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Michelle Obama To Talk Fitness And Nutrition With Dr OzMichelle Obama To Talk Fitness And Nutrition With Dr Oz

first_imgMichelle Obama, whose advocacy for fitness and nutrition have been a cornerstone of her work as First Lady, will appear on the nationally syndicated The Dr. Oz Show on the third anniversary of her monumental “Let’s Move!” campaign.Michelle Obama will appear on The Dr. Oz Show February 28.Credit/Copyright: PRNewsFoto/The Dr. Oz ShowJoined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the First Lady will discuss how physical activity affects children’s health and academic achievement. The episode will air Thursday, February 28, to coincide with a major announcement about bringing physical activity back to schools, to be made by Mrs. Obama and Secretary Duncan.“Mrs. Obama’s advocacy for physical activity in schools is an investment in our future and will give our children longer, healthier lives,” said host Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD. “The First Lady’s sense of urgency on this topic goes hand-in-glove with the conversation we have with our audience every day. I’m humbled and honored that Mrs. Obama and the Secretary of Education will appear on our show to continue this national conversation with our viewers.”The two-time Emmy Award-winning nationally syndicated The Dr. Oz Show first hosted Michelle Obama as a guest in September 2012.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Raymond Cormier acquittal sparks rallies in solidarity with Tina FontaineRaymond Cormier acquittal sparks rallies in solidarity with Tina Fontaine

first_imgAPTN NewsThe not-guilty verdict in the death of Tina Fontaine has sparked calls to action across Canada honouring the 15-year-old Sagkeeng First Nation girl and calling for systemic change.On Friday morning, Fontaine’s supporters will gather outside the Winnipeg courthouse where Raymond Cormier walked free the previous evening.Rallies are also scheduled for Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax over the weekend.Large crowd gathering for #TinaFontaine March. Great-aunt Thelma Favel surrounded by family and friends @APTNNews— Brittany Hobson (@bhobs22) February 23, 2018“The CFS (Children and Family Services) system has definitely failed Tina Fontaine, the Winnipeg Police Services failed Tina Fontaine and Canadian society failed Tina Fontaine,” said Kevin Hart, the Assembly of First Nations regional chief for Manitoba.“Everybody right now across this country should be ashamed of themselves for the injustice that just occurred here.”— Brittany Hobson (@bhobs22) February 23, 2018A jury acquitted the 56-year-old after a three-week trial. Fontaine’s body, wrapped in a duvet cover and filled with rocks, was pulled from the Red River in August 2014. Cormier was charged almost a year later.Tina was being sexually exploited after coming to Winnipeg from Sagkeeng First Nation, 120 kilometres north of Winnipeg.Many #Indigenous youth standing together at the Walk in Honour for Tina Fontaine event. #mmiwg #cdnpoli @APTNNews— APTNInvestigates (@APTNInvestigate) February 23, 2018The jury heard how Tina’s relatively stable upbringing spiralled out of control when her father was murdered. Her mother came back into her life and Tina had gone to visit her in Winnipeg, where the girl descended into life on the streets.She and her boyfriend met the much-older Cormier in the summer of 2014. The jury heard Cormier gave the couple a place to stay, gave Tina drugs and had sex with her.Fontaine was in the care of social services and was staying at a Winnipeg hotel when she disappeared.Her death prompted renewed calls for an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women.Holding a stick of sage in the air. A woman attending the Walk in Honour of Tina Fontaine event. #mmiwg #cdnpoli #mb— Martha Troian (@ozhibiiige) February 23, 2018Here’s what other leaders had to say following Cormier’s acquittal:“The death of Tina Fontaine was a tragedy and our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends and entire community. Her death galvanized our whole country to demand measures that would stop the ongoing tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.” – Carolyn Bennett, minister of Crown-Indigenous relations, in a statement.#TinaFontaine #toronto— Beverly Andrews (@APTNBeverly) February 23, 2018“Shocked and disgusted. Tina is a symbol of MMIWG in our country _ and this is the signal Cdn society sends? No justice. No peace. We must stand up to this injustice.” – Niki Ashton, NDP MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski, on Twitter.“Once again justice was not found in the courtroom for a FirstNations child … The trauma and pain this causes for me and all First Nations people across Canada is deep. Systemic injustices require systemic action to change.” – Perry Bellegarde, national chief, Assembly of First Nations, on Twitter.“There’s no question in my mind that we all failed Tina. And we are all continuing to fail other young Indigenous people in communities across our country. I believe Canada is the greatest country in the world … but until we all confront the shame and tragedy of our country’s racist treatment of Indigenous people we will fall short of that great country we know Canada to be.” – Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, in a statement.– With files from The Canadian Presslast_img read more

US judge reduces jail sentence on three LTTE membersUS judge reduces jail sentence on three LTTE members

