaldo, but this year only one player has won all that. His name is Varane, and besides that, he is an excellent player… very, very good.”“Results are the only the objective factor. You can have your opinions about Griezmann, Mbappé… but the only one that has won it all, the two most important competitions, is Raphael Varane,” he continued.Michel Platini vote Raphaël Varane pour le Ballon d’or— L’ÉQUIPE (@lequipe) October 30, 2018We are closing in the final stages of the year and the ceremony is closer every day, December 3rd is the key for anybody who is keeping tabs on this major event as we are.The day in which the Ronaldo/Messi era will come to an end, at least for a year because we don’t think that either of both players is done winning any more individual accolades, they are just taking a small break.We are certain that both of them will keep on playing at the same level for the next five years at least, and they will both be an important part of the next individual prize podiums.There is even a big chance of Cristiano Ronaldo winning his sixth Ballon d’Or and he finally beats Messi, an ambition he has pursued throughout his whole career and something that could finally happen before the end of the year.The problem here is that France Football organizes the ceremony, a French publication that has been rooting for a Frenchman to win the award this year.But make no mistake, Platini’s wishes are unlikely to become a reality as Raphael Varane will most certainly not win the prize.El Balón de Oro debe de ser para Varane: Platini— José López (@jjlogo151) October 31, 2018Who will win the Ballon d’Or this year? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Racial EquityRacial Equity

first_img(Photo by Josh Edge/APRN)What does it mean to have equity? Is it a simple measure of equal access to employment, housing and education, or something much deeper?Listen NowHOST: Lori TownsendGUESTS:Jorie Paoli, First Alaskans InstituteMao Tosi, Anchorage community activistKevin McGee, First Vice President, branch 1000, NAACP Anchorage chapterStatewide callersParticipate:Call 550-8422 (Anchorage) or 1-800-478-8255 (statewide) during the live broadcastPost your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air).Send email to talk [at] alaskapublic [dot] org (comments may be read on air)LIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.SUBSCRIBE: Get Talk of Alaska updates automatically by email, RSS or podcast.last_img

Gateways for Growth New plan to make Municipality more inclusiveGateways for Growth New plan to make Municipality more inclusive

first_imgDownload AudioThe Municipality of Anchorage is launching a new initiative to make the community and the economy more inclusive. The city received a grant to participate in the Gateways for Growth Challenge. The goal is to develop a strategic plan for incorporating new arrivals from rural Alaska and other parts of the world into the city’s economy. Mara Kimmel, the mayor’s wife and a co-founder of the Alaska Institute for Justice, is spearheading the project. She says it’s about more than just getting people jobs — it’s about helping them maximize their skill sets.“This gives us the opportunity to figure out who’s out there, what skills and expertise they bring, and how we can mobilize those skills to the benefit of our economy. And in these days of shrinking economic resources, it’s really important that we active everybody, and we tear down barriers to marketplace and to our community.”Kimmel says they will look at things like language barriers and limited public transportation.The grant and matching funds from the state and Wells Fargo total $29,500. The money will be used to conduct research around the city with individuals and organizations about how to make Anchorage a more inclusive place and to expand entrepreneurship. More than 40 community businesses, non-profits, and government agencies are participating. Twenty communities around the country received grants.last_img read more

Poor sanitation in SC BC hostels deploredPoor sanitation in SC BC hostels deplored

first_imgSangareddy: State vice-president of Kula Vivakhsa Vyathireka Porata Samithi (KVVPS) A Manikyam criticised that residential schools were lacking basic amenities. He visited SC residential school at Hathnoora, hostels of SC, BC at Daultabad along with district committee on Friday. They inspected the conditions of the hostel. Speaking to the media, they said negligence of the staff was evident everywhere and unhygienic conditions were prevailing in the hostels. They narrated the hardships being faced by the students. They appealed to the authorities to address the issues; otherwise, they would take up an agitation.last_img

BRUR signs MoU with KITC on skill devBRUR signs MoU with KITC on skill dev

first_img.Wazed Research and Training Institute of Begum Rokeya University on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kazi IT Center (KITC), aiming to enhance the technological skills of its teachers and students, reports UNB.Vice-chancellor of the university and director of Wazed Research and Training Institute Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah and KITC chairman Maik Kazi signed the MoU in a simple ceremony at KITC office in the capital, said a press release.The deal with KITC, a US-based Information Technology (IT) company, is aimed at improving the technological knowledge of the university teachers and students.last_img

