The New Normal: Operating at the Speed of Cloud

first_imgAs the leader of our global Converged Platforms sales team I spend the majority of my time on the road meeting and talking to customers to ensure I understand their concerns and challenges. Digital transformation is a constant theme that comes up in almost every conversation. Organizations everywhere rely on technology more than ever to provide new services and business value to their customers. There is a real sense of urgency behind this because if you don’t transform, your competitor will. It’s about disrupting yourself or getting disrupted by the competitor. Just look at the impact of Uber on the taxi industry or Netflix on the home entertainment market.This sense of urgency has been compounded by the advent of cloud native (born in the cloud) applications, which are driven by the megatrends of mobile and social media. IT teams, under pressure from the wider business to move fast and innovate quickly, have often used public cloud for their cloud native development projects. Others have adopted hyper-converged appliances created from industry standard servers, coupled with software defined storage.  As a result the market for hyper-converged has exploded into life recently.Most vendors playing in the hyper-converged space have been focused on the low end play. The products they offer often fail to deliver on the key requirements: an ability to start small but scale up to webscale when the demand shoots up, and do it rapidly without impacting the performance of the infrastructure! This is at the heart of the problem often highlighted by customers who are experimenting with hyper-converged infrastructure.The Converged Platforms Division is well known for its ability to anticipate customers’ challenges and provide solutions. Yet again we were ahead of the curve and responded to our customers’ needs with the VCE VxRack family which consists of hyper-converged rack-scale engineered systems, with integrated networking, to achieve the scalability and management requirements of traditional and cloud native workloads. With a flexible, modular design, the VxRack family can meet the performance and efficiency requirements of modern data centers. Customers can start with a small deployment, and then flexibly scale out to support dynamic workloads and evolving business needs.The VxRack family supports the deployment of a variety of application workloads allowing IT to rapidly deliver new services while improving overall agility and efficiency. It also allows customers to reduce cost and risk by buying versus building an infrastructure platform that can run traditional business applications or deploy cloud-native applications.Recently our VxRack Node was put through its paces – IDC interviewed 10 organizations that are supporting various business operations with the EMC ScaleIO software-defined block storage in combination with VxRack. This IDC study calculated that that these organizations will realize business value worth an average of $1.74 million over five years. As a result, IDC projects that these organizations will achieve an average return on investment (ROI) of 505% and break even on their investment in eight months.Agility, unparalleled performance, scale as you grow, flexible configurations and unified management are some of the key benefits of VCE VxRack Family and it’s not surprising that VxRack is quickly being adopted into the datacenters around the world!Find out more about the VxRack Familylast_img read more