Federal prosecutors informed Dearie this month that the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office had reached an agreement with lawyers for the three men which calls for essentially dropping the arms deal charge.Their conviction for providing material support to a terrorist organization will remain along with the 15-year prison term.As part of the agreement, the three men will be deported to Canada after completing their sentences. Dearie was referring to the 25-year prison terms he was mandated to give to Canadian nationals Sathajhan Sarachandran, Sahilal Sabaratnam, Thiruthanikan Thanigasalam in 2011 for conspiring to acquire surface-to-air missiles on behalf of the Tamil Tigers, a rebel group fighting against the government of Sri Lanka. The men filed a lawsuit in 2012 in Brooklyn Federal Court seeking a reduction in their sentences and disclosed details about the civil war chaos in their homeland — including the deaths of dozens of innocent children in a Sri Lankan air strike. Three men convicted in the US of being LTTE members are getting their sentences reduced by 10 years after a Brooklyn judge revealed that he had been “haunted” by the case, the New York Daily News reported.“I just believe in my heart of hearts that an injustice has been done and I can’t correct it,” Federal Judge Raymond Dearie said, according to a transcript of a July 15, 2015 conference with prosecutors and defense lawyers. The Tamil Tigers were designated a foreign terrorist organization in 1997 by the U.S. State Department. The judge said he called the meeting after receiving a letter from the 13-year-old daughter of one of the defendants begging him to intercede with federal officials who were not allowing her to visit her father behind bars.Law enforcement sources familiar with the case said the agreement does not reflect any change in the government’s position that the Tamil Tigers are a terror group or the trio’s participation in an arms deal.It will merely recognize that the judge could have granted the men relief in their civil action. (Colombo Gazette) Lawyers for the men say they were deeply moved by Dearie’s words.“It was an extraordinary measure by an extraordinary judge to repair something that everyone agrees was an injustice,” lawyer Anthony Ricco, who represented Sarachandran in the case, told The Daily News.Dearie issued an order Wednesday for all the parties to appear in his courtroom next week to determine the next step. “Now that we’ve become a little bit more sophisticated in our thinking about what is and is not terrorism, now that we know a lot more about the conflict in Sri Lanka and the horrors visited upon these people, perhaps there’s a way to provide a fair measure of justice to all without condemning these men to essentially a life behind bars,” Dearie said.“This case has just taken over my head,” Dearie added. “To say that I’m troubled is to put it mildly.” read more

Noconfidence motion against Rajitha handed over to SpeakerNoconfidence motion against Rajitha handed over to Speaker

Meanwhile Rajitha Senaratne says he will look to use the no-confidence motion against him to show the confidence Parliament has in him.He says he has the support of all those in the Government against the no-confidence motion. (Colombo Gazette) A no-confidence motion against Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne was handed over to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya by the joint opposition today.The no-confidence motion was signed by 39 joint opposition members of parliament.

Ajax man killed on Malaysia planeAjax man killed on Malaysia plane

Tonight the world is mourning the loss of 298 people who were on flight MH-17 when it was shot down over Ukraine. One of those passengers was a 24-year old medical student from Ontario, who was vacationing with his girlfriend. Also on the flight — dozens of researchers and advocates who were on their way to the international AIDS conference in Australia. And as the world continues to search for answers and determine who’s responsible for firing the missile, those who know the passengers are now trying to cope with the reality that they will never see their loved ones again.The downing of a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine has meant tragedy for a family here in the GTA. One Canadian was among almost three hundred killed when the plane shot down by a surface to air missile. Andrei Anghel was a promising young medical student. And his family says his death is a loss to them, and to the future of medical research.Andrei Anghel was 24-years old. He studied science at the University of Waterloo and went to medical school in Romania, his family’s homeland.On his linked in page, he said he planned to learn and bring new knowledge to the world.For his family, the news of his death in the plane crash was devastating.Alexandra Anghel, sister: “I’m never going to get to hug him again.”Andrei’s sister Alexandra says was a cheerful, positive person with big ambitions.Alexandra: “He was a very outgoing happy person. He loved life. He never really let anything get him down.”He loved medical school, and wanted to do research.Alexandra: “He wanted to change the world. He wanted to find cure for stuff that people are dying for. He wanted to change the world, he wanted to make it better.”Andrei’s father Sorin says he was kind, outgoing, liked meeting people, and wanted to find a cure for cancer.Andrei was on his way to Bali with his German girlfriend Olga when their plane was shot down.His sister says at first, she hoped this news of his death was just a bad dream.Alexandra: “He just had so much going for him and he was so excited about where his life was going and was so happy with where he was and where he was going and now that just got taken away from his and it just breaks my heart to think he’s never going to get to experience.”As for this horrific situation of a passenger plane being shot down, Andrei’s family is so overcome by grief they say it’s not something they can really think about much right now. They say they will be angry at some point, but that won’t bring him back. read more

Welcoming Taylors resignation Annan hopes nightmare is over for LiberiansWelcoming Taylors resignation Annan hopes nightmare is over for Liberians

In a statement issued in New York, a UN spokesperson said the Secretary-General “expects that [Mr. Taylor] will immediately leave Liberia as promised” and that he “strongly urges all parties in Liberia to observe the ceasefire, and to allow humanitarian assistance to reach the population in all parts of the country.”The Secretary General also urged all Member States to give “whatever assistance they can to the Liberian people in restoring security and stability, notably by supporting and contributing to the multinational force authorized by the Security Council,” said spokesperson Hua Jiang.Noting the progress achieved by the Liberian parties in the negotiations in Accra, Ghana, Ms. Jiang said Mr. Annan believes that all the parties should now make every effort to reach agreement quickly on a process leading to a transitional government which can bring about national reconciliation, and in due course, enable the Liberian people to choose a fully representative leadership through free and fair elections.The spokesperson said the Secretary-General also wished to express his appreciation for the efforts made by African leaders – notably Presidents Joachim Chissano of Mozambique, John Kufuor of Ghana, Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria – to resolve the crisis. She added that Mr. Annan thanked President Obasanjo in particular for the “timely deployment” of Nigerian peacekeeping troops, and the former Nigerian Head of State, General Abdelsalami Abubakar, for his able facilitation of the Accra talks.”He hopes that the regional leaders will remain closely engaged, and will do whatever they can to maintain stability and help Liberians reach a peaceful resolution of their differences.” read more

