Pokemon X and Pokemon Y box art and new trailer revealed

first_imgNintendo and The Pokemon Company announced the next games in the main Pokemon series back in January. This time around the pair of games will carry the names Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and for the first time they will be 3DS, rather than DS games, meaning Pokemon is also embracing 3D visuals.The release of the games in October is still some way off, but today Nintendo has released a load of new information including a new trailer and the final box art for the games. There’s also art for four new Pokemon (on top of the seven already introduced earlier this year) and both the Kalios region the game is set in as well as Lumiose City, all of which can be viewed in the image gallery above.Fans of Pokemon will understandably be excited for this game. That’s in no small part due to what moving to the more powerful hardware of the 3DS platform allows. The game clearly looks better, both in general navigation through the world and those all important battle screens.We shouldn’t expect too much difference in terms of gameplay. Pokemon works, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company won’t mess with the formula too much. However, as the video above shows, the ways in which you can travel around the world has been expanded to include on the back of a Gogoat. Not only should this speed up your movement, it also offers an advantage during battle by using Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage inflicted.Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are going to be released worldwide in October with the box art you see above being final art, and apparently will be used everywhere. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Lumiose City SceneLumiose City SceneLumiose City Concept ArtKalos Region MapGoGoatFletchlingPancham and HelioptilePokemon X Box ArtPokemon Y Box ArtPokedexlast_img read more