Sharing the Success of Dell’s Diverse Suppliers in EMEA: OrangeDoor

first_imgHaving recently joined Dell as the lead for Corporate Sustainability in EMEA, one of the areas I wanted to learn more about was how Dell supports women- and minority-run businesses by integrating them into our supply chain.Women-owned entities represent more than 30 percent of registered businesses worldwide (International Finance Corporation). Yet according to WEConnect International, a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world, those women-owned businesses are earning less than one percent of the money large corporations and governments spend on vendors. It’s just one example of how these diverse businesses are missing out on opportunities.At Dell, we are working to change this. Our customers come from every nation, culture and walk of life, so it’s important all aspects of our business reflect that diversity – including our supply chain. In FY16, we spent more than US$4 billion with small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses. Plus, over the last decade, we have provided mentoring, training and networking programs to help thousands of our diverse suppliers to scale their businesses and find success.To understand how this relationship is helping women-owned businesses to succeed, I sought out one of our women-owned suppliers OrangeDoor founder, Elizabeth Heron (pictured above).Here’s what she had to say:Tell us a little bit about OrangeDoor, how did you get started?I originally started out in a very corporate environment alongside Boots Pharmaceutical on the launch of Nurofen in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Those were incredibly tough yet exciting and formative years which broadened my knowledge of the industry.Before I knew it, I was running fully integrated, highly innovative marketing campaigns for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. However, it was a hard, heartless environment and I soon realised it wasn’t what I wanted. It was clear, 16 years ago, that something was missing.I took the plunge to start OrangeDoor from my back bedroom in Bromley. Over 16 amazing years we have grown and built our reputation, becoming specialists in integrated marketing and events while creating a positive work environment – especially for women. I now have the pleasure of leading a team of 30 people providing that powerful secret ingredient clients look for: opening up emotional and targeted insights and delivering amazing results through attention to detail.What were some of the challenges you faced when you started out?The corporate environment was a completely different one to today. It was the era of power dressing, shoulder pads and women who fought their way into business. Women had to be, or at least look, invincible. Of course this wasn’t sustainable and we all felt pressured into presenting a hard, “iron lady” façade – and even worse, we were discouraged to discuss family or loved ones within the work place.We have a more modern mindset for the way we work at OrangeDoor. We have nurtured and developed many young women, giving them countless opportunities, showing them respect, and encouraging them to always push their limits with confidence.As a small business owner, there were some very quick learning curves to be understood without the support of senior departments and specialists, but corporate mentors help fill that gap. I stick with it because the rewards are so immense: the agility and flexibility of your business, the sense of family and cohesion within the team, the quality of the work environment… All these elements are simply irreplaceable and are at the core of who we are as a business.How did you first connect with Dell?In March 2000 I was contacted by a former colleague working in Dell’s EMEA PR team to take part in a competitive pitch for a press event in New York. I was tasked with taking a group of 30 pan-EMEA media members to a conference with CEO and founder Michael Dell, and Joe Tucci. It was a baptism of fire but proved successful!To this day we’ve had continuous year-on-year growth with Dell across the UK and the rest of EMEA, which has helped me grow my team and expand our capabilities to include fully integrated campaigns and engagement programs.How did working with Dell help you grow your business?I always endeavored to surround myself with supportive and likeminded business people and Dell has helped me unlock so many helpful relationships. Today I am supported by WeConnect, which has provided not only excellent professional networking but also exposure to other business owners who face similar challenges.A year and a half ago, we were selected to join Dell’s mentoring programme, which has given us invaluable insight into the way a corporation works. Through this programme, we have gained major understanding of Dell’s procurement issues and processes while strengthening one-on-one relationships with key figures in the business.How important do you think it is for companies to have a focus on supplier diversity?As a female entrepreneur outside the “old boys’ network” you want to show the world you can succeed on your own. But soon you realise that standing on your own feet doesn’t mean having to give up guidance, support and valuable relationships.Dell’s Supplier Diversity programme has provided the support we needed to grow and develop as a business. Dell’s commitment and passion are evident across senior management and there is a genuine desire to recognise opportunity and enable change. It is a privilege to be involved – in fact we now donate some of our time and services at OrangeDoor to extend the program and help other diverse suppliers.Is diversity something you think about when looking for suppliers for your own company?WeConnect unites not only corporates, but also suppliers. As a business at the forefront of our industry, we have a desire to engage with other companies in the group and build relationships that may prove fruitful for both parties. Not only does this add value to the network but allows for smaller companies, who might not otherwise get the chance, to enter the supply chain at a secondary level.If you had one piece of advice for women business owners who are just starting out, what would it be?Put trust in your team and embrace every challenge as a learning curve. Keep learning, growing and surround yourself with like-minded passionate people with integrity. The top of the mountain is a lonely place and the view is much better if you have someone to share it with!To learn about other ways Dell’s Legacy of Good goals are paying off for suppliers, customers, communities and the planet, visit Dell is committed to continually enhancing social and environmental responsibility in our supply chain. Learn more at read more