Private pilots pushed out of hangars at Toronto island airport court documentsPrivate pilots pushed out of hangars at Toronto island airport court documents

by Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 7, 2013 1:43 pm MDT TORONTO – A group of private pilots who fly out of Toronto’s island airport have turned to the Federal Court, claiming the local port authority has failed in its oversight role by allowing Porter Airlines to evict them from its hangars.There are no hangars devoted to general aviation on the island, so many private pilots, flight schools and other businesses who use Toronto’s Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport rent space from Porter FBO Limited, a company related to the airport’s main tenant, Porter Airlines.In an application filed to the Federal Court, the Toronto Island Pilots Association alleges Porter has forced a number of its members out of the airport by jacking up their rent by as much as 300 per cent or terminating their leases.The association argues this violates the Tripartite Agreement that governs the island airport, which has been the subject of controversy over the years as island residents have vocally opposed its expansion.The agreement — which was signed in 1983 by the city, Transport Canada and the port authority’s predecessor, the Toronto Harbour Commissioners — states the purpose of the airport is for general aviation and “limited” commercial flights.The Port Authority oversees operations of the airport to make sure they’re in accordance with the Tripartite Agreement. But Julian Falconer, a lawyer representing the pilots association, says the port authority is simply handing the reins over to Porter Airlines.“Porter has been given a blank cheque to run affairs at Billy Bishop Airport in circumstances where the Tripartite Agreement dictates exactly the opposite,” Falconer said.“The airport should be renamed to the Bob Deluce Island Airport, because that’s the level of control and influence,” he added, referring to Porter’s chief executive.However, Porter said it plans to increase the amount of space available for personal aviation, not decrease it, and it only terminated some leases in order to do renovations.“In the longer term, we do anticipate that there will be more space than was originally available for (personal aviation),” said Porter spokesman Brad Cicero.The airline also said rent increases of 33 per cent were more typical, reflecting comparable rates at other airports in the region.“We don’t agree with the pleading that the pilots association has made,” said Cicero.“We don’t think it’s accurate, and we’ll definitely be defending ourselves through the court process.”The Toronto Port Authority said it would not comment on the case because it is before the courts.“The Toronto Port Authority supports and is committed to a continued personal aviation presence at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport,” spokeswoman Pamela McDonald said in an email.Porter recently announced it hopes to fly jets out of the island airport, a move that will require the airline to fill in part of the lake so it can extend the runway by 168 metres at each end.The plan will also require approval from all three groups included in the Tripartite Agreement. It has become the subject of much debate, with some residents raising concerns about noise and increased traffic congestion.Toronto city council has commissioned a study that will explore the proposed changes.The pilots association argues that Porter’s rapid growth has been at the expense of the general aviation community — something the Tripartite Agreement was meant to preserve.While the pilots association says the term does not apply to scheduled air services or commercial airlines, Porter contends that the Q400 turboprop planes it flies qualify the airline’s activities as general aviation.Falconer said he hopes the case will go before a judge by the fall.The pilots association alleges that as a result of Porter’s actions, a number of private pilots and other businesses have been forced to sell their planes or leave the island airport.In an affidavit, the president of the Airborne Sensing Corporation says his aerial photographic survey company was evicted from the hangar space it was renting from Porter Airlines on April 30, 2012.“Recently, there has been a mass exodus of General Aviation businesses and pilots from the Island Airport because of evictions and/or because their rent for hangar space or tie-down space has significantly increased,” said Alexander Giannalia in the affidavit.However, Porter said it gave Airborne Sensing the option of staying on in some capacity, which the company declined.Giannalia’s affidavit lists a total of seven pilots or businesses who have received rent increases from Porter and four whose leases have been terminated.Island Air, the last of three pilot schools still operating out of the island airport, was almost shooed out as well, said Falconer.“The Tripartite Agreement created checks and balances to ensure that a downtown airport wouldn’t become Pearson, flying over everybody’s neighbourhoods,” said Falconer.“But in fact, the opposite has happened. The Port Authority, in my view, has completely abdicated its oversight role. And, frankly, we’re at the stage where it’s the wild, wild west. The rules have been thrown out the window.” Private pilots pushed out of hangars at Toronto island airport: court documents AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Workers at CAMI plant in Ingersoll Ont ratify agreement with GMWorkers at CAMI plant in Ingersoll Ont ratify agreement with GM

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LONDON, Ont. – Production and skilled trades workers at the General Motors assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ont., have ratified a contract agreement with the automaker.The 2,700 workers are members of Unifor, the new union created by the merger of the Canadian Auto Workers with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union.It says the workers at the plant, known as CAMI, voted 90 per cent in favour of the four-year agreement on Sunday.Unifor says the agreement includes a $3,000 signing bonus and annual lump sum payments of $2,000 in each of 2014, 2015 and 2016. It also provides full-time jobs to about 300 temporary workers.The agreement includes a company demand that new employees enter into a defined contribution pension plan.Unifor national president Jerry Dias called the new agreement a beachhead in the union’s campaign to win good, permanent jobs in Canada’s increasingly precarious jobs market.“This was not an easy round of negotiations, but the committee managed to carve out some important victories, including breaking the company’s reliance on temporary work,” Dias said.Unifor plant chairman Mike Van Boekel said the contract makes important inroads in workplace health and safety, job security and skilled trades, including the creation of eight new apprenticeship opportunities at the plant.The CAMI workers are represented by Unifor Local 88, and manufacture the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles.In March, GM announced it was investing $250 million in new equipment at the plant so it could build a wider variety of vehicles at a lower cost.North American automakers have been gaining momentum recently as the industry recovers from the severe downturn that started in late 2008.Automakers posted their best sales in a decade last year, up almost six per cent, and the CAMI plant’s two vehicles were strong sellers in GM’s lineup.Industry observers have predicted 2013 North American sales will surpass last year’s as the U.S. economy revives from the recession. by The Canadian Press Posted Sep 15, 2013 8:50 pm MDT Workers at CAMI plant in Ingersoll, Ont., ratify agreement with GM read more

