The Mortgage Customer Connection

first_img The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Share Save  Print This Post in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Print Features The Mortgage Customer Connection Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago It is not unusual for the bulk of your client contact to arise only when there is a question or a problem. Even though every company loves positive feedback, it would be rare for a client to call just to give you a high five and say how happy they are with the services. No matter what the exchange, do not let your client hang up the phone thinking, “That was terrible customer service.”Teaching and mentoring client-facing teams to exhibit behaviors where they connect with clients will help your company reach the immeasurable or subjective feedback that everyone strives to see on a satisfaction survey. The customer service representative is the first point of contact, the customer’s connection to your organization. This is why it is imperative that each of your employees connect with the customers and understand their business.There are several tools to ensure your customer service efforts are what you want them to be, including recording calls, score cards and surveys to provide helpful feedback. These tools will help you determine where you might need to further train employees, but nothing will substitute for a well-trained, client-facing employee that can connect with a client. They can make the difference between creating a raving fan or an unhappy one.  Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Kelly Hebert is Director of Sales Operations for Lereta. She is responsible for managing the collaboration between the sales, operations, and account management teams. Her goal is to enhance a client’s experience from every angle and to redefine how teams work together to create the best relationship possible. She can be reached at [email protected] Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago About Author: Kelly Hebert Customers 2019-10-23 Seth Welborn Related Articles Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Tagged with: Customers Home / Daily Dose / The Mortgage Customer Connection Sign up for DS News Daily Previous: The Most Recession-Proof States Next: Delinquencies Hit Seasonal Uptick Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared in the October issue of DS NewsHow many times have you heard the phrase, “We have great customer service?” What does this mean, exactly? Is there a proven formula that shows “empathy + smiling through the phone + knowledge = happy customers”? I’m sure a Silicon Valley startup must be working on an app and an algorithm for this, right? It is difficult to grasp what constitutes great customer service because everyone boasts that they have it. I believe we need to rethink what great customer service is because the phrase has lost its meaning. When I hear that a company has great customer service as a part of their tagline, I am skeptical—I have heard it before, and I have been disappointed. Too often there are complaints about a terrible customer experience, and we hear little about what companies are doing to make sure their customer service is truly awesome.This prompted me to do a little research. I wanted to quantify the immeasurable parts of customer service, so I performed some unofficial Google research on companies that are known to have the best customer service. The findings were fascinating. What people perceive as great customer service may be challenging to measure or replicate, but these were some of the recurring themes:PolitenessProfessionalism and courtesyVariety and centralizationThe feeling of being pamperedReliabilityEmployee happinessAccuracyCaring about customer needsThis is a diverse list to master, and a company may need to hire a psychologist to create a training program for human resources teams to do so. Strong customer service can’t be found in a call rubric, phone metrics, or a customer survey. The attributes uncovered were based upon a customer’s subjective opinion of how they felt after they interacted with the company. How can a company that is seeking an enhanced customer experience train their account managers to leave their clients with this feeling? The answer may be better explored in how to connect with your customers. This allows them to be the recipient of your politeness and professionalism, allows them to feel that your company actually cares about the results that matter to them and how the end product is used.Feeling connected may also allow for second chances. If there is an interruption in service or an error in the product, a customer that feels like the company is connected to their satisfaction and understands their needs may be more understanding of an error and more willing to work through the concern with the company. Customer service is all about connection. No matter the size or type of customer base you have, it is a theme that translates to every business and every industry. Connect with your customers and you can keep them happy and retain them.Connect by Understanding the Effects of Your Service or Product. Account managers and customer service representatives need to understand the effect of the service or product has for your client. If there is a problem on a report, a payment, or a shipment, your customer-facing agent needs to understand how this will affect the client. It’s critical that your employee understand how the client both uses the service and benefits from it. Train your employees to understand the consequences of mistakes, the cost of errors, and the ramifications from different stakeholders, so that a response of “I’m sorry that happened” has more connection and meaning. This lets the client know you are going to do everything you can to correct what happened and work with the appropriate teams to prevent it from happening again. Connect by Understanding the Client’s Business. Many service providers offer products to more than one type of business within an industry. For example, real estate services may cater to banks, credit unions, loan servicers, and property managers. These are all unique businesses that may benefit from the same product. Train your customer-facing employees to understand the differences and track the client type in your CRM software so employees can better connect with lingo and jargon, and maybe even cross sell complementary products. Employees who know how the customer is using the product will be better able to assist with specific solutions for that business and can connect with the clients on a more personal level.Connect by Cross-Training. As companies grow, the need to functionalize forces divisions of people into teams and departments. Naturally, this causes teams to work in silos with little understanding of how their process is connected to the rest of the business, and to the client. There are enormous operational benefits of cross-training your employees, but there is also a benefit to the customer. Cross-training ensures continuity of the customer experience across multiple lines of business. The customer-facing employee should have enough of an understanding of other departments and verticals that they can offer assistance and high-level support, even if the client’s question or concern is outside of their normal role. Connect With Regular Communication. It could be a quarterly phone call, or perhaps a newsletter. Whatever it is, make sure there is consistent outreach and communication with your clients, and be available when they need you. Clients that have regular communication will not be shy about speaking up when there is a problem. Maintaining a strong presence and brand will help them remember your company when they are looking to upgrade or add more services to their business. Without regular communication, you may be forgotten—or worse, they will not think to call you when there is a concern, and they may just silently take their business elsewhere. Any client that has not received communication at least one to two times a year should be flagged for review and should receive a wellness check for their satisfaction.Connect by Embracing Competition. Competition can be healthy; it keeps us sharp and reminds us that there are other options for our client, so we must continue to enhance and improve services. Train account managers to listen closely. Often the client uses multiple vendors or has used your competition in the past. Make note of any experiences they share on the call and share the feedback to identify if there is anything to be learned about how to improve existing offerings and to increase your competitive advantage. Never speak ill of competition to your client, but rather show them your openness to listen and your willingness for improvement.Connect by Showing Empathy. No one likes to feel like their issues are not important. When a client calls to voice a concern about a problem, it is crucial to make sure customer representatives understand how to be empathetic. It can be tiring to hear complaints all day, but that may be the only interaction your customer has that year. Turn the opportunity into a positive experience for the client by showing empathy, connect by understanding that what they are experiencing is inconvenient, and ensure that the customer feels important and valued. Make sure the client leaves the interaction remembering how helpful the company was and what was done to resolve the issue rather than focusing on the mistake and how it was handled.Connect by Showing Appreciation. Say thank you. It sounds so simple, but it is not often practiced. Send a holiday card, recognize how long a client has used your services, or say thank you for their continued trust in your product. October 23, 2019 1,234 Views Subscribelast_img read more