A Tale of Two Servers – And How They Found Their Perfect Match

first_imgAt Dell EMC, right now is the best of times. Designing customer-centric products is truly our raison d’etre. So you can imagine the joy we feel when a customer finds their perfect server match. The newly-released R440 and R540 rack servers are designed to fit the needs of two unique customer sets. The R440 is ideal for customers looking for density and especially for scale out infrastructures. Mid-market IT service providers are a perfect fit for the R440. The R540 is built for the diverse application demands of commercial businesses in high-growth economies. It may be a tale of two different servers in two different markets, but in both cases it’s also a match made in heaven.Excellence in Every ServerSince the company was founded, Dell EMC has been a data-driven organization. And we use that data to better serve our customers. Our search for continual improvement led us to root cause and solve an unimaginable variety of problems over the decades. We embed those solutions into every PowerEdge server, which results in scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security for every customer.The R440 + Mid-Market Service ProvidersThe PowerEdge R440 is optimized for dense, scale-out computing. The R440 is ideal for running virtualization applications and software-defined storage. Intel Xeon™ processors deliver a 27% increase in cores and a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to the previous generation. You can get the R440 with up to two Intel Xeon Scalable processors, with 22 cores per processor. The R440 comes with 16 DDR4 DIMM slots and maxes out at 512GB of memory.Why is it perfect for the needs of a mid-market IT service provider? Often these customers are looking for not only great performance, but also efficiency. So the R440 is shallower than your standard rack server, without sacrificing performance. Save space in your data center with the R440’s dense 1U node. It can be configured with either four 3.5” or 10 2.5” drives. It’s a great option for service providers interested in expanding capabilities without increasing the data center footprint. Plus, the R440 has the most superior price to performance in its class, with the white-glove service and support that customers expect from Dell EMC.PowerEdge R440The R540 + High-Growth Commercial BusinessesThe PowerEdge R540 is a 2U, 2 socket rack server. The R540 efficiently handles business workloads like messaging, video surveillance, web-serving, and software-defined storage, to name a few. If you’re interested in software defined storage, the R540 provides up to 140 TBs of storage capacity. So much storage also makes it ideal for data backups, video surveillance and video streaming. It also has up to 512GB of memory.High-growth countries are increasingly the drivers of the global economy. Commercial businesses operating within these economies are often growing fast as well. For resource-constrained growing businesses, the R540 comes with one-button workload tuning to keep your IT systems optimized without dedicating tons of time and resources from your IT department. The R540 is perfect for this customer set because it balances resources, expandability, and affordability.PowerEdge R540The final piece of the puzzle to create the perfect server match is the PowerEdge systems management toolkit. Even if you’ve got the best servers on earth, it won’t do you any good if you can’t manage, monitor and remediate your IT infrastructure efficiently. The R440 and R540 come with iDRAC and Lifecycle Controller to deliver smart automation of everyday tasks. With Quick Sync 2 and the OpenManage Essentials console, both servers are simply managed to optimize your IT resources.After years of R&D, the R440 and R540 servers are all grown up and ready to go out into the world. And in accordance with every proud parent’s dream, we’re happy that they’ve found their perfect market.Stay Up to DateVisit for complete product information on the PowerEdge R440 and R540. Follow us at @DellEMCServers to stay up to date on the latest PowerEdge news and announcements.last_img read more

Dell Technologies Capital and Portfolio Companies Arrive at Dell Technologies World to Talk Innovation & Success