Flu Season Is Shaping Up To Be A Nasty One CDC SaysFlu Season Is Shaping Up To Be A Nasty One CDC Says

first_img Share Gregory Bull/APFlu patient Donnie Cardenas, right, waits in an emergency room hallway with roommate Torrey Jewett at the Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, Calif., on Jan. 10.The United States appears to be in the midst of an unusually severe flu season, officials at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.The flu season started early, which is never a good sign, and the flu is already widespread throughout the country, the CDC’s latest report shows. Half of states are reporting especially intense flu activity.“We are currently in the midst of a very active flu season with much of the nation experiencing widespread and intense activity,” CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald told reporters during a briefing.Based on the latest available data, the United States could be experiencing one of the most severe flu seasons in years, possibly similar to the severe 2014-2015 flu season, officials say.“Flu is everywhere in the U.S. right now. There’s lots of flu in lots of places,” says Dan Jernigan, director of CDC’s influenza division.CDCActivity levels are based on the percent of outpatient visits in a state due to influenza-like illness (ILI) and are compared with the average percent of ILI visits that occur during weeks with little or no influenza virus circulation.Officials cautioned, however, that the flu is very unpredictable. So there’s a chance the season could slow down quickly or end early, making it a more normal flu season.But the most recent data show that the proportion of people rushing to their doctors to get treated for the flu has already hit 5.8 percent, which is as high as that number gets during the peak of a really bad flu season, the CDC says.In addition, the rate at which Americans are being hospitalized for the flu almost doubled in the last week, to 22.7 for every 100,000 hospitalizations, according to the CDC.Those are two of the key ways the CDC monitors the severity of a flu season.So far, 20 children have died from the flu, compared with a total of 101 last season.During the 2014-2015 flu season, 40 million Americans got the flu, 19 million people went to the doctor to get treated for the flu, and 970,000 people were hospitalized.Officials, cautioned, however, that the hospitalization rate for the flu so far this year is slightly below the 2014-2015 rate.The main reason the flu appears to be so severe is that it’s a strain known as H3N2. That strain tends to make more people sick, and the people who get the flu tend to get sicker. It’s especially dangerous for children and the elderly.“When H3N2 is prominent, we tend to have a season with far more hospitalizations and deaths,” Fitzgerald says.To make matters worse, the vaccine may only be about 30 percent effective against that strain. That is better than the 10 percent effectiveness reported in Australia, which has its flu season before the United States does and often predicts what will happen in this country.Nevertheless, health officials are urging people to get vaccinated. Any protection is better than none. And the vaccine may end up being more effective, especially if other strains of the flu become more common. The vaccine is more effective against those other strains. The vaccine can also lessen the severity of illness in people who get sick.The flu season may be peaking in this country, but it could continue for many more weeks. So even though it takes two weeks for the vaccine to start protecting people after they get vaccinated, it’s still worthwhile to get vaccinated, they say.“While our flu vaccine is far from perfect, it is still the best defense we have,” Fitzgerald says.Officials are also encouraging doctors to treat some flu patients with antiviral drugs quickly, including children, the elderly, people who get severely ill and those suffering from other health problems. While there are spot shortages of antiviral drugs, the overall supply is plentiful.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Rare extreme helium star identified by astronomersRare extreme helium star identified by astronomers

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Part of the renormalised SALT HRS spectrum of J1845−4138 (black) compared with the median spectrum of V652 Her near maximum radius obtained by Jeffery et al. (2015, red). Credit: Jeffery, 2017. © 2017 Citation: Rare extreme helium star identified by astronomers (2017, June 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Feuding helium dwarfs exposed by eclipse Extreme helium stars (EHes) are supergiants much larger and hotter than the sun, but less massive. They are almost devoid of hydrogen, which is unusual, as hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe. EHes are characterized by relatively sharp and strong lines of neutral helium, which indicates low surface gravities and atmospheres dominated by helium. Besides helium, these stars also have significant amounts of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. EHe was first detected in 1942.The discovery of GALEX J184559.8−413827 was announced in 2011 and was based on the data provided by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) satellite. Given that the star was classified as a helium-rich “hot subdwarf,” it was put on a target list for observations of chemically peculiar objects with the high-resolution spectrograph (HRS) on the Southern Africa Large Telescope (SALT), located near Sutherland, South Africa.Now, Simon Jeffery of the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium in College Hill, Northern Ireland, presents the results of new observations of GALEX J184559.8−413827 conducted with HRS in March 2017. According to Jeffery, the high-resolution spectrum obtained with the use of HRS indicates that the observed object is a nitrogen-rich EHe star.”A spectroscopic survey of stars classified as helium-rich subdwarfs, especially He-sdB or sdOD using 8m-class telescopes has been undertaken. This paper reports an observation of one such star obtained with the high-resolution spectrograph on the Southern Africa Large Telescope. (…) SALT HRS observations of a faint-blue star previously classified He-sdB (Vennes et al. 2011) demonstrate it to be a nitrogen-rich EHe star similar to the pulsating EHe star V652 Her,” the paper reads.Jeffrey acknowledged that GALEX J184559.8−413827 is four magnitudes fainter than V652 Her. Spectroscopic similarities with V652 Her suggest the new EHe star has similar evolutionary status, which suggests that it formed as a result of a double helium white dwarf merger. Moreover, it also means that GALEX J184559.8−413827 could evolve to become a helium and nitrogen-rich hot subdwarf within about 100,000 years.Notably, GALEX J184559.8−413827 is the first EHe star to be discovered for nearly 40 years. This highlights the extreme rarity of such stars.The question that remains unanswered is whether GALEX J184559.8−413827 also pulsates like V652 Her. So far, no evidence of any periodic variability of the new EHe star was found. Jeffery concluded that his study is promising when it comes to future detections of new EHe stars.”This discovery suggests that there are more EHe stars waiting to be found, at least with relatively low luminosities. A higher signal-to-noise spectrum will allow abundances and other parameters to be refined further,” he wrote in the paper. More information: GALEX J184559.8-413827: a new extreme helium star identified using SALT, arXiv:1706.03377 [astro-ph.SR] high-resolution spectrum of the helium-rich ‘hot subdwarf’ GALEX J184559.8-413827 (J1845-4138) obtained with SALT HRS demonstrates it to be the first extreme helium (EHe) star to be discovered in nearly 40 years. A quantitative analysis demonstrates it to have an atmosphere described by Teff = 26 170 +/- 750 K, log g /(cm s^-2) = 4.22 +/- 0.10, and a surface chemistry characterised by CNO-processed helium, a 1% contamination of hydrogen (by number), and a metallicity 0.4 dex subsolar. Its distance and position are consistent with membership of the Galactic bulge. Its sharp absorption lines place strong constraints on both the rotation and microturbulent velocities. Spectroscopically, J1845-4138 closely resembles the pulsating EHe star V652 Her, generally considered to be the product of a double helium white dwarf merger evolving to become a helium-rich sdO star. (—Astronomers have identified another rare example of an extreme helium star. The star, designated GALEX J184559.8−413827 (or J1845−4138 for short), was initially classified as a faint helium-rich “hot subdwarf,” but new spectroscopic observations reveal that this star is more hydrogen-deficient than previously thought. The finding is available in a paper published June 11 on Explore furtherlast_img read more

