Successful soft launch for BetterBetting’s World Cup app

first_img StumbleUpon Submit Kindred ups operating costs to accommodate for licensed realities July 24, 2019 Suren Khachatryan, Digitain: Focusing development on the customer’s need for speed April 23, 2019 Share Share BETR launches multi-cryptocurrency betting February 22, 2019 Related Articles BetterBetting is two weeks into a soft launch period for its World Cup app, produced in record time after the introduction of the BETR token to coincide with the tournament’s kick off on 14 June.The unique blockchain-based decentralised peer-to-peer sports betting system provides a mechanism for two parties to bet with one another on the blockchain with secure contracts.Ethereum contracts are key to the system, as they escrow funds from both parties and hold them until settlement. All bets are placed and settled using the BETR token, released in an initial token offering, that is currently trading and available for purchase on major exchanges such as HitBTC, Bancor, IDEX, Etherdelta, Bisq and Waves.BetterBetting CEO Adriaan Brink said: “The World Cup is a great event to test our first release. We have had a very positive response and look forward to increased usage over the coming weeks.”“The team has worked incredibly hard to produce this technology in the time scale we set post our successful ICO,” he added. “Further releases will feature improved user interfaces, functionality and user experience.“They will include main football leagues in time for the 2018/19 season, including the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga and the German Bundesliga. We intend to add sports in accordance with user feedback and demand so there may well be additional sports even before the European football season starts.”The company has deployed several products to facilitate this Blockchain betting. The first instance of a BetterBetting Node (BBN), which manages the dissemination of odds and provides APIs to power independent user apps, a BETR Wallet making it easy to store and use BETR tokens, and an Android App that uses the BBN APIs to expose a simple odds selection interface.The first BBN, which allows anyone to create an account and lay bets, was created specifically for the World Cup, but ultimately there will be many of these communicating with one another.Users can lay bets on all the World Cup games with an extensive set of markets to choose from. All markets are available with reference pricing derived in real time from bookmakers, while users can tweak their odds pricing above or below the market in order to offer bets with lower or higher margin.“This is the first release and was produced in record time after the ICO,” Brink concluded. “It is only the start and there are many iterations and improvements to come as the product is expanded and becomes more mainstream in functionality. We have a great team behind us and we are confident the success of this project will continue.”The app’s BETR wallet is a standard ether wallet that holds a bettor’s funds and exposes the API that provides signing and execution of Ethereum contract calls against the user’s account. This provides an in-app experience for any contract execution not limited to interactions with the BETR token. The odds apps have no access to wallet information or funds.last_img read more

