first_imgTim McNulty has held his nerve to win the Donegal International Rally.Huge crowds met the Meath man as he arrived back at the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny this evening. McNulty kept his cool over the day’s final eight stages in Inishowen to finish one minute and nineteen seconds ahead of Alastair Fisher and his Letterkenny co-driver Rory Kennedy in second place.The event, which saw a crowd of more than 50,000 attend the three days, has been hailed as a huge success with no accidents.A Garda spokesman said the vast majority of rally followers were impeccably behaved.“The message of keeping the race on the road really got home. We had very few incidents of a serious nature. “The organisers did a terrific job and the crowd really behaved themselves. It was a really good event form our point of view,” he said.Eventual winner McNulty and co-driver Paul Kiely lead the event from the fourth stage on day one and increased their lead yesterday before driving a steady race today to ensure the title.The wet conditions earlier on today did not prove a problem for McNulty and the victory never looked in doubt.He stayed over a minute clear of Fisher’s Fiesta throughout the day and going into the final two stages, set in Buncrana Town, McNulty was leading by 1 minute and 16 seconds.McNulty held his nerve on the final two short town stages to win his second event in this year’s Irish Tarmac Rally Championship following his victory in Galway earlier this year.Fisher and Kennedy held off the challenge of Daragh O’Riordan for second, with O’Riordan fastest on half of today’s stages. Kevin Barrett finished in fourth with Garry Jennings taking fifth place. PICTURE BY CLIVE WASSON PHOTOGRAPHYEndsMCNULTY WINS HUGELY SUCCESSFUL 40TH DONEGAL INTERNATIONAL RALLY was last modified: June 20th, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:McNulty wins Donegal rallylast_img read more

Montebello runners showcase talents

first_img The format at the San Gabriel Valley Championships called for five varsity races for both boys and girls. The first race pitted each school’s best runners against each other, and the second featured each school’s second-best runner, and so on. While the meet afforded Montebello the opportunity to run against some of the East and West San Gabriel Valley powers, the Oilers were also able to preview their own league. Almont League rivals Alhambra, San Gabriel and Keppel also competed in the invitational. The Moors were by the far the most competitive of the aforementioned trio. Sophomore Phillip Benavides (16:11) finished third in boys race one, a good 29 seconds behind Ceja. Alhambra’s Carlos Hernandez (race two, 17:57) and Brian Figueroa (race four, 18:49) both finished 16th in their races. On the girls side, the Moors’ Jazmine Martinez (21:34) took fifth in race four. “I expect my kids to be near the top of the league this year,’ Flores said. “This type of running will get you prepared for league.’ Saturday’s race had a couple of surprises, including Arcadia winning its first Division I championship at Mt. SAC. “This is special,’ Arcadia coach Ray Mynster said. “The last two years we came in second. It feels good to win.’ The Apaches were led by Joanne Boulat’s (19:45) second-place finish in girls race two. The Arcadia trio of Roxy Pacheco (race three, 20:56), Tiffany Salvador (race four, 21:19) and Jennifer Yip (race five, 22:07) finished third in their respective races. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Senior Javier Ceja was the top area runner of the day, taking second place in boys varsity race one. Ceja’s time of 15:42 was good for 15th place all-time at Mt. SAC. “Javier is an excellent runner,’ Oilers coach Victoria Flores said. “He and David (Santana) and Chris (Teran) are my top three runners. I expect them to be near the top.’ WALNUT — While there was a small number of Whittier-area cross country teams at Saturday’s San Gabriel Valley Championships at Mt. San Antonio College, there was no shortage of local winners thanks to a strong performance by Montebello High School. While the Oilers did not finish high in the overall team standings, the Almont League powerhouse showcased several strong individual performances. center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 Two races later, both runners lived up to their coach’s expectations by finishing first in races two and three, respectively. Santana (16:06), who was the top runner in race two, held off Damien’s Rami Totari by two seconds. “This feels pretty good,’ a winded Santana said. “Yeah, I really like this course. My goal here was to see how good I really was and to hopefully be one of the top runners.’ Teran (16:37) had a slightly easier time in race three, far outpacing Glendora’s Nick Nichols (17:10). Other solid Oilers’ finishers included Adriana Roque (22:54), who finished 15th in girls race three, and Judith Flores (24:31), who took 16th in girls race four. last_img read more