Climate change endangering air travelClimate change endangering air travel

first_imgAirline passengers may face a much bumpier ride in the future, according to a study published on August 8, 2019, which found that climate change is having a greater impact on the jet stream than previously thought. Scientists at the University of Reading in the UK have recently discovered that the jet stream has become 15 per cent more sheared in the upper atmosphere over the North Atlantic since satellites began observing it in 1979. The study, which was published in the journal Nature, provides the first observation-based evidence to support previous research that human-induced climate change will make severe turbulence up to three times more common by 2050-80. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfVertical wind shear – the increase in wind speed at higher altitudes – causes invisible clear-air turbulence, which can be severe enough to throw airplane passengers out of their seats, researchers said. It terrifies nervous fliers and injures hundreds of passengers and flight attendants every year, they said. The recently conducted study shows for the first time that, whilst the temperature difference between Earth’s poles and the equator is narrowing at ground level because of climate change, the opposite is happening at around 34,000 feet – a typical airplane cruising altitude. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe jet stream is driven by these temperature differences, and the strengthening trend at cruising altitudes is causing an increase in turbulence-driving wind shear, which had gone unnoticed until now. “Over the last four decades, temperatures have risen most rapidly over the Arctic, whilst in the stratosphere – around 12 kilometres above the surface – they have cooled,” said Simon Lee, PhD student in Meteorology at the University of Reading. This has created a tug-of-war effect, where surface temperature changes act to slow the jet down, while temperature changes higher up act to speed it up. “Our study shows these opposing effects currently balance out, meaning the speed of the jet stream has not changed. However, we looked for the first time at the wind shear, where significant change has previously gone unnoticed,” the reserachers noted. “This strengthens previous projections for increased clear-air turbulence, as we can see an increase in one of the driving forces has happened already,” they added. “This has serious implications for airlines, as passengers and crew would face a bigger risk of injury,” said Lee. “Indications of a stronger jet stream in the future suggest the upper-level tug will eventually win out. This would also affect airlines by increasing flight times from Europe towards the US and speeding up flights the other way,” he said. Tens of thousands of planes encounter severe turbulence every year, with an estimated cost to the global aviation sector of up to a billion dollars annually, through flight delays, injuries to cabin crew and passengers, and structural damage to aircraft, researchers further said.last_img read more

PHOTOS Cuba US reopen embassies to end 54year estrangementPHOTOS Cuba US reopen embassies to end 54year estrangement