GuySuCos liabilities The nation needs to know whats unfolding whats atGuySuCos liabilities The nation needs to know whats unfolding whats at

…says Govt silence has left many questions unansweredPeople’s Progressive Party (PPP) General secretary (GS) and Leader of the Opposition Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, in a detailed press statement, has articulated his concerns with the way that the incumbent A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) Administration is handling the sugar industry.Opposition leader Dr Bharrat JagdeoMoreover, Jagdeo said that their handling of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) leaves many unanswered questions, especially as it relates to the company’s liabilities.The Opposition Leader wrote extensively on the $30 billion loan, the power struggle that is currently taking place between GuySuCo and the Special Purpose Unit (SPU) of the National  National Industrial & Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the unfunded pension liabilities, the stripping of GuySuCo’s assets and Government’s silence, among other highlighted concerns.According to Jagdeo “It is extremely important to clear up the murkiness and opaqueness surrounding the issues raised.” See his full statement below:This Press Release follows on my June 7th Press Conference where I addressed certain issues relating to sugar and undertook to issue a Press Statement documenting some of my concerns: $30 billion bond borrowed by NICIL with Sovereign GuaranteeOn May 31st, I made mention of $16 billion financing being borrowed for GuySuCo. Three days later, NICIL hurriedly issued a Press Release confirming that $30 billion private bond financing was signed with over $16 billion already disbursed to NICIL. The NICIL Press Release indicated that the remaining funds will be borrowed regionally to complete the $30 billion bond.The nation needs to know that this money has been borrowed with a sovereign guarantee, making the Treasury responsible for ensuring its’ repayment over 5 years starting next year.You may recall that the APNU-AFC controlled Parliament recently raised the debt ceiling to guarantee debt to the amount of G$50 billion. Apart from a mere reference to a 30 billion GuySuCo bond, not a single detail was provided.To date, despite over G$16 billion disbursed, APNU has failed to provide the Parliament or the public, any details on how the NICIL $30B borrowing will be used? Why is NICIL borrowing the money and not the Government? Where will the money to repay the bonds come from?In the past, funding for projects like the Berbice Bridge or the Marriott Hotel, were accompanied with considerable documentation and studies. Where are the documents and details for this huge US$150 million bond? Why is it a secret when a public guarantee is being issued? The Berbice Bridge and Marriott did not have sovereign guarantees.Government has a duty to explain why it did not borrow the money itself if a sovereign guarantee was being issued. Government typically borrows at interest rates below 2% and repayment terms over 30-40 years. Why is the NICIL-GuySuCo-SPU borrowing at 4.75% and repaying this over 5years, with a full Government guarantee?We do not know what assets secure the bonds. We are extremely concerned about the risk of the Treasury having to pay back the investors and have serious concerns on whether investors are simply relying on this guarantee when there are glaring transparency and accountability issues. No GuySuCo Board and infighting between GuySuCo and SPUIn recent weeks, we have read reports of GuySuCo management complaining to Minster Holder about the NICIL GuySuCo SPU. Despite this, the Government has remained silent. I have said publicly that the lack of a Board of Directors for GuySuCo since February is a huge problem. We now have the largest employer and state-owned entity operating without a Board of Directors.This seems to be a recurring theme as another large state company, GPL, is also reported to be without a board since January.It is critical that the role of the Board of Guysuco, last Chaired by Clive Thomas be clarified for the following matters, given that the Board, management, and various officials of Government, can betaken to task and held responsible:Decisions and approvals of the assets (the various estates) vested from Guysuco to NICIL with a vesting date of December 30, 2017 including the transfer of 100% of the Guysuco shares from Government to NICIL.All matters relating to the G$30 billion bond and the intended use of the moniesiii. The impact of the above on the settlement of the G$115 billion of liabilities left on the books of Guysuco.First, the Dec 30th 2017 Vesting Order was likely approved by the Board of GuySuCo, followed by the Government as Shareholder (Cabinet), given that the Board of GuySuCo had not expired on Dec 30th, 2017. Chairman Clive Thomas would likely have played a key role as the head decision maker from the Board and arranging the shareholder approval for such a substantial removal of assets from Guysuco.Minister Holder and Jordan would also have been involved. One assumes that the NICIL SPU and NICIL Board were also in the loop on the transfer. One assumes there are written agreements between NICIL and Guysuco in respect of the management of the assets vested from GuySuCo to NICIL given that NICIL does not have the staff to secure these assets.For example, is NICIL now managing the electricity generation (both the Wartsila 10 MW and the bagasse)? But these facts are far from clear and extremely opaque. It is understood that the GuySuCo Board expired in 2018.Secondly, this murkiness continues in 2018, when the bond is finalized. To what extent did the Board of GuySuCo and Cabinet, approve the details of the NICIL bond. At what point, does the Board of GuySuCo fail to be part of the decision-making process.Thirdly, flowing from the asset transfer and issuance of the bond, what arrangements were made by the Board and Management of GuySuCo in respect of the G$115 billion of long and short- term liabilities left on the books of Guysuco?Is there an updated set of financial statements after the vesting? Creditors who have not been paid, are likely to first sue the board of directors and management involved in the assets stripping (Vesting Order transfer), for transferring assets and not making provision for settlement of liabilities. Huge unfunded pension liability revealed in 2016 audited accountsSince my press conference, we saw a resurgence of concerns about the GuySuCo pension scheme. We now see GuySuCo 2016 audited financial statements disclosing a huge unfunded pension liability of over G$30 billion. But no-one in Government is speaking publicly about this or engaging the Unions and the workers. The largest pension plan in the country, the largest employer, a major unfunded pension liability, and no one