first_imgTwo years ago, Dell Technologies World (DTW) served as the stage in which Dell Technologies Capital (DTC) came out of stealth and revealed itself to the world. Embodying the Dell Technologies spirit of innovation pioneered by Michael Dell when he founded his company 35 years ago, DTC was established to augment and lead innovation at Dell Technologies, and to deliver even more innovative solutions for our customers and for the industry.As DTW 2019 is set to kick off in Las Vegas, it’s a perfect opportunity to look back and see how Dell Tech Capital has emerged as one of the top performing corporate venture capital firms in the world.DTC has invested $100+ million a year in a total of 90 early stage startups, completing 38 exits.Our 2018 results are especially noteworthy:IPO exits: ZScaler (ZS), Docusign (DOCU)Acquisition exits: Cylance (acquired by Blackberry for $1.4B), RedLock (acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $173M), CloudEndure (acquired by AWS), Edico Genome (acquired by Illumina), BlueData (acquired by HPE)3 new unicorns: Graphcore ($1.7B valuation in Series D), JFrog ($1B+ valuation in Series D), Netskope ($1B+ valuation in Series F)10 new investments: Faction, Immuta, Iotech, Netifi,, Provino Technologies, Toka, Yugabyte, two in stealth12 follow-on investments: Agari, Cloudknox, CNEXLabs, Graphcore, Jask, JFrog, Moogsoft, Netskope, Packet, RiskRecon, Twistlock, VastNumerous DTC portfolio companies are currently experiencing growth rates of 100%+ and several are exceeding $50 million in revenue.As we gather for DTW 2019, select DTC portfolio companies will join us to share their stories, and how they’re partnering with DTC:Faction2018/19 Developments: Faction has seen explosive growth in their VMware Cloud on AWS practice over the last year, backed by their unique Cloud Control Volumes (CCV) and Hybrid DRaaS multi-cloud portfolio of products. They’ve also expanded their reach across the Atlantic into London, with additional European and APAC location planned for 2019.How they’re partnering with Dell Technologies: Faction has been working on a strategic initiative with Dell EMC that has culminated in a joint launch for Dell Cloud Storage Services. Faction added support for the Dell EMC Storage portfolio to their Hybrid Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (HDRaaS) and Cloud Control Volumes™ (CCV™) products. The available storage platforms now include Dell EMC Unity, Isilon, and PowerMax. As part of this partnership, Faction recently announced its membership in the Dell EMC Select Partner Program as the only multi-cloud managed service provider for Dell EMC Storage, giving customers the ability to procure these offerings through a familiar purchasing vehicle.Graphcore2018/19 Developments: Graphcore officially gained unicorn status in 2018, with a valuation of $1.7 billion after raising $200 million in its Series D funding.How they’re partnering with Dell Technologies: With production AI silicon shipping in 2018, Graphcore is working closely with Dell EMC on go-to-market plans for a Dell/Graphcore IPU offering.Immuta2018/19 Developments: Immuta, the automated data governance company, launched several industry-first platform advancements in 2018 that make it easy for users to access and collaborate with the data they need, when they need it, while protecting sensitive data and ensuring their customers’ privacy. Recognized by CNBC as one of the most promising up-and-coming companies with the potential to transform industries, and named 451 Firestarter and 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science and Machine Learning, Immuta also announced several new technology integrations, and a cloud business unit dedicated to building managed cloud-services for its customers.Lightbits Labs 2018/19 Developments: Lightbits Labs emerged from stealth mode in March, announcing its series of solutions for remaking modern cloud infrastructure. The company is reinventing the way storage and networking are conducted in cloud data centers by disaggregating storage and compute, improving performance and TCO.How they’re partnering with Dell Technologies: Lightbits is a VMware partner that delivers storage-compute disaggregation using NVMe over TCP/IP networks and a global FTL software layer that optimizes for performance and endurance. The technology holds great promise for customers looking to extend hyperconverged infrastructure to environments that are served by traditional storage products today.Noodle.ai2018/19 Developments: After joining the DTC portfolio in 2018, was ranked #1 B2B Top Startup by LinkedIn, and is leading the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s initiative to reduce waste with AI. was also recently named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence Across the Supply Chain.How they’re partnering with Dell Technologies: Dell and are announcing the launch of the world’s first Enterprise AI® platform supporting manufacturing and supply chain digital transformation projects at Dell Technologies World. Even before DTC invested $35 million in to build the world’s first multi-tier industrial-grade edge-to-cloud-to-edge solution, has been working in stealth mode to deliver artificial intelligence for Industry 4.0.Packet2018/19 Developments: Packet expanded its position as the leading bare metal automation platform for developers by growing to 20+ public cloud regions, releasing an on-premises solution for Enterprises, and launching edge deployments to serve global operators and new use cases.How they’re partnering with Dell Technologies: Packet is working closely with Dell Technologies to innovate on both Intel and AMD EPYC platforms, including a popular system optimized for VMware and Telco / NFV and released at Google Next.The success of DTC is rooted in our approach to business building and innovation. We invest in passionate founders who push the envelope in enterprise technology: next generation hybrid/multi cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, devops, AI/ML, IoT, storage, compute, networking and open source. We are early-stage investors who can leverage the go-to-market capabilities of Dell Technologies for the benefit of our startups.The most innovative startups today aren’t necessarily struggling to secure funding – they’re looking for partners who can help them scale their business. DTC specializes in showing our portfolio companies how to grow while connecting them with Dell Technologies and its business units to provide critical market leverage. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver for our customers, and most DTC investments have product or sales integration with Dell, Dell EMC, VMWare, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks or Virtustream.We hope to see you this week at DTW as we demonstrate how we’re pushing the envelope on digital technology for enterprises and consumers, and how we’re driving innovation throughout Dell Technologies.About Dell Technologies CapitalDell Technologies Capital is the investment arm for Dell Technologies.  We’ve invested in over 100 companies that push the envelope on digital technology for enterprises and consumers.  We are a team of world-class investors who help our companies succeed.  We focus on early-stage investments with passionate founders. Our companies gain unique access to the go-to-market capabilities of Dell Technologies. For more information visit www.delltechcapital.comDell Technologies is the parent company of Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream, and VMWare. Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information.last_img read more