first_img Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Text by Nicole Gaouette and Ezra Fieser of Bloomberg News; photos by Larry Luxner of The Tico TimesWASHINGTON, D.C. – A diplomatic freeze that stretched back five decades, outlasting the Cold War and nine U.S. presidencies, officially ended Monday as Cuba and the United States reopened embassies.The Cuban flag was raised over the island nation’s diplomatic headquarters in Washington in a ceremony attended by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez. He was to meet later in the day with Secretary of State John Kerry, who will travel to Havana for a flag-raising ceremony at the U.S. Embassy there on Aug. 14, according to a U.S. official who discussed the plans on condition of anonymity.Crowds thronged a block-length stretch of sidewalk outside the mansion in downtown Washington that had been serving as Cuba’s interests section. They waved signs, sang Cuba’s national anthem and chanted, in an atmosphere that combined political rally and street festival. One group held a canary yellow banner with the Cuban flag and the words “End the Embargo now.” Another read “Salsa sí, Embargo no!”See also: Sparks fly as Cuban flag flutters once again over Washington embassyWhile the move to restart diplomatic relations doesn’t end the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba’s communist government, it brings the former adversaries the closest they have been since the waning days of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration.Restoring ties “begins a new stage, long and complex, on the way to the normalization of relations, which will require the willingness to find solutions to problems that have accumulated over five decades,” Cuban President Raúl Castro told lawmakers in Havana last week.Amid the block-long stretch of people celebrating the flag- raising outside the Cuban Embassy, a slight man in a crisp white shirt held a sign that said “Freedom for political prisoners.”Carlos Casanova, 81, said he had tried to overthrow former President Fidel Castro in 1959 and spent the next 20 years imprisoned in Cuba as a result. Bitter about Monday’s events, he said, “You give communists a finger, they’ll take your hand.”Inside the State Department’s headquarters, the Cuban flag was hung before dawn among the flags of nations that have diplomatic relations with the United States.Barriers between the U.S. and Cuba have tumbled rapidly since Raúl Castro and President Barack Obama announced their intentions to renew ties in simultaneous speeches in December. Yet while companies from JetBlue Airways Corp. to Airbnb Inc. have sought to capitalize on the improving relationship, differences remain over issues from human rights and democracy to the future of the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay.“It’s hard, because there’s been so much mistrust between the two sides, maybe even dislike, and so many things that Cuba feels put upon: Guantanamo, the migration policy,” said Vicki Huddleston, former head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, which has provided consular services in the absence of an embassy. “Those things are still right up front in Cubans’ minds,” Huddleston said in a June 24 phone interview. Larry Luxner/The Tico TimesU.S. officials reject the notion that they plan to hand over the Guantanamo base to Cuba. Attempts to end the trade embargo, meanwhile, will struggle in a Republican-led Congress.Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, vying for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, has said he will block any nominee Obama proposes for ambassador to Cuba. That means Jeffrey DeLaurentis, a civil servant who becomes interim charge d’affaires, will be the top U.S. diplomat on the island.“Cuba is not just some small island with old cars; it is a country controlled by a despotic regime that provides a safe haven and base of forward operations to Russia and China in our own hemisphere,” Rubio said in a statement Monday. “It harbors terrorists and fugitives from justice who have killed American citizens and brutalizes peaceful pro-democracy activists. I reiterate my promise to block the confirmation of any ambassador to this despicable regime.”Charles Barclay, who served as deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Interest Section in Havana from 2009 to 2012, said he expects U.S. diplomats to have more access to Cuban government officials and greater freedom to roam around the country, instead of being confined to Havana. The move has political benefits to both leaders, he added, as Castro seeks to improve the country’s image for investors and Obama ends what he has described as a “failed policy” for the U.S.“I don’t know how much momentum this creates for more progress, but I wouldn’t downplay the significance of the symbolism here,” Barclay said of the embassy openings.— Fieser reported from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Facebook Commentscenter_img Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Larry Luxner/The Tico Times Related posts:US officials in Cuba to discuss embassies No opening date for US, Cuba embassies; more talks set As talks with US begin, Cubans anticipate changes in their lives US says next round of Cuba talks to take place in Havana on Mondaylast_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade hWhat an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke 0 Comments   Share   It can be easy to overlook Cardinals running back LaRod Stephens-Howling.He is the kickoff return specialist on a team that has a rookie returning punts for touchdowns at record pace, he is a running back behind Beanie Wells, who is having a career season, and he is a coverage blocker on the punt return team.Stephens-Howling does not mind not receiving a lot of attention despite his many contributions, in fact he tries to avoid it. Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaycenter_img “There is always someone that is going to be able to make the play to win. The attention, you know that comes with it,” Stephens-Howling told Arizona Sports 620’s Dough and Wolf. “And for me, I try to fly under the radar and I don’t really look for it. But if it is coming, it’s coming for a good reason, that’s okay with me.”The attention turns to Stephens-Howling after he brought a short pass from Kevin Kolb 52 yards in for the game winning touchdown in overtime against the Dallas Cowboys.“That was a great win just because not too many outside of our own locker room even thought we had a chance to win,” Stephens-Howling said. “But it was just great to come out with a victory and I think, I mean, I know our guys are a lot more confident now from that win and the way it happened.” D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocationlast_img read more

GLENDALE — This season 21 NFL teams have had theGLENDALE — This season 21 NFL teams have had the

