EA turns hypocrite discounts games on Origin up to 875 percent

first_imgDavid DeMartini is the head of EA’s digital games service Origin. So when he makes statements about Origin, you have to take what he says as fact. A couple of weeks ago DeMartini gave an interview where he tried to differentiate Origin from rival services such as Steam.The biggest takeaway from the interview was DeMartini’s insistence that Origin would never run so-called “going-out-of-business sales” like Steam does. By that he meant a sale where a bunch of games are discounted by 75% or more. He said discounts would be offered on games, but they would only ever be small so as not to cheapen the IP and do a disservice to developers.Today, on Origin in the UK, Dragon Age: Origins is being offered with an 87.5% discount as part of a wider £5 (US$8) sale. Other games included in the offer are Spore, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Darksiders all at 75% off. The remaining games in the offer hover around the 50% off price range.If nothing else EA has some explaining to do. If the head of your Origin service says something isn’t going to happen, then 2 weeks later it does, there’s either a mistake been made or policy changes happen very quickly within that organization.Saying that, some of those games are now being offered at a great price, with Dragon Age: Origins clearly being the best value for money. If you fancy picking up any of those titles I’d do so before EA changes its mind or withdraws the offer to stop DeMartini looking like a hypocrite.More at Dragon Age: Origins UK Origin listing, via Rock, Paper Shotgunlast_img read more