in Government seems willing to talk about it. Yet they are proceeding at a rapid pace to strip GuySuCo of its assets. Tens of thousands of people could be hurt by this—but APNU seems oblivious to telling the people affected what they plan to do.GuySuCo audited accounts for 2016 was completed almost one year ago. However, it has not yet been tabled in Parliament. The PPP calls on the APNU-AFC Government to table the audited accounts and come clean to the Parliament on the many important issues. Vesting Order strips assets from GuySuCo and fails to address over $115 Billion of its’ liabilities.At the end of last year, Minister Jordan signed a vesting order transferring to NICIL, the assets of four estates–Skeldon, Rosehall, Wales and Enmore, free and clear of all liabilities and taxes. The vesting order also transferred the shareholding of GuySuCo, 100% owned by Government, into NICIL. There was no press conference or explanation of the strategy.Without telling the Unions or the workers how the pension liabilities and other employee liabilities will be addressed, or the significant other GuySuCo liabilities, this APNU Government is stripping GuySuCo of its major assets. Why vest assets into NICIL when you are also transferring the shares? It makes no sense.The Dec 30th, 2017 vesting order signed by Minister Jordan, strips GuySuCo of a substantial portion of its assets. A perusal of the 2016 audited balance sheet of GuySuCo shows total short term and long-term liabilities exceeding G$115 billion. But no one has explained to the creditors who are owed by GuySuCo billions of dollars, how and when they will be paid. After the vesting, the remaining assets are significantly insufficient to discharge its liabilities.Farmers, suppliers, employees, banks, are just some of the parties owed. The asset stripping of GuySuCo, which may be illegal, further obligates the State to stand behind the liabilities of the Corporation. Decisions on policy issues relating to sugar privatisation necessary before divestment GuySuCo has laid off over thousands of sugar workers and closed estates, while at the same time announcing a policy of privatisation sugar.Yet on privatisation, this APNU Government has not publicly addressed the following;What is the privatisation framework and policy? Will it use the PPP privatisation policy or a new policy? What is the role of the existing Privatisation Board? What are the roles of the NICIL Board, the GuySuCo Board, the NICIL GuySuCo SPU, in respect of managing, restructuring and privatizing sugar.When will the employee issues be settled and negotiations concluded with the Unions. Just look at the pension issue as one of many issues to be resolved. What is the severance pay package? When will all the outstanding NIS, PAYE, and other employee benefits going to be paid?iii. What will the legal framework for allocating international and local sugar markets?Guyana enjoys preference prices and quotas with the EU, the US, Caribbean, and other countries. How will these markets be allocated? Managing competition between estates and between state estates and private estates require considerable preparation and careful decision-making? How will local sugar sales be allocated among different estates and distributors?How will private cane farmers be paid given the existing formula enshrined in legislation? The legislation has worked with only one national sugar corporation. Cane farmers don’t know how this will change with private ownership of the estates. In fact, the closure of estates, such as Skeldon is likely creating considerable dislocation in the private cane farmers industry.How will the land be treated? Will it be sold or leased? Per the audited accounts, GuySuCo has over 50,000 hectares of land under lease or ownership. Land leases (or land ownership) need to be carefully addressed. Issues relating to drainage and irrigation have not been discussed? What will the standard lease terms be?What will the tax regime for the sugar sector consist of? It must be decided for all private (and public) sugar estates and sub-contractors to ensure a level playing field. Legislation may also be required to give effect to this new regime. Given all the new taxes and fees imposed on the economy, any investor will want to have certainty on the tax regime and the risk of changes.vii. When will the valuation for the estates be completed? It is public information that PWC (Jamaica) is doing a valuation. But what are they valuing? Estates that have been closed! Government should release the PWC Terms of Reference. And how can PWC value the estates, without knowing the answers to the many policy issues. Will the valuation cover the entire GuySuCo?Unless one was selling at liquidation values, it will take time before the preparatory work is in place to properly privatise GuySuCo. Advertising for buyers of the various estates before the rules of game are defined, is a recipe for failure, unless this is yet another scheme to enrich the friends of APNU. Little wonder there is so much confusion. We already know that the firing of thousands of workers and the closure of estates will prejudice getting the best deal for the estates. Urgent need for APNU-AFC to publicly engage on sugar plansIt is clear this Government operates in stealth when it comes to GuySuCo. In fact, this is their standard operating procedure for many important matters.The lack of consultations and public information is clearly now backfiring. GuySuCo and NICIL GuySuCo SPU infighting has now boiled over to the public. The process of privatisation is yet to be defined along with decisions on all major policy issues.We predict that the lack of transparency and accountability will further undermine saving the sugar industry and the huge number of persons affected.The PPP calls on APNU to publicly address all relevant issues on sugar and engage the Unions and employees on all matters impacting their welfare. Failure to do so, could result in much greater financial and economic risks for the country.It is extremely important to clear up the murkiness and opaqueness surrounding the issues raised in this release.It is likely that numerous legal actions may be filed by creditors and persons whose contracts were adversely impacted by the GuySuCo restructuring and asset stripping. Identification of all persons involved in the decisions will be critical as these persons may be exposed to wrongdoing for misconduct stemming from acting negligently and recklessly on matters involving tens of billions of dollars. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related’Massive confusion’ abounds over who owns GuySuCo’s liabilities- JagdeoJune 7, 2018In “Business”Jagdeo says $15B could be used to clear GuySuCo’s liabilitiesFebruary 22, 2018In “Business”Privatisation plans for GuySuCo lacks transparency- Opposition LeaderJuly 25, 2018In “Business” read more