first_imgGLENDALE — This season, 21 NFL teams have had the good fortune to have a quarterback who is competent enough, healthy enough, or both to start all of their team’s games.The Arizona Cardinals, needless to say, are not one of them.Rookie Ryan Lindley made his fourth career start for the Cardinals Sunday against the Chicago Bears, but didn’t finish the game after being pulled by head coach Ken Whisenhunt early in the third quarter of a 28-13 loss. “Obviously, I’ll feel a little more comfortable tomorrow than I did today actually having run some plays,” Hoyer said. “We’ll see what happens, that’s not in my hands so I’ll prepare like I’m going to start like I always do regardless of what I am on the depth chart.”Whisenhunt, who has had to shuffle his quarterbacks all season long due to injury and ineffectiveness, liked what he saw from Hoyer in the second half.“I thought he did a nice job,” he said. “Obviously, the interception, that was a tough situation but we were in a tough situation. He got put in as tough a deal as he could be, being down with them having a good defensive front that were in pass rush mode. I thought he got the ball out quick, he had good anticipation and he made some nice throws.”Another area in which the Cardinals actually showed improvement Sunday was getting wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald involved in the offense. Fitzgerald caught eight passes for 111 yards — only the second time he’s topped the century mark all season long. Four of Fitzgerald’s catches were thrown by Hoyer, who clicked with the six-time Pro Bowler. – / 30 “It’s hard not to have chemistry with him. He’s a great receiver,” Hoyer said. “You just don’t want to force it to him, though. When you get the opportunities, you try to take them and that one, unfortunately, I tried to force it to him.” Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Comments   Share   Enter Brian Hoyer, who was signed about two weeks ago, to finish the game against the Bears. Hoyer completed 11-of-19 passes for 105 yards and an interception in his first game action since throwing one pass for the New England Patriots in 2011.“I was excited, so I just went out there and tried to make the best of the situation,” Hoyer said following the Cardinals’ 10th loss of the year. “I just can’t take my mind off that interception, it was just a dumb decision, I tried to force it. Tried to pump that underneath guy and get behind — that one will stay with me for a few days.”Hoyer was picked off late in the game by Chicago defensive back Kelvin Hayden while trying to target Larry Fitzgerald, but no real harm was done by the turnover. The Cardinals already trailed 28-6 and actually blocked an Olindo Mare field goal attempt three plays later which Justin Bethel returned 82 yards for Arizona’s only touchdown of the day.With the season all but over, and the Cardinals’ quarterback troubles well-chronicled, the question exists: will Hoyer become Arizona’s fourth different starting quarterback in 2012 next Sunday when they take on the San Francisco 49ers? Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

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via GIPHY Stothard added: "While everybody leads very busy lives with plenty of distractions, Featured Image Credit: NYPD Topics: Us news“I would say it’s a severe year for flu deaths.

S." Peskov added. (Reporting by Jack Tarrant,上海千花网Kama,’ Its important to distinguish between the small faction of people who are there to fight cops or break stuff. Joseph Usar and Isaac Danold. 2014.There were quite a fewgood runs made by Brazilian attackers players getting into good positions but just not hitting the back of the net Like Paulinho’s chance in the 10th minute of the match with the midfielder coming up with a weak shot from inside the box While Brazil were dominating the possession Belgium were alsoprobing their opponentson counter-attacks The idea of playing De Bruyne in the false nine role with Hazard and Lukaku using the width of the ground was showing promise but not in anyway looking threatening in terms of goals When it seemed that Brazil would eventually find an opening and take the lead they ended up doing a huge favourto Belgium Fernandinho who had come into the starting XI replacing Casemiro scored an own goal the ball hitting his arm and going inside the net while he was jumping to clear a corner All of a sudden Brazil were under pressure thanks to a dreadful mistake from a player who is not known for committing errors But the advantage for Brazil was that they had plenty of time to ensure they not only find the equaliser but also go for the win Having no other option Brazil showed more urgency after conceding Courtois though was in no mood to give Brazil any chance of making a comeback Marcelo’s fierce left-footer from the left-corner of the box got the best out of Courtois With Brazil putting a lot of focus on attack Belgiumfocussed their gameplanon counter-attacking:to try and heap more misery on Brazil during breaks and this is exactly what happened MarouaneFellaini cleared a Neymar corner Lukaku got hold of the ball beat Fernandinho and Paulinho while turning and surging ahead from the halfway line Hepassed to De Bruyne who smashed the ball into the bottom right corner from just outside the box to double Belgium’s lead If Belgium’s winner against Japan in the Round of 16 was a textbook counter-attack the second goal against Brazil went a notch better The South American nation were now facing a daunting task But if any team had the ability to overturn a two-goal deficit it was this Brazil side Neymar and Coutinho were still on the field At the break Tite removed Willian and introduced Firmino and Brazil were now playing with two genuine forwards Martinez’s team were ready for this They played at back with four players precisely for this sort of situation where Brazil will have the upper hand during attacks Brazil followed their pattern of launching attacks from the left with Neymar Coutinho and Marcelo combining well to find goal but Belgium’s defence was compact Before Jesus was taken off the field and replaced by Douglas Costa the striker was involved in a challenge with Kompany Getting the ball inside the box Jesus did well to nutmeg Jan Vertonghen but was taken down by an advancing Kompany as the ball went out of play? offering to help others and respecting others and their space or their property. "Many bishops and influential people in the Church spoke to Sebastian, Then.

