HTC set to rebound with multiple quadcore LTE phones

first_imgHTC had a great 2010, with the EVO 4G cementing its status as the high-end Android phone of the year. HTC’s 2011, though, was a bit lacking. Sure, the company had some success with the EVO 3D, Sensation 4G, and Rezound; it even ushered in the era of LTE with the Thunderbolt. But it was largely upstaged (and outsold) by Samsung, whose Galaxy phones continue to sell like hotcakes, and Motorola, who had a strong year with the Droid Bionic and Droid Razr. Can the Taiwanese manufacturer rebound in 2012? If a new leak is any indication, it just might.The report has an analyst from JP Morgan Chase saying that HTC will unveil multiple quad-core, LTE-powered smartphones at Mobile World Congress next month (not to be confused with next week’s CES). The phones are said to run NVIDIA’s new Tegra 3 processor. The high-octane chip is only available in one device at present moment, the (freshly rooted) Asus Transformer Prime.High-end Android phones in 2010 were about Snapdragon processors and WiMax. In 2011, the hot specs were dual-core processors and LTE. So it stands to reason that 2012 would see quad-core CPUs and more LTE (perhaps with better battery life) dominating the geeks’ dreams. If that’s the case, then a) the prediction about HTC could be sound, and b) HTC could throw itself back into the lead of Android manufacturers.HTC would be happy to have a strong 2012. Despite several popular handsets in 2011, its prestige slipped a bit as it put its stock in features like 3D and Beats Audio instead of evolving cutting-edge specs and gorgeous design. Customers have shown time and time again that 3D just isn’t a priority, and that they aren’t chomping at the bit for enhanced audio (even the iPod never advertised enhanced audio).If HTC can deliver some of the first (and best) quad-core phones — on multiple carriers — then this could be a 2012 to remember. If it can carry its elegant and professional designs into thinner and more attractive form factors, then it could see EVO-like success once again. Or maybe quad-core chips are just a lot of hype. Either way they will be a big selling point. * Note that the above image is a simulation; no HTC marketing materials have leaked.via Digitimeslast_img read more