MLB 2019 preview: Projecting the AL West

first_imgDivision prediction: Astros win (again)Houston has been red hot the past couple seasons and there’s no reason the Astros shouldn’t come away with the division again. The last time this team three-peated was 1997-99.Despite the fact this team lost three of five pitchers from its starting rotation from a year ago, Houston returns All-Star caliber players and a couple of Cy Young candidates in Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. If the heart of the team’s lineup is at full health to match the power of its bullpen, the Astros will be in a good position to once again run away with the title. MLB 2019 preview: Projecting the AL Central For an extended look at how things can shake out, here is your 2019 preview for the AL West.Storyline to watch: Will the A’s find their leader in Matt Chapman?The third baseman could be his team’s saving grace as it looks to build off a very good season last year. In fact, Chapman could be a name in the AL MVP race if he backs up what he did in 2018. Related News MLB 2019 preview: Projecting the AL Eastcenter_img Chapman, who is only in his third season with the A’s, is already a staple in the team’s defense but more impressively, it was his offense that turned heads. He more than doubled his runs (100) and hits (152) from his rookie campaign in 2017 (that saw just 39 runs on 68 hits) and finished 2018 with a .278/.356/.508 slash line to lead the team. But, that’s not all, manager Bob Melvin said: “the scary part is that there’s a lot of room for growth.”It’s been a while since Oakland has had back-to-back winning seasons — the last time the A’s put it together was 2012-14 — but if Chapman can get going early into the season, he could be just what this team needs to do it again.  MVP candidate: Mike Trout, AngelsThey don’t give out record-breaking deals to just anyone, right? Trout agreed to a shocking 12-year contract worth nearly $430 million and he is certainly worth it.The two-time AL MVP passed the 100-run mark for the fifth time in his career last season and if he can pull off another MVP-worthy year, he will be one of 11 players in history to have captured the award three times. Trout previously earned AL MVP honors in 2014 and 2016. The case could have been made for Trout to win the MVP award in multiple seasons but his team simply hasn’t won enough to justify giving him the award.Here is 3 minutes and 43 seconds of @MikeTrout being awesome.— MLB (@MLB) March 21, 2019He has been one of the best players in baseball but still has yet to win a playoff game. Will this be the year for both another MVP win and a playoff-series victory?Cy Young candidate: Yusei Kikuchi, MarinersThis one may be a bit out of left field, but, while Yusei Kikuchi doesn’t have the resume to prove it just yet, a breakout season could put his name in the Cy Young conversation. He faced his first MLB hitter in the Mariners’ second game in Japan and would be a good sleeper pick for the honors.Seattle already features rotation staples Marco Gonzales, Wade Leblanc and Mike Leake but Kikuchi is unlike anything batters have seen and could be the Mariners’ best pitcher when all is said and done. He can throw in the mid- to upper-90s from the left side and has earned comparisons to the likes of three-time National League Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw.Yusei Kikuchi is filthy. #MLB開幕戦— MLB (@MLB) March 21, 2019Kikuchi debuted with three strikeouts to his name and could see similar success to countrymen like Hideo Nomo, Masahiro Tanaka and, of course, Shohei Ohtani.Prospect to watch: Jo Adell, AngelsHe’s not Mike Trout, but honestly, he could be the Angels’ second-best player if they decide to call him up this season.The 19-year-old outfielder made it all the way to Double-A last year, and if he proves he can handle the level over 50 games this season, he could see a call-up to Triple-A, or if Los Angeles is in the playoff race, he could see a more aggressive move and find his way to MLB.Gifted with plus power, great speed and an arm which was pumping 97-mph heat off the mound in high school, Adell’s tool set and arrival date are incredibly similar to Trout’s and he could be the man who gives the two-time MVP something to look forward to over the course of his 12-year deal. In 2018, the Astros dominated the American League West by stringing together a franchise-record 103 wins, the Athletics surprised nearly everyone with their best season in more than five years, the Mariners were in the playoff hunt while both the Angels and Rangers rounded out the division.This time around, expect Houston to win the division for the third consecutive time, a very rich Mike Trout to put his money where his bat is and emerging players to lead their respective team’s this season.last_img read more

A New Year, A Clean Slate?

first_img(Overheard in the bank queue while waiting to receive salaries.)“Papi, you don’t have to wait in the queue. I’m sure if you go to the front they will let you inside.”“Don’t worry, my son, let me wait while I still have strength.”“But, uncle, I remember when you were living abroad. Why did you return to Africa with all these terrible wars? I’m raising my children to get their educations, escape overseas, and never come back.”“Well, I felt that when the war ended, there might be a chance for renewal.  During the kinds of wars we’ve seen instigated across Africa, the collective consciousness of the people is subjected to a kind of “scorched earth” treatment. What is left can be seen as a “clean slate” – a big, new, shiny blackboard. We could rewrite, reseed, recover the best of African traditions and build on them.”“Ol’ man, you still think that way?”“Not exactly, my son. What I found was when the imperial powers decide to destroy a nation, a society, a culture; the strong nationalist voices are assassinated first. Only the pacified leaders and their zombie followers are in place to implement the imperial will. All the traditional culture is buried under the rubble of war and then even further buried under the imperial super-structure built atop the rubble. And cultural renewal is not usually given prominence in the rebuilding process.As soon as the “clean slate” is visible through the smoke of destruction, action takes place rapidly. First come the destroyers themselves with their weapons; hunting and gathering the choice areas on the “slate” (landscape) and forcibly securing them. Then they bring the lackey government officials hunting and gathering for their masters who assign them positions on the “slate”. Next enter the foreign opportunists hunting and gathering the cheapest, poorest quality goods and services to sell to those already in place and those to come. The local opportunists are then allowed to hunt and gather. They bring scams and schemes to take direct advantage of their fellow country people.”“Is there any room on the “slate” for the rest of us – those who are not hunters?”“Yes! On the big blackboard that was so clean and shiny for a brief moment in time, it seems the ancestors have preserved a small and beautiful section for us, the planters/harvesters. Some of us have already found our spot on a “slate”. And although our areas might be idyllic and nestled in our own rich, natural resources; finding other planters and harvesters is not easy. We are surrounded by hunters and gatherers – just like anywhere else on this planet. You may see that spark of light in the eye of a farmer in the village – an exciting experience, but I’ve learned that nurturing that spark is critical and time sensitive.And to find planters and harvesters among those educated in the western system is also rare. When we meet them we treasure and work to form a lasting bond with them. We give thanks for the planters and harvesters that will form our “redeemers network” all over the world.All over Africa there are small groups of redeemers preserving our cultural life-force through our music, dance, visual arts, oral arts and our literature. Don’t you want to join our work on the not-so “clean slate”? I welcome you!”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