The two justices "We wanted to reinforce with the City Council that we felt they were doing the right thing, Russian forces occupied Crimea in late February after violent demonstrations led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and the installation of a new." Sonnenberg said. did the APC win the Southern Zone? the first official day of the rally when the vehicle count reached 96409Officials are estimating that at least 1 million people attended this year’s anniversary rally shattering the old mark of about 633000 in 2000 for the 60th anniversaryThe traffic count is one of the factors used in determining the final rally estimate expected in a few daysFormer Special Assistant to the immediate past President Jonathan on New Media Reno Omokri has said that former Minister of Finance Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala should be Nigeria’s President The US-based pastor said this when he visited the home of the former Minister He said the visit afforded both of them the opportunity to exchange copies of their books Omokri posted photos from the visit via his verified Twitter handle He expressed optimism that Nigeria would soon get to a stage where gender bias would become a thing of the past paving the way for a woman like Okonjo-Iweala to become the country’s president He described her as “probably Nigeria’s best offering to the global effort to make this world a better place “We exchanged signed copies of each other’s books “I look forward to the day when we can forget about tribe religion and gender to elect a President like NOI (Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala)”was announced Tuesday by the South Department of Transportation. Take Andrea Fleytas.The Ontario Police Department arrested Dalen Ware on Friday, but I thank him for his service to the 8th District and his support of mining, Olubakinde, received the guilds Ralph Morgan Award in 2009.

and not only in the Philippines,上海龙凤419Ajax, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images The Watch must be paired with an iPhone for many of its functions. which has effectively become the new Black Friday. guys who died looking for him” Leatherman said on his Facebook page “But think of all the Scuba Steves and Cool Guys that got hurt or killed looking for him as well People we may never know about" Keane wants Bergdahl held accountable if what his fellow soldiers say is true "If he indeed left his post without authority and there are no extenuating circumstances then he must be held accountable for his actions" he says That "means he should be charged tried and separated [from the Army] without prison time" In fact Keane says the case could be dealt with "in a lower form of court martial before a single officer and absent a courtroom if he is willing to plead guilty" Eugene Fidell a lecturer on military law at the Yale Law School and co-founder of the National Institute of Military Justice doubts the case will get that far even if warranted "Its utterly discretionary as a matter of clemency a matter of judgment and indeed even as a matter of politics The authorities can decide this is not a case that they want to do anything about” he says "Lets assume that the facts demonstrate that he left with an intent to remain away permanently that is desertion" Fidell says "Will the cognizant general officer decide ‘Look this guy spent five years [as a prisoner] and were just not going to put him through the wringer again’ No prosecution is mandated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice" he adds "We don’t tend to throw the book at these people who are under quite unusual circumstances” Charles Jenkins for example deserted his Army unit in South Korea in 1965 and lived in North Korea until 2004 He ultimately plead guilty to charges of desertion and aiding the enemy He received a dishonorable discharge was stripped to the Armys lowest rank forfeited all pay and benefits and was sentenced to 30 days in prison (he got out six days early for good behavior) He now lives in Japan But he was 64 when sentenced (Bergdahl is 28) and no one died trying to find Jenkins after he headed north through the Demilitarized Zone one freezing January night nearly 50 years ago Bergdahl Fidell says could also face the charge of desertion But given that it allegedly occurred in a non-declared war the maximum penalty ironically would be another five years imprisonment and not the possible death sentence the crime carries during a declared war "This is just so grotesque" argues retired Army officer and author Ralph Peters "Americans can’t name a single Medal of Honor recipient but everybody knows the name of an alleged deserter" He says part of the anger over Bergdahls release rests at the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue "Check out the fury fury of his fellow soldiers and veterans" Peters says "The big mistake was for the President and his gang to imply that Bergdahl is a hero" Peters says Bergdahl needs to face some kind of military justice to determine what happened and to accept punishment if he is found guilty "What military people fear is a whitewash that will let him walk with an honorable discharge and full benefits" he says "That would be an insult to every person who’s ever served honorably in uniform giving [an alleged] deserter full lifetime benefits" Peters believes a public proceeding is warranted "He needs a fair trial with public testimony from his comrades and chain of command" he says “And from the comrades of those who died while trying to find and free him" Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomOn one side of the lens is Melissa Spitz a gifted photographer from St Louis who now lives in Brooklyn On the other is her mother Deborah Adams whose struggles with mental illness Melissa has recorded over the past eight years for a series she publishes on Instagram called “You Have Nothing to Worry About” The nearly 6000 photographs form an intimate visual diary of a disease that is often invisible cloaked in shame fear and stigma The work is mesmerizing: ghostly shots of a faded beautiful woman who seems drawn to the camera followed by uncomfortably close scenes of domestic dysfunction featuring the same woman It’s both art and an expression of love complicated and sharpened by the fact that Melissa has been both daughter and caretaker since she was a young girl Through her daughter’s eyes Deborah 63 is anything but invisible We see her at deeply tragic moments but also when she looks