Creepy!  Creationism in School

first_imgIs there some reason that two reports described creationism as something that is “creeping” into schools?USA:  In Live Science, senior editor Robin Lloyd described creationism as “creeping” into U.S. classrooms.  “One in eight U.S. high school biology teachers presents creationism or intelligent design in a positive light in the classroom, a new survey shows, despite a federal court’s recent ban against it.”  The basis of her report was a paper in PLoS Biology by Berkman, Pacheco, and Plutzer.1  The paper said 38% of the public would prefer that creationism be taught instead of evolution.  A survey of 939 teachers showed that between 12% and 16% are creationists, and only 23% feel strongly that evolution is a central unifying theme for biology.    The federal ban that Lloyd referred to was the decision by John E. Jones in Dover, Pennsylvania – a ruling that had no bearing on any school outside that county.  She referred vaguely to “many other legal victories at the state and local level for the teaching of evolution.”  One should recall that calling a decision a “victory” depends on one’s point of view.  Science Daily and PhysOrg also alleged that creationism violates the Establishment Clause, but did not describe creationism as “creeping” into schools.  Actually, the US Supreme Court, while forbidding “equal time” laws, allows teachers “considerable leeway” in how the subject of origins is presented – a point Berkman admitted in his paper.    Did Lloyd provide evidence that creationism is “creeping” into schools, as opposed to declining or maintaining a presence that has always been there?  She quoted Berkman saying “The status of evolution in the biology and life sciences curriculum remains highly problematic and threatened,” but otherwise there was no indication of a conspiracy to sneak creationism into schools – which is what the phrase “creationism creeps into U.S. classrooms” suggests.    Lloyd used additional language to portray creationism as something sinister and threatening.  Whereas creationists believe life was created by God, “Scientists, on the other hand, agree that humans evolved from a common primate ancestor in a process that stretches back tens of millions of years,” she proclaimed.  “The theory of evolution on which this is based is one of the most well-supported theories in science.”  Other statements stressed the “victory for evolution” theme or the “all experts agree” theme: “This issue [the teaching of evolution] is particularly interesting in that context because the public opinion on it is in many ways so far away from where the experts are,” Berkman told Live Science.  He also told the reporter, “Victory in the courts and state standards will not ensure that evolution is included in high school science classes.”    As usual, Live Science included icons at the bottom for its featurettes that mock creation beliefs: “Top ten creation myths” and “Top 10 missing links.”Et tu, Turkey?  “Creationism is creeping into the universities to the alarm of researchers supporting Ataturk’s vision of a secular state,” Nigel Williams wrote in Current Biology this week.2  His article has the bellicose title, “Secular Turkey’s evolution battle.”  Later he said, “Ankara is now the centre of a battle against the rise of creationism in Turkey.”    Williams also did not provide evidence that creationism is “creeping” in under the wire.  He admitted that an Islamic version of creationism has been taught in Turkish high schools since 1985.  That’s 23 years – hardly a creepy new threat, though creationist leanings seem more prevalent among younger teachers.  If anything is creeping in now, it is American evolutionists like Douglas Futuyma and Jerry Coyne who came to lecture against creationism in Ankara.    Like the Live Science article, the editorial in Current Biology stressed the warfare metaphor: “Ankara is now the centre of a battle against the rise of creationism in Turkey.”  There was a reference to Adnan Oktar (a.k.a. Hahrun Yahya), whose thick and lavishly illustrated Atlas of Creation was sent to teachers and researchers.  This person and his group, which also supports an elaborate multi-language website (see has no connection to American creationists, who oppose the Islamic slant and many aspects of the beliefs presented.  American creationists also lack the kind of funding that supported this one organization’s effort, which most likely came from rich Muslim supporters, perhaps Saudis.3  American evolutionists, by contrast, are amply funded by the American government.  All creationist organizations in the West and Australia are privately funded and get no such government subsidies.    Williams not only lumped Islamic and Christian creationism into the same pot, he linked it to the highly-charged word “fundamentalism” and described evolution as “secular” in the vision of Ataturk.  This begs the question whether Darwinism is devoid of religious implications, and whether scientific evidence for intelligent design could be presented with the same secular criteria as evolution.  The last word: “Although creationists are spending incredible amounts of funds of unknown origin in their campaign against evolution, we believe that science will win in the end.” 1.  Michael B. Berkman, Julianna Sandell Pacheco, Eric Plutzer, “Evolution and Creationism in America’s Classrooms: A National Portrait,” Public Library of Science: Biology, Vol. 6, No. 5, May 20, 2008, e124, doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060124.2.  Nigel Williams, “Feature: Secular Turkey’s evolution battle,” Current Biology, Vol 18, R398-R399, 20 May 2008.3.  Science magazine reported on May 23 in its “Newsmakers” section that Adnan Oktar, an “influential Islamic creationist,” was sentenced by an Istanbul court to 3 years in prison “for starting a criminal organization and profiting from it.”  This organization, however, is unrelated to his Foundation for Scientific Research (BAV) that published the Atlas of Creation.  “BAV is not directly linked to the activities that landed Oktar in trouble, and creationism had nothing to do with the charges,” the news item stated.  Even so, members of BAV feel Oktar is being persecuted for his views – and Science quoted a physicist who feels that is “not entirely implausible” given the political pressures on Turkey’s justice system. The wording in these articles was rigged to color creationism in fundamentalist, religious, superstitious, insidious, sneaky, dark tones and evolution in secular, scientific, victorious, brave strokes, as the stalwart soldiers of Scientific Truth battle this “threat.”  Statistics were carefully selected to support the portrayal of creationism as a creepy minority view.  Lloyd and Berkman used the figure 38% for those wanting creationism taught instead of evolution – a minority, but substantial enough to appear threatening indeed.  When people are asked if they want both views taught, the number can be as high as 65-85% or more.  As few as 10-20% want DODO (Darwin-only, Darwin-only), yet that minority view is imposed by dictatorial courts and lawsuit-threatening organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State (a.k.a. secularists determined to overthrow the First Amendment free-exercise clause), funded by radical leftist liberals.    Boy, could we have fun setting the record straight on what is really going on by the Darwinist minority imposing their religious view (atheism) onto the public, fighting Academic Freedom bills, shutting down debate, and issuing shrill, heated propaganda with no understanding of the issues involved, and precious little attempt to honestly articulate distinctions or weigh evidence.  Take a little tour through the Chain Links on Evolution and Education for plenty of supporting material.  A look at the history of the Darwin revolution, too, would be very illuminating about creepiness.  CEH does not endorse Yahya’s Atlas of Creation but would like to point out that even that was privately funded and offered as a free gift to teachers and academics.  Was anything stopping Dr. Hatecreationism from simply depositing it in the trash can?  It’s not like the organization was invading libraries and burning copies of Origin of Species or something.  The Darwinists, by contrast, get government funding to build pro-evolution websites taking positions on religion, and can send every teacher in the country their propaganda, like the NAS booklet Science, Evolution and Creationism.  How do they indoctrinate?  With bad science in textbooks (Haeckel’s embryos and other hoaxes, see 07/25/2003), with one-sided museum extravaganzas (04/30/2008) and with ridicule and intimidation by arrogant teachers and threats from the courts.  When someone doesn’t tow the party line, as shown in Expelled, the Darwinists ruin careers, lambaste, marginalize, deny degrees and tenure, and act in other creepy ways.    Creationism is not creeping like some insidious spider or snake under the door, seeking opportunity to multiply and strike.  Belief in creation was the dominant view for centuries till a creeping secularism usurped the scientific institutions and shut off debate (the hallmark of science).  Today’s creationist ladies and gentlemen, well-dressed and educated, knock patiently on the door of public opinion, seeking an opportunity to talk rationally about the evidence once again.  This may seem creepy to inbred liberals unaccustomed to such things, but creepiness is in the eye of the beholder.  Does a creation scientist with a PhD in geology or biochemistry appear creepy?  To whom does a Doctor of Divinity with expertise in archaeology and history appear creepy?  Does a book written by PhD scientists and philosophers of science and a science curriculum writer like Explore Evolution appear creepy to a Darwin-indoctrinated high school biology teacher?  Undoubtedly conservatives appear creepy to liberals.  Why, under certain circumstances, sheep might even appear creepy to wolves.  (Especially those sheep with the big horns.)    Teachers, would you like to really freak out the Darwinists?  Teach ALL the facts about Darwinism.  Spend lots of time on the subject.  Teach both the strengths and weaknesses about Darwinism.  You don’t even have to mention creation, God, or anything even remotely religious.  Just say something like, “Today, class we are going to talk about evolution.  Many scientists believe that humans came from bacteria.  They have lots of evidence for this.  Here, for instance, are some finch beaks that got longer and shorter as the weather changed.  Here are some moths that scientists glued to tree trunks.  Here is a display of embryos – whoops, I’m sorry, that turned out to be a hoax.  Here is the fossil record, where all the major phyla burst onto the scene without any apparent ancestors.  And here is the inside of a cell, with thousands of molecular machines and a coded language, which they say came from lucky mud.  Any questions?”  To Darwin Party enforcers, the giggles among the students would sound really, really creepy.(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