Judge: Destroy massage parlor video of Patriots owner

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A federal judge in Florida has ordered the destruction of video that allegedly shows New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft paying for massage parlor sex. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that the judge on Friday ruled that the videos of Kraft and other customers must be wiped from existence, because the Jupiter police surveillance was deemed unlawful. Kraft’s attorneys had argued that the billionaire feared the tapes of him in the nude would be publicized on the internet. A misdemeanor solicitation charge against Kraft was dropped in September after an appeals court ruled that video evidence couldn’t be used in the case.last_img

Prosecutors appeal ruling that split trials in Floyd’s death

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prosecutors in Minnesota have appealed a judge’s ruling that split the trials of four Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death and kept the first trial scheduled to start in March. Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill ruled earlier in January that Derek Chauvin, the officer seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck last May even as he said he couldn’t breathe, would go on trial March 8. Cahill also ruled that the other three officers on the scene would be tried later. He said at the time that trying all four officers at the same time would make social distancing difficult during the coronavirus pandemic. Prosecutors appealed to the state Court of Appeals Thursday.last_img

Famous private eye Jack Palladino gravely injured in robbery

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Jack Palladino, the private investigator who worked on high-profile cases ranging from the Jonestown mass suicides to celebrity and political scandals, is on life support after suffering a head injury during an attempted robbery. Palladino’s stepson says the 70-year-old P.I. is not expected to survive the injury sustained Thursday outside his San Francisco home, where for decades Palladino and his wife Sandra Sutherland conducted investigations on behalf of the famous and powerful, as well as the underdogs. His clients included Bill Clinton, Courtney Love, the Hells Angels and tobacco industry whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand. Palladino also spent years investigating the 1978 mass suicide of more than 900 members of the People’s Temple religious cult.last_img

1 killed, 1 missing as heavy rain floods Turkish province

first_imgANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s state media say one person was killed and a second person is reported missing after heavy rains and flash floods struck the Turkish Aegean coastal province of Izmir. The two were trapped inside a vehicle that was swept away by rising water on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reported. The news agency quoted Izmir’s governor as saying the region was hit by 1 1/2 times more rain in 10 hours than the average total for February, The downpour is expected to continue until Wednesday. In October, Izmir was struck by a powerful earthquake that toppled buildings, killing more than 100 people.last_img