MRC Graphite drafts in Mondium for Munglinup ECI and FEED contractsMRC Graphite drafts in Mondium for Munglinup ECI and FEED contracts

first_imgMineral Commodities’ wholly-owned subsidiary, MRC Graphite, says it has executed a professional services agreement with Mondium to undertake early contractor involvement (ECI) and front-end engineering and design (FEED) for the Munglinup graphite project, in Western Australia.MRC Graphite is in the final stages of completing a definitive feasibility study (DFS) for Munglinup, which will provide the pathway to a final decision to commence construction. In addition, environmental permitting is ongoing and the current schedule, cognisant of regulatory processes and south coast seasonal variation, offers the opportunity to engage an engineering and construction firm to deliver additional value to the project through a purposeful ECI and FEED programme, the company said.Mondium is an incorporated joint venture between Monadelphous Group and Lycopodium, which leverages the skills of both companies to provide technical and delivery solutions to its clients, Mineral Commodities said.Mineral Commodities Executive Chairman, Mark Caruso, said: “Given the current tightening of resources in the mining project space, MRC is very pleased to have formed this relationship with a highly regarded engineering and construction firm. This will enable MRC to undertake significant value-add for the Munglinup graphite project through ECI and FEED stages, leading into construction later in the year, subject to approvals and a decision to mine.“Mondium and its owners, Monadelphous and Lycopodium, are extremely well qualified and experienced in flotation design and construction and MRC looks forward to developing the Munglinup graphite project as safely, quickly and cost effectively as possible to ensure MRC emerges next year as a low cost, high quality graphite producer.”According to a prefeasibility study, Munglinup will produce, on average, 54,800 t/y of high-purity graphite concentrate at a life of mine production cash cost of circa A$531/t ($377/t) graphite. Initial capital costs were estimated at A$52 million including 15% engineering procurement and construction costs (A$5.5 million), 15% contingency (A$6 million) and all owners’ costs (A$3 million).last_img read more

Geek Deals PS Plus 12Month Subscription Only 45 Far Cry New DawnGeek Deals PS Plus 12Month Subscription Only 45 Far Cry New Dawn

first_imgWant to re-up your PlayStation Plus subscription? Currently, Amazon is selling a 12-month subscription code for just $44.99 – $15 off the sticker price. Enjoy two additional PS4 games every month, get a ton of online storage for your game saves, and play online with your friends.Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains…Featured Deals • Sony PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership for $44.99 at Amazon (List price: $59.99). • Far Cry: New Dawn (PS4, Xbox One) for $19.99 at Amazon (List price: $39.99).Want to explore Montana after societal collapse? This follow-up to Far Cry 5 is currently being discounted by 50 percent. • Samsung EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC Card with Adapter for $39.99 (128GB $20, 512GB $130) at Amazon (List price: $54.99).Need more space for your camera, console, or laptop? 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Netflix Axes The OA SciFi Series After 2 SeasonsNetflix Axes The OA SciFi Series After 2 Seasons

first_img The OA, Netflix’s sci-fi series that involves alternate dimensions and missing individuals, has been cancelled after two seasons.The series, which premiered its eight-episode second season on March 22, will not have a third season, according to a Netflix statement obtained by The Wrap. A source told The Wrap that the streaming service analyzes viewing versus cost when it comes to cancellations and renewals and that The OA was a “big creative swing” that Netflix was “proud to take” for the past three years. Stay on target “We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of ‘The OA,’ and are grateful to [co-creator/star Brit Marling and co-creator/executive producer Zal Batmanglij] for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry,” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of original content, said in a statement. “We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.”PART II. NOW STREAMING.— The OA (@The_OA) March 22, 2019The OA, which stars Marling as Prairie Johnson/The OA (the “Original Angel”) a young woman who mysteriously appears after disappearing for seven years and can see, even though she was blind before this time frame, first aired in December 2016. For The OA Part II, Johnson navigates a new dimension, one where she has a completely different life as a Russian heiress and one where she becomes Hap’s captive again. Teaming up with Karim Washington, a private eye, Johnson tries to find a missing teen that might be involved with a supernatural residence.Netflix didn’t explain why The OA was cancelled, however, the show has an 84 percent and 83 percent rating on from television critics and viewers, The Hollywood Reporter noted. The OA Season 2 received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92 percent, while The OA Season 1 earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 77 percent.“While we cannot finish this story, I can promise you we will tell others. I haven’t figured out any other effective coping mechanism for being alive in the anthropocene,” Marling wrote in an Instagram post. “And maybe, in some ways, it’s okay not to conclude these characters.”More on’s ‘The OA’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Alternate Dimension MayhemNetflix to Premiere ‘Enter the Anime’ DocumentaryHere’s Everything Coming to Netflix in August 2019center_img What to Stream on Netflix This WeekendZach Galifianakis Hits the Road in ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Trailer last_img read more