OABA again offering LAUNCH Program

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio AgriBusiness Association will select up to 25 promising leaders to participate in a leadership enhancement program early next year.Knowing that half of the agribusiness workforce could retire in the next 10 to 12 years, Leaders Achieving Unexpected New Career Heights (LAUNCH) was designed to inspire confidence in emerging leaders to help them achieve career growth and their organization’s strategic goals.Earlier this year, 19 participants from 13 different organizations graduated from the fourth LAUNCH class.“Created as a program to further professional development among agribusiness professionals, LAUNCH also provides participants with networking opportunities that help grow the community of agribusiness leaders,” said Chris Henney, OABA president and CEO. “This program gives participants the essential communication and decision making tools that will establish a successful future for Ohio’s agriculture industry.”The LAUNCH program will consist of two sessions: Jan. 10 through 12, 2017 and Feb. 21 though 23, 2017. The program will cover a variety of topics, including personal insight; executive leadership skills and decision making; communication and presentation skills; global issues in agriculture; change management and employee engagement principles; Ohio/regional trends in agribusiness; strategic planning; critical thinking; goal setting and organizational skills; state and local government; and a capstone project.To be considered, participants must be employed by a member company/organization of OABA, must be sponsored by their employer, and must submit an application and letter of recommendation. The application form is available at . The deadline to apply is Nov. 14.For more information and to see what 2016 participants are saying about LAUNCH, go to or contact Margo Long at 6143267520 or [email protected]last_img read more