Corporate Guyana continues to support RHTYSC

first_imgROSE Hall Town Youth & Sports Club cricket teams received donation from M&M Investments, Harris Paints and Poonai Pharmacy.The outstanding work of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS, and its eight cricket teams continue to attract the support of corporate Guyana.The club and its eight cricket teams are currently organising a hectic calendar of activities to mark the 175th anniversary celebration.As such, the management of M&M Snackette located at Peter’s Hall, East Bank, Demerara, handed over a cheque for $80 000 to club secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, while Harris Paints donated ten gallons of paint towards the decoration of the Township and restoration works at the Area ‘H’ Ground.Poonai Bhirooj of Poonai’s Pharmacy also contributed financially towards the construction of a mini arch for the 175th Anniversary.Foster, who is spearheading the historic celebration, praised the donors for coming on board with the cricket teams.He also disclosed that the cricket teams, the Club’s Over-35 group and the M&M Investment Group would be working together with NAMILCO to host a massive Fitness Walk and Diabetes Clinic on the August 31, at the Independence Avenue, Rose Hall Town.The Fitness Walk and Diabetes Clinic would form part of Ms Guyana World 2017 Vena Mookram’s personal platform for the Ms World Contest later in the year.The walk is expected to attract hundreds of Berbicians including Law Enforcement Officers, GUYSUCO Training Centre students, RHTYSC members and others.Meanwhile, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club has disclosed that its Patron His Excellency President David Granger has accepted the Invitation to be the Guest Speaker at the Grand Ceremony on the September 14.The President would also take the salute at the 175th Parade.last_img read more

Rugby: Updates due from Irish camp.

first_imgThe Ireland squad have a rest day today, ahead of Sunday’s Test with Georgia. The fitness situations of both Jared Payne and Chris Henry are likely to become clearer, however. Payne has been working through a foot sprain, while Henry was a late withdrawl from the win over the Springboks with a virus.last_img

How the Scientist Got His Just-So Story

first_imgA case of scientific racism?  An anthropologist studied living Kalahari Bushmen for clues to the evolution of cognition.Human beings are long, long past any evolutionary stage anthropologists could claim they were going through 400,000 years ago when our ancestors allegedly learned to control fire.  (Michael Balter in Nature asserts that date, even though evidence of cooking goes back millions of years in the evolutionary timeline; 6/17/09.)  So what are anthropologists doing listening to the campfire stories of living tribesmen to draw inferences about our evolutionary past?Laura Geggel at Live Science writes,Telling stories around a campfire may have served as one of the first forms of “social media,” helping humans create and spread culture, reports a new study on the Kalahari Bushmen in Africa.These firelight tales, rarely told during the day, can reinforce social traditions, encourage harmony and equality, and create a sense of community when the stories tell of people living far away or in the spirit world, the researchers added.University of Utah anthropologist Polly Wiessner didn’t need to travel to Africa to find this out.  She could have gone to any campground in America to hear wild and wacky stories around evening campfires.  Africans are not a whit less human than anyone else (as can be demonstrated by our interfertility and the intellectual achievements of many Africans).  Besides, Wiessner used “educated Bushmen” to help translate the stories.  What is it that made her think tribespeople in Botswana and Namibia were somehow closer to our evolutionary ancestors (and thus less evolved) than Europeans or Americans?  Is this a case of scientific racism?Wiessner apparently deduced in her “exploratory study” that since some Kalahari still live by hunting and gathering, they are like human ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago.   That appears to be a highly dubious inference, unless one believes that these Africans represent an evolutionary throwback or atavism. While she agrees that all humans have the capacity to bond with storytelling, it’s clear from PhysOrg‘s coverage that she intended to do some storytelling of her own about human evolution:Wiessner suggests that firelight stories, conversations, ceremonies and celebrations sparked human imagination and “cognitive capacities to form these imagined communities, whether it’s our social networks, all of our relatives on Earth or communities that link us to the spirit world.” She says they also bolstered the human ability to “read” what others are thinking – not just their thoughts or intentions, but their views toward other people.When did the spark ignite?  When did the bolstering begin?  Clearly, she’s implying it happened way, way back when—long before modern humans evolved.She also concluded that since the tribes’ subject matter changed from economics during the day to the spirit world at night, that somehow the light of campfires