Morning Press Armed robbery car tab increase Value Village suitMorning Press Armed robbery car tab increase Value Village suit

first_img What will will the weather throw at us this weekend? Find out with our local weather coverage.Here are some of the stories that grabbed readers’ attention this week.Online deals turn into robberies at Red Robin, twicePolice officers arrested two 17-year-old boys Wednesday afternoon after an online transaction allegedly turned into an armed robbery in the parking lot of an east Vancouver Red Robin, the second such incident there in the past two days.The two are also suspected in a robbery at a nearby Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.On Tuesday at 9:36 p.m., according to Vancouver Police Department spokeswoman Kim Kapp, someone called 911 about a robbery in the Red Robin restaurant at 801 S.E. 160th Ave.Two teen boys arrested in connection to robberies at Red Robin, nearby Baja FreshRelated story: Teen suspects appear in court in robberies in Red Robin parking lotVancouver approves $20 license tab fee increaseWith little fanfare, the Vancouver Transportation Benefit District Board unanimously approved a $20 license tab fee increase Monday evening. The city council serves as the Transportation Benefit District Board to control vehicle fee revenues.The $20 fee increase was not a new discussion. An increase in 2018 has been the plan since the fee was first approved in December 2015. Chris Malone, public works finance and asset manager, said the fee assures a “user pays” dimension to the overall funding approach. The $20 — now $40 — fee is also the single largest revenue generator in the street funding strategy. The Vancouver Transportation Benefit District Board unanimously approved a $20 license tab fee increase Monday evening. (Handoff)last_img read more

Vancouver weighs vote to create tax for parksVancouver weighs vote to create tax for parks

first_imgVancouver voters are likely to see a vote on a property tax levy to create a city metropolitan parks district this November — but for a smaller amount than planned.The city council on Monday lowered the amount it will ask people to give, going from a planned 53 cents per $1,000 of assessed value levy to drafting plans for a 35 cents per $1,000 of assessed value tax. The latter rate would cost the owner of a $200,000 home $70 a year.But while a lower tax rate may help sell the vote, staff members told the council they may face one large roadblock: Vancouver is hovering dangerously close to its state mandated property tax levy maximum. What that means is that Vancouver will have to ask residents for two votes: one this November to create a new parks district, and another in 2013 to protect the levy from losing money if and when the city hits its maximum levy capacity of $5.90 per $1,000 of assessed value.Hitting the maximum levy capacity, which happens as assessed home values decline and the percentage of taxes charged goes up proportionally, means that lesser priority taxing districts — such as parks — are subject to what’s known as proration, or having their revenues chopped to fit in under that $5.90 lid.“It does ultimately impact the potential revenue stream from a levy,” Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Director Pete Mayer told the city council.The city’s parks and recreation department has been slashed in half over the last decade, with staff, services, programs and maintenance eliminated to make budgetary ends meet. A parks district with a levy rate of 35 cents per $1,000 of assessed value would bring in an additional $4.5 million, the approximate cost to operate the department. However, any levy would not totally fund parks and recreation: Vancouver’s general fund would still need to chip in about $4.25 million to pay for debt service, indirect costs and depreciation and deferred maintenance.last_img read more

The top 10 most read stories 612 September 2018The top 10 most read stories 612 September 2018

first_imgThe top 10 most read stories on between 6 and 12 September 2018 were:Luxury hotel chain seeks professional vacationistSaint-Gobain UK and Ireland reduces organisational health age by 3,030 yearsEXCLUSIVE: Google to focus on mental health at Employee Benefits Live 2018EU upholds that employees are entitled to 50% of pension if employer is insolventDAS achieves nearly 90% engagement in its digital rewards programmeHalf of employees cite that workplace stress negatively affects their home lifeNottingham and Derbyshire-based Trentbarton bus drivers strike in pay disputePrivate sector defined contribution pension schemes have 7.7m active members44% believe they are not on track for retirementTalent strategy is the main focus for 82% of benefits professionalslast_img

Wilmingtons Latest Legal Notices Week of February 24 2019Wilmingtons Latest Legal Notices Week of February 24 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are the latest legal notices related to Wilmington, published during the week of Sunday, February 24, 2019:190173 Rooney 80 Church Street Wilmington190213 Wilm Bd Appls July 4th Scoppettuolo190219 Wilm Bids Woburn St Water Main Replacement190222 Land Ct Mason 2 Virginia Road Wilmington190231 Wilm Plng Zoning Articles May 2019190234 Wilm Consv DPW Determination for Vegetation Mgmt Plan190235 Wilm Consv RDA 4 Lexington St190236 Wilm Consv RDA 52 Agostino Drive190237 Wilm Consv RDA 19 Mill Road190238 Wilm Consv RDA 17 Murray Hill Circle190239 Wilm Consv 7 Kelley Road190240 Wilm Consv 25 Adams Street190241 Wilm Consv 100-110 Fordham Road190243 Holowenczak Conservator Appt Wilmington190244 Holowenczak Estate Wilmington(NOTE: The above public notices is from Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of July 28, 2019)In “Government”Wilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of August 18, 2019)In “Government”Wilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of June 30, 2019)In “Government”last_img read more