We Own The Sky

first_imgWe continue our series of superb videos from Captain David Rodrigo, who flies with Avianca Brazil, that take you into the cockpit of an Airbus A320 as never before. The videos are shot using a Go Pro Hero3. In this video you will see stunning thunderstorms lit up be the setting sun, the mighty Amazon River and aircraft flashing by. You will see landing and take-offs from the cockpit from a number of South American cities. To see more videos by Captain Rodrigo go here:

Uplifting township kids with music

first_imgVodacom Change The World volunteer Tammy Dutton has set up a 40-foot shipping container that was converted into two sound-proofed music classrooms for the children of Umlazi. Each container classroom has 12 guitars, three keyboards, two bass guitars, a drum kit, two microphones and five amplifiers.(Images: Vodacom)MEDIA CONTACTS • Tammy Dutton +27 82 620 85 73RELATED ARTICLES• Getting internet from the sun• Up-cycling for a better community• Pupils have a blast with Mathletes• Cartier finalist fights illiteracy in SA• Free MBA education for anyone• Three for one in educationCadine PillayA music school in the Durban township of Umlazi is helping vulnerable and orphaned children get off the streets and become involved in more productive activities.With the help of South African mobile telecommunications company Vodacom, and consumer company Godrej SA, Tammy Dutton ambitiously set up a 40-foot shipping container that was converted into two sound-proofed music classrooms for the children of Umlazi.Classes in containersEach container classroom, donated by Godrej SA, has 12 guitars, three keyboards, two bass guitars, a drum kit, two microphones and five amplifiers; all instruments were bought by Godrej SA and Glenwood Village Music.The music lessons are taught by a passionate young man named Nhlakanipho Mahoyi who is paid a small salary. Mahoyi is there on a formal basis, but is also present on an informal level to act as a role model and to help those children who spend extra time in the container practising their newly acquired skills.Umlazi is home to many orphaned and vulnerable children and Dutton was placed in the region by the non-profit organisation, Noah, as part of its worldwide network of protective Arks. Being a volunteer for Vodacom Change The World, Dutton is also sponsored by Vodacom to be there.She spends most of the day with children aged two to five years during school hours at the Ark at Sithokozise Primary School, part of Noah. She also runs an aftercare programme for children from Grade 1 all the way up to matric. “I noticed that the older children and teens got easily bored and needed something constructive to keep them entertained and off the street,” Dutton explains.‘A minute learning an instrument is a minute off the street’So she approached her friend, Andrew Ord, a musician, with the concept of a music school. “I approached Andrew with an idea to offer a music programme to these kids with the idea that a minute learning an instrument is a minute off the streets,” she says. “It is a healthy outlet that takes them a long time to master.” The two presented the concept to Godrej SA, which immediately wanted to get on board.“What impressed me most was how everyone came together for the project,” Dutton says. “Glenwood Village Music provided us with instruments in a short space of time; Isivuno Containers gave us a huge discount on the container and teachers and community members pitched in as well,” she explains. “It is amazing what can be achieved when companies, suppliers and community members collaborate to create something that will benefit so many children.”Improving lives at an early ageAlthough music has the ability to entertain and inspire, it is also capable of healing, building bridges and improving the lives of less fortunate people as well as of children. Dutton shares the story of a little girl who was extremely shy and hardly spoke: “I had the privilege of watching her fall in love with a guitar, slowly at first, just by touching it and feeling it beneath her fingers. Now she is learning to play and one can hardly recognise her.“She is full of sunshine and smiles,” Dutton says proudly. Another little boy exhibited behavioural problems until he realised that he was a natural on any instrument placed in his grasp. “He ran out on to the street calling his friends and now they all spend most afternoons in the music container, constructively entertained.”A library was also desperately needed by Sithokozise Primary School and Godrej SA, passionate about equipping children with as much as possible, generously donated another container that the Ark volunteers converted into a library. “The school can now use this whereas previously they had absolutely no space to even receive donations,” Dutton says. “All of the children were extremely humbled to receive new books – the first time for many of them.”last_img read more