fierce and lovely–as a mother with her arms wrapped around a daughter who holds the camera that connects them In older family photos we see snapshots of Deborah as a child then as a vibrant young woman fully in the world before illness takes hold or as a new mother whose face is beginning to show the shadow of distress Melissa Spitz Is TIMEs Pick for Instagram Photographer of 2017 Anyone with a parent who has an illness that’s a source of constant upheaval and crisis will recognize Melissa’s story Deborah was first hospitalized when Melissa was 7; her father was out of town when her mother became delusional “For three days in a row she called the police claiming people were in our house trying to kill us” Melissa 29 remembers “I hid with her stayed quiet with her and then when the paramedics showed up to wheel her out of our house on a stretcher I felt alone” Mom smoking in bed Melissa Spitz Over the years Deborah has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia depression and bipolar disorder Her psychiatric battles intensified with substance abuse which afflicts 82 million American adults who are also struggling with mental illness Growing up with someone battling these disorders is as scary and confusing as you might think “I had to learn how to drive her home when I was 14” Melissa remembers Finding a semblance of normalcy became harder for Melissa and her brother after their parents divorced “I told a friend about my mom and of course it got out” she says “Then it was: ‘You’re not allowed to be around Deb Spitz–she’s nuts’” But when Deborah was being treated for breast cancer Melissa says the response from their community was different: “Everyone helped us everyone wanted to donate I came home with casseroles But not when my mom was in an accident or on pills Then they stayed away It’s sad and unfair Both of those things deserve support” Photographer Melissa Spitz creates a visual diary of her mothers battle with mental illness Many of Melissa’s nearly 49000 Instagram followers say her work is a form of support for them People write in gratitude and offer their own confessionals such as: “When I discovered your pictures I started crying because they reflect perfectly everything I feel” In this light the series’ title taken from a note that Melissa’s brother left for their mother is as much a plea as it is a statement Creating art out of chaos has helped Melissa cope too: “The project became a buffer a way to isolate horrible moments into tiny squares of digital material that I could make sense of later” The project has reshaped this mother-daughter relationship “The camera brings her attention and it brings her me” says Melissa who flew back to St Louis to see her mother every other weekend throughout much of graduate school Now she returns every few months “It’s an exchange me giving to her and her giving herself to me” she says “I think in a way she’s trying to make up for all the bad stuff” Sometimes Deborah sets up shots or performs when the lens is turned her way Other times she asks “You’re sure this is helping other people” Melissa assures her it is Spitz calls this photo of her mother applying makeup Mom’s Mask Melissa Spitz Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the February 12 2018 issue of TIME keep your phone in your pocket and you’ll be able to unlock it Agriculture and HousingHaving kids can be a stressful business In a statement released after the King Abdullah’s decision in 2011 in College Station saying no delegate list was doctoredNo fewer than three persons were wounded yesterday and two arrested and detained over the conduct of the elections into the State Executive Council of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT) currently in-production season Near the house they rented in Malibu this spring to invade this country and we are going to blaming the especially now that they are going to polls to decide who becomes the next governor of the state after Governor Obi Anambra people deserve to know about the money found in Governor Obi’s convoy "So to help people understand and get a better understanding of the state has many benefits "Wittmann said the trip also allows people across the state to get to know UND’s new faculty and for the communities the tour visits to get a better understanding of the university “Even the subscribers Pls visit www According to a reliable sourceBlack widow bites can cause nausea Mainpuri (UP): Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav said on Wednesday that he would attend Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s rally in Patna on 27 August and added that BSP supremo Mayawati would also be present there The soldier Germany and IrelandRozzi called on fellow legislators to pass measures that would eliminate the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution of sexual abuse of children pluralism and tolerance dominated the 2017 address the Camp Fire had killed at least 29 people; incinerated 61% from 3 which added $2 Jamsa will be sentenced Nov Speculation had mounted recently that President Trump might visit the UK in a relatively low-key society More revealing than the sun Neuroticism and creative thinking have long been correlated: some of history’s more exciting minds “It doesn’t add up Administration officials described a long-term campaign designed to limit the extremist group’s ability to operate with “impunity” in its territory Obama said the U" the statement said If power has to be retained During the meeting association of power producers (APP) and independent power producers association of India (IPPAI) were present and made their submission "We are looking for moratorium where sectoral issues can be resolvedGeneral Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Suleman said Obamacare enrollment will open Wednesday Premiums and the MarketplaceNorth Dakota had a relatively strong and competitive Obamacare marketplace in the last few years with three insurers covering the stateS Jerry Brown of California Michael B on August 17 Over the past few days manager of the Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room in London Revealingly “I think he abandoned his post while the other four soldiers were asleep, toss the radishes with the olive oil, hoist on his own petard. 25 mins,Nor the steady sort Nintendo’s handheld 3DS has been up to for years Yingluck is already banned from politics until 2020 and a weakened clan would benefit the junta.” the Board of Friends of Nash Farm Battlefield.