Boeing pledges 100M to families of those killed in 737 Max 8Boeing pledges 100M to families of those killed in 737 Max 8

first_img 49 Photos Share your voice The official causes of the crashes, which appear to be similar, are still under study. Investigation teams in Indonesia and Ethiopia are focusing on faulty sensors and a flight control system designed to push the nose down in the air. Boeing says it has completed the necessary update for review by the FAA. But as of now, the agency has not said when that will happen.”We at Boeing are sorry for the tragic loss of lives in both of these accidents and these lives lost will continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and on our minds for years to come,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, in a statement. “The families and loved ones of those on board have our deepest sympathies, and we hope this initial outreach can help bring them comfort.” Boeing Tour a B-17 and other aircraft at the Palm Springs Air Museum Boeing’s 737 Max 8 is grounded after two crashes that killed 346 people. Boeing Boeing will spend $100 million in the coming years to aid the families affected by two 737 Max 8 plane crashes. The planes have been grounded since March following the crashes, which left 346 people dead. The company said the funds will address “family and community needs” and support “education, hardship and living expenses for impacted families, community programs and economic development in impacted communities.” Boeing will work with local governments and non-profit organizations to carry out the aid. The first 737 Max 8 crash occured Oct. 29, when Lion Air flight 610 crashed in the Java Sea 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 189 people. Then, on March 10, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 departed Addis Ababa Bole International Airport bound for Nairobi, Kenya. Just after takeoff, the pilot radioed a distress call and was given immediate clearance to return and land. But before the crew could make it back, the aircraft crashed 40 miles from the airport at 8:44 a.m., six minutes after it left the runway.center_img 0 Tech Industry null Tagslast_img read more

Konami reveals new erotic Castlevania game is trolling us allKonami reveals new erotic Castlevania game is trolling us all

first_imgKonami isn’t entirely out of its big-name games after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releases, and it won’t be relying on Pro Evolution Soccer, either. The company just announced a new Castlevania game! Not just that, but it’s a naughty-sounding Castlevania game. It’s called Castlevania: Erotic Violence, and you can watch the surprisingly SFW but slightly lewd trailer below.I haven’t been this excited since SNK announced the latest Garou: Mark of the Wolves!Because both are pachinko games, and I’m still laughing at it. Konami is making the jokes about it not caring about video games anymore harder than I could possibly write them myself.Sorry to disappoint you, Castlevania fans. If it helps, I’m disappointed too (but Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s temporarily record-breaking Kickstarter campaign has softened the blow with the promise of a more true Castlevania experience than all of the Lords of Shadow games). But that’s Konami for you. It doesn’t care about video games anymore. It doesn’t have to. This is just another shiny metal ball-shaped nail in Konami’s video game franchise coffin.I’ve pointed out before that Konami was never entirely a video game company, and that it handles a lot of different businesses like gambling machines (their “gaming” division) and health clubs. Over the last five years, it has been steadily making less money on video games and more money on gambling equipment. Konami sees the trend, and it’s running with it. Hence the bafflingly unceremonious way Konami dropped Hideo Kojima’s team and tried to scrub his name from the Metal Gear Solid series like it was WWE and Kojima was Hulk Hogan. Hence no hint that Konami will be putting out any major non-soccer game after MGSV: TPP. Hence making a Castlevania pachinko game called “Erotic Violence.”Konami has officially dropped below SNK Playmore as a publisher that actually puts out video games. At least you can get the classic Metal Slug and King of Fighters games on Steam and mobile platforms. Although, that sure is one sexy computer-generated succubus who, if you remember Symphony of the Night, appeared by taking the form of Alucard’s mom. Gross.last_img read more

Birdlike robot perches on a human hand w VideoBirdlike robot perches on a human hand w Video

first_img A bird-like robot perches on a human hand. As shown in the video, the researchers performed flight tests starting with launching the robot by hand from a height of about 2.5 meters. During the 1.5-second-long flight, the robot’s speed decreases from 4.7 m/s to just under 2.5 m/s at the time of landing. As the robot glides to within a short distance of the hand target, it pitches up to a high angle of attack and then lands.As the engineers explain, the ability to hand perch represents a significant step toward designing flying robots capable of close interaction with humans. In the future, they plan to work on a go-around capability to accommodate failures during perching attempts.via: IEEE Spectrum Montage of snapshots taken from the video of a flight test showingperching on a hand. Image credit: A. Paranjape, et al. “We believe we have the first demonstration of autonomous/robotic flight of a bird-like micro aerial vehicle (MAV) perching on a human hand,” said project leader Soon-Jo Chung of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A paper on the demonstration is under review for the IEEE Transactions on Robotics.Hand perching involves two phases. First, the robot has to maneuver while gliding in order to reach the desired position, which it achieves by reorienting its articulated wings. Second, it has to “pitch up” right before landing to briefly climb and quickly reduce its touchdown speed. ( — Among the many challenges of designing flying robots is getting them to land gracefully. By taking a cue from birds, a team of engineers has developed a flapping-wing flying robot that can land by perching on a human hand. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a robot bird (w/ video) © 2012 Phys.Orgcenter_img Explore further More information: A. Paranjape, J. Kim, and S.-J. Chung. “Closed-Loop Perching of Aerial Robots with Articulated Flapping Wings,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics, under review, 2012. Pre-release paper here. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Bird-like robot perches on a human hand (w/ Video) (2012, May 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more