LFW kickstarts with whiff of freshness

first_imgFresh talent and new ideas – that’s what the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 kicked off with here Friday. As many as seven new designers wowed fashionistas at the opening of the five-day gala with distinct collections.The ‘Gen Next’ show included new designers like Aniket Satam, Sneha Arora, Asa Kazingmei, Kavita Sharma, Richa Aggarwal and a group of three called Threesome.All collections were mainly based on an array of colours and textures, with designs which were quirky and the garments, innovative.The show started with Ashta and Sidharth’s collection, which was dominated by colours like bright yellow and navy blue.It was followed by a line by the Threesome – Mehak Pruthi, Kanika Seth and Ankit Sharma. Their collection was based on ‘Avatars’.”We based it on self-avatars, displaying the true emotion of clandestine. We all have something hidden in us which we never let out,” they said of their line, after the show.The group also emphasized that they didn’t want to do away with the true flavour of India, and so tried to “promote what we are”.Another newcomer Richa Aggarwal’s collection could be best described as “earthy”.”I tried to represent the streets of India through my collection. It was very colourful with textures. The clothes were simple yet wearable,” she said.Kavita Sharma showcased a collection ‘It’s a beautiful life’. “It was based on the idea of rebirth depicted in the Bhagwad Gita. It’s about a small child who is amused by his surroundings, and all my garments had a different story behind them,” she said.Sneha Arora’s line had a completely different look with her models sporting intellectual looks.”My theme was once upon a time in paradigm. The monotony of black and grey were broken by colour and digital prints,” she said.Asa Kazingmei’s theme was ‘immortal’. The collection had simple silhouettes along with well constructed structures. There were motifs depicting the bravery of the soldiers.The last collection of the show was by Aniket Satam, who was inspired by the prediction that the world will come to an end in 2012.The ongoing extravaganza is in its 13th edition, and is being held at the Grand Hyatt.advertisementlast_img read more

Country’s Rating Upgraded from Stable to Positive

first_img Finance and the Public Service Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw, says the country’s rating has been upgraded from ‘stable’ to ‘positive’ by international rating agency, Fitch, as a result of macroeconomic improvements. Finance and the Public Service Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw, says the country’s rating has been upgraded from ‘stable’ to ‘positive’ by international rating agency, Fitch, as a result of macroeconomic improvements.He said these include further reduction in unemployment to a 10-year low at 10.3 per cent; stabilisation of the Jamaican dollar, which revalued to $125.50 against the US dollar up to Friday (February 2); growth in the tourism and business process outsourcing industries; and a construction industry that is “literally booming”.The Minister was speaking at Thursday’s (February 1) signing ceremony for €9.17 million (US$10 million) in grant funding under the European Union-Caribbean Investment Facility (EU-CIF) for the Government’s energy management and efficiency project, at the Ministry in Kingston.Additionally, Mr. Shaw said the debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio is poised for further reduction and is expected to close the 2017/18 fiscal year below 105 per cent.“We are moving in a very aggressive way to deal with all the fundamental issues that collectively militate against business and consumer confidence and investments (and by extension, growth).We have to make sure that we do the necessary things to make our country more appropriately aligned with global standards,” the Minister said.Meanwhile, representatives of several of Jamaica’s multilateral and development partners have welcomed the news of the country’s macroeconomic progress and upgraded rating.The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) General Manager, Country Department, Caribbean Group, Therese Turner-Jones, noted that the out-turns show that Jamaica has “come a long way”.She said the Fitch announcement also indicates how far Jamaica has progressed in terms of reducing debt and improving the overall macroeconomic environment.“So, I think we are all extremely proud of that – the IDB especially, because we have been working with you on this for the last five years. I think the future is bright,” Mrs. Turner-Jones added.For his part, visiting Director-General for International Cooperation and Development in the European Commission, Stefano Manservisi, said he is “very happy” with Jamaica’s progress, which has contributed to the improvement in the country’s global rating. Story Highlightscenter_img The Minister was speaking at Thursday’s (February 1) signing ceremony for €9.17 million (US$10 million) in grant funding under the European Union-Caribbean Investment Facility (EU-CIF) for the Government’s energy management and efficiency project, at the Ministry in Kingston. last_img read more