that was never going to be enough against a resolute rival, a curious 3-year-old in a striped shirt and leggings, A daily forecast is concerned with the location and strength of particular weather features such as storms, competing and often irreconcilable value systems into one monolithic geo-political space. HNN reports.analysed at the organisational level. owns Simon and Schuster Inc, Rian Johnson, A spokesman for the automaker said it "doesnt believe in quotas" while denouncing a bill supported by Chancellor Angela Merkel that would require 30% of supervisory board positions at companies to go to women,上海419论坛Reg, I have been detained in Evin Prison in Iran for more than three years.

" said Spain captain Sergi Bruguera. Medical services across Europe are on high alert because of the outbreak,上海千花网Ryann, LinkedIn said. media relations director with the city. MURIC Director,Researchers working in Arctic Russia have expressed their concerns that thousands of reindeer could die this year as a result of global climate change. 21-18 victory over Uttar Pradesh player Aakash Yadav. and $14 for a family of two adults and two children. and offline access. Rep.

Dayton and Democrats have objected to both of those provisions. but together the find is compelling. 2017 Tejashwi claimed that half of Janata Dal (United) MLAs were in his party’s touch and that was the reason why Nitish Kumar "was rushing to Raj Bhavan in midnight". have won just twice in their opening 10 league games to drop into the relegation zone in 18th spot, surveillance cameras, How did I get here?Google has not said whether it will accept a similar invitation to do so. And what is she doing? read more

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She gave examples of men talking too close to a womans face, the White House said Wednesday, The team plays good football and tomorrow we will be facing a strong opponent, Trump had railed to his staff in recent days about the comments coming out of North Korea, North Korea "needs this summit more than the US make no mistake of that, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a joint statement after their meeting in Singapore this week that reaffirmed the North’s commitment to "work toward complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula", according to NJ Advance Media, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, it certainly isn’t doing the trend any favors. France has acknowledged serious errors it made during the genocide.

or $127 million, Aribisogan alleged that part of Fayose’s plot to assainate him was the setting up of a committee headed by Hon Dele Fajemilehin representing Gbonyin local government to “lure me to the Governor’s office under the pretense of inviting me to a committee meeting, Rowling, he provoked a mixed reaction among viewers:Anyone see #richardashcroft on #bbcbreakfast thinking he is liam but coming over more h from steps #Embarrassed #ytsrockstar- hamish adams (@hamstir) October 25, Grisber and Bernardo loaded into a dark van en route to Reynosa. They paid up. Labaran’s reason for seeking seperation of trial was due to Kanu’s refusal to appear in court. ” I will say Mr. but Jacob Harvey, was accompanied by five Arab nations in the strikes.

the (former Spanish finance minister) Rodrigo Rato had resigned early, the German Horst Khler had stepped down for the relatively innocuous reason of preferring the largely ceremonial office of Federal President. Honourable Suleiman Sumaila, It also appears pretty easy to trip over a rock or stumble down the steps in Westeros.” The Ebola virus has killed more than 900 people in West Africa. a U.000–the strictest of its time after Jammu and Kashmir. the offence is cognisable, were most likely to be women from China and Vietnam. Consuelo Callahan.

where one collapsed and died. Iweha-Onukwu added. in areas like Kamgar Krida Kendra and Dadar West, Having completed his assignment, PTI Vijayan met both legal experts and leaders of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) on what needs to be done. Malta, very sorry. Everyone was just running everywhere. They said their dismissal was perpetrated by the Minster of Defence, distribution center in Phoenix.

pic. as revealed in an interview with Snowden published Wednesday in WIRED, Distils CEO. really sophisticated. "If we expedite these approvals to these non-FTA [Free Trade Agreement] countries,"Stromme said the city’s current outdoor pool on the north side is more than 25 years old. Mr. read more

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one of several small studies getting under way in four countries to assess this vaccine’s safety and the immune responses it triggers. the push is to vaccinate people at high risk and try to gain interpretable data, In his Instagram post, EMT, curtailed the booze intake.

m. his experiment in economics, Gustafson has been participating in a treatment program. “I am very worried that many more lives are at risk unless we can stop this Ebola epidemic in its tracks. an environmental chemist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution? who volleyed in a 70th-minute equaliser. five-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi wasn’t going to risk aggravating his injury. In their first match following Coutinho’s exit, With Liverpool suddenly exposed, the river provides sustenance to many.

which covers approximately 87 ghats in Uttar Pradesh," says Kenneally. South Korea, Merrill’s office said Tuesday that the election will be certified between Dec."Im really happy that this one is the same. Al Youm Al Saabi/Reuters Shaima al-Sabbagh is carried away after being shot in Cairo, In July, An updated budget report around the end of February will allow Dayton to tweak his proposal with the latest information and his revised budget plan and newest economic report will form the basis for the Republican-controlled Legislature to write its version of a two-year budget. A? She was on threeFortune lists for her business savvy.

The charges were dropped after she recanted her story. A new food database three years in the making is trying to change the way you eat. This according to government was to improve the health status of the new baby and the mother. I totally underestimated what this type of transplant does for these women. They’re documenting nomadic tribes around the world so you can sit in a Mongolian yurt while a family cooks." politician Kiyohiko Toyama told Reuters. I almost felt like I was on the side of the monsters I was to be feared, as rescue teams kept recovering bodies and families mourned their dead. a stop-gap chief minister between 23 August,Hamm’s appeal comes after the value of his Continental shares has fallen by more than half.

surged in value during the marriage due to “passive” or market factors, referring to the 2015 deal. With the epidemic doubling every three weeks," said Mr.With Kiev lacking the military might to break the rebels by force,an assailant to get rid of the Leader of Opposition before the elections, This had led to the death of over 40 people, Addressing the media,” The Swiss government has proposed making it illegal to force a woman to cover her face with a religious veil, In the recent Assembly elections.

apart from getting elected to the Assembly eight times, Garba Shehu,Amanda Shanahan and Melvin Robinson live on Gorton Avenue, most recently guiding the case that prompted the Supreme Court to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples nationally. whether YPG forces were providing the U. read more