Brand South Africa is proud to collaborate with the National Heritage Council (NHC) and various other stakeholders on its annual programme Heritage Education Schools Outreach Programme (HESOP)

first_imgJohannesburg, Friday, 28 September 2018 – Brand South Africa is proud to collaborate with the National Heritage Council (NHC) and various other stakeholders on its annual programme Heritage Education Schools Outreach Programme (HESOP).Speaking about the programme, Brand South Africa’s Strategic Relationship Manager, Ms Toni Gumede said; “Brand South Africa is very pleased to be collaborating on this programme for the second year. The significance for Brand South Africa as the custodian of the South African Nation Brand, is that through HESOP, young people get to engage with their heritage and identity which is enabling for building pride and patriotism, as an important part of Brand South Africa’s work.”The HESOP programme is targeted at Grade 9 to 11 learners from public schools and is designed to deepen awareness and appreciation of our common and diverse heritage through an inter-cultural exchange, presentations, traditional performances and a visit to a heritage site of cultural significance.In a statement the Chief Executive of the NHC, Adv. Sonwabile Mancotywa, said; “We also pride ourselves in decolonizing heritage for the future leaders of the country to start writing about and telling their own history as well as to better understand their heritage.”Each Province is represented by the school that won the provincial round of presentations. This year the 2018 HESOP competition will be at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in Free State from 01st – 05th October 2018.“One of the most attractive features of our beautiful country is the diversity of culture and multiplicity of lenses through which our stories are being told. It’s a privilege few are afforded to be able to own such a rich heritage as ours and we should not only appreciate it but share it, collectively. We are proud of all the schools that made it this far and encourage other schools to get involved in HESOP”, adds Ms Gumede.The names of the schools participating at the 2018 HESOP, who also won the provincial presentations, are;Free State: Selelekela Sec SchoolGauteng: Sunward Park High SchoolKwazulu Natal: Nsikayethu High SchoolLimpopo: George Mbulaheni Secondary SchoolMpumalanga: Valencia High SchoolNorthern Cape: Emmanuel Secondary SchoolNorth West: Vuyani – Mawethu High SchoolWestern Cape: John Ramsey High SchoolEastern Cape: Jongilizwe S.S.Slast_img read more

S-noilite® Short Straight BOB Wig Full Hair Wigs Cosplay Party Daily Fancy Dress 15 inch Light Brown : a gift for my friend in Halloween and she loved

first_img Making it look bad from the top. Wig is as expected from the picture shown. Only thing is that there are some bits of glue at the top which weren’t put on properly, making it look bad from the top. But overall it served it purpose. For its price it is also expected for it not to be perfect and for some hairs to fall off extremely easily. Natural colour, great value. Surprisingly good quality for the price. The hair length was a little shorter than i expected, closer to a short bob than shoulder length, but as a novely item i didn’t mind. Very lifelike good quality hangs well looks good on. Would like to see more colours. A gift for my friend in halloween and she loved. Bought this as a gift for my friend in halloween and she loved it. Very lifelike good quality hangs well looks good on. Would like to see more colours. I’m extremely happy with this wig for the price. I’m extremely happy with this wig for the price. I’m not an expert, just fed up of my short hair and i feel that this was well worth what i paid for it as a beginner. Making it look bad from the top. Wig is as expected from the picture shown. Only thing is that there are some bits of glue at the top which weren’t put on properly, making it look bad from the top. But overall it served it purpose. For its price it is also expected for it not to be perfect and for some hairs to fall off extremely easily. Natural colour, great value. Surprisingly good quality for the price. The hair length was a little shorter than i expected, closer to a short bob than shoulder length, but as a novely item i didn’t mind. I’m extremely happy with this wig for the price. I’m extremely happy with this wig for the price. I’m not an expert, just fed up of my short hair and i feel that this was well worth what i paid for it as a beginner. A gift for my friend in halloween and she loved. Bought this as a gift for my friend in halloween and she loved it. making it look bad from the topnatural colour, great valueI’m extremely happy with this wig for the priceS-noilite® Short Straight BOB Wig Full Hair Wigs Cosplay Party Daily Fancy Dress 15 inch Light Browntop quality kanekalon synthetic hair,best wigs.realistic skip top that look just like your scalp,close to real hair,very silky soft and fashionable.the internal net is the adjustable Rose net,can be adjust small medium or large,according to your head size.this wig can be restyle into your favorite style under 180 dgree after washing.resend and refund during guranteed,if you have any problem,pls feel free to contact us.last_img read more

California Energy Regulators Prepare To Tackle TVs

first_imgLCD and plasma sets are energy hogsSACRAMENTO, CA — The California Energy Commission is preparing new regulations to address power-hungry television sets. The proposed regulations, set to take effect in 2011, would require televisions sold in California to meet new energy-efficiency requirements.According to the Los Angeles Times, “During a peak viewing time when most sets are on, such as the Super Bowl, TVs in the state collectively suck up the equivalent of 40% of the power generated by the San Onofre nuclear power station running at full capacity. Televisions account for about 10% of the average Californian’s monthly household electricity bill. … LCD — liquid crystal display — sets use 43% more electricity, on average, than conventional tube TVs; larger models use proportionately more. Plasma TVs, which command a relatively small share of the market, need more than three times as much power as bulky, old-style sets.”Among those opposing the proposed regulations is Mike McMaster, president of Wilshire Entertainment, a Thousand Oaks, California, company that specializes in the installation of home theater systems. “If a customer wants a 12-cylinder car or a 60-inch plasma that uses this much energy, they’re going to get it,” McMaster noted.Update: see “California’s Efficiency Standards Applied to TVs.”last_img read more

The Market Adjustment That Killed Verizon’s App Store

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … We are in the expansion phase in almost every segment of the mobile industry. App development tools, mobile ads, cloud services, enterprise services, location services and more are all still growing and attracting new copycat entrants. (Note that copycats in this game are not necessarily nefarious, idea-stealing spammers – though those do exist.) Verizon certainly was hoping that its app store, pre-installed on some Android devices, would be a great way to spread its own apps. But the leading U.S. mobile carrier has apparently realized that its Apps store was an unnecessary redundancy within the Android, Amazon and BlackBerry environments. Android’s Google Play and the BlackBerry App World do well enough for the purposes of most users and the companies that control those platforms continue to push their customers to the official distribution channels.Is the Verizon App Store only the first shoe to drop in a market adjustment of the third-party app store segment? It’s too soon to tell for sure, but other app stores like Getjar could be vulnerable, depending on how companies like Google and Apple set restrictions to third-party apps going forward.The First Carrier To BlinkVerizon Apps is the first U.S. carrier store to leave the market. This is significant because Verizon has always been adamant about making sure it has its own apps installed on devices from its manufacturing partners. Pre-installing those apps has long been a requirement for all manufacturers that wished to sell devices through Verizon (Apple was a significant holdout). Sadly, the demise of Verizon Apps means only that the carrier is getting rid of the app store application, not all of its pre-installed apps. (Verizon is replacing its Apps store with a new service called AppsLuvr – a discovery engine where consumers can search Google Play for apps they may want to download.) The “bloatware” that consumers associate with pre-installed apps will continue. Those pre-installed apps bring significant revenue to the carriers, so there’s no way they will give up their hold on the apps installed on devices on their networks. That’s true no matter what the device manufacturers or the operating system creators – or their own customers – want. For the time being, at least.Timeline For End-Of-Life For Verizon AppsThe carriers are not quick to acknowledge failure. Even if a product or service is not catching, they often try to keep pushing it down everyone’s throat, if only to justify their investment. We think of companies like Google and Amazon as being extremely large, but telecom carriers like AT&T and Verizon pull in more then twice the revenue of those tech companies. The carriers remain the gatekeepers to the U.S. mobile market in the U.S. And yet, if Verizon was forced to realize that its App Store was fighting a losing battle, maybe there is a chance that carriers will become more responsive to consumer usage patterns. If people were actually using Verizon App, the company would have never killed it. Will that happen with other bloatware apps, such as AT&T’s Ready2Go?One can only hope. Tags:#apps#verizon The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement dan rowinski Related Posts Verizon announced on Monday that it is discontinuing its Verizon Apps program on Android and BlackBerry smartphones. By March 2013, Verizon will shut down its app store on Android devices and uninstall any apps already on users devices. This is surprising in many ways – and also indicative of the current direction of the mobile app market.Deflating The Balloon On 3rd-Party App StoresAs I watched the mobile market it grow over the last several years, I developed a theory. The business of technology is, at its essence, a copycat game. Companies see something that has been successful for someone else and they rush to create something similar to it to grab their own piece of the pie. This creates what I call the “Balloon Effect.” This not a bubble, which implies that the entire model will eventually pop (to the detriment of everyone). Instead, innovators create a market and then others rush in – and the segment expands. Eventually, the balloon grows too big and crowded for the market to keep inflated – and weak players die off, are acquired or decline to irrelevancy. last_img read more

Already good for silver, Delarmino shoots for Muay Thai gold

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. Already assured of the silver medal, Delarmino will engage in the most lucrative fight of his career yet in the men’s -57kg finals against Chotichanin Kokkrachai of Thailand, the country where the full-contact sport originated.“I will stick to our strategy of staying aggressive throughout,” said the 26-year-old Delarmino, whose claim to fame were a pair of silver finishes in the 2014 Asian Beach Games and 2013 Burma Southeast Asian Games.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games opening“He (Kokkrachai) is more of a technical fighter but we will not fight on his terms. We would rather be assertive and throw everything we have,” said muay coach Billy Alumno.More than the P2-million cash incentive that Delarmino can receive from the Philippine Sports Commission, beating Kokkrachai for the gold medal will jack up the Philippine medal tally of two gold, five silver and six bronze medals. To beat the highly favored Thai, Delarmino will need the same combative approach that propelled him to take all three rounds against Bayramdurdyyew, 30-27, Wednesday evening.On attack mode right from the start, Delarmino tagged his rival with a jarring right to the chin that floored the Turkmen 20 seconds into the first round.Taekwondo jin Francis Agojo, wrestler Jefferson Manatad and kurash grappler Al Rolan Llamas settled for bronze medals after bowing to their respective opponents in the semifinals.Agojo fell to 17-year-old Jang Jun of South Korea, 12-37, in the men’s -58kg finale while jins Christian Al Dela Cruz (men’s -80kg) and Rheza Aragon (women’s -49kg) were eliminated prior to the medal rounds.Following his stunning victory over Muhammetmyrat Gurbanow of Turkmenistan in the quarterfinals, Manatad saw his win streak end after a 5-0 defeat against Aidos Kulmanbetov of Kazakhstan in the men’s belt wrestling classic style -80kg category.ADVERTISEMENT Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ LATEST STORIES No more menthol cigarettes: New ban on tobacco, vape flavors Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Winter storm threatens to scramble Thanksgiving travel plans MOST READcenter_img Cielo seals golden treble; Adeline still unbeatable ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims Philippine bet Phillip Delarmino throws the jarring right that floored Bayramdurdyyew in the first round. —JUNE NAVARROASHGABAT—Phillip Delarmino knows that an aggressive mind-set could change the complexion of the fight regardless of the odds.Using his tested ploy, the muay fighter from Iloilo City hurdled Rusdem Bayramdurdyyew of host Turkmenistan in the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games here and silenced his foe’s sea of frenetic supporters to progress to the gold-medal match.ADVERTISEMENT Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Argentine bishop appears at court hearing on abuse charges Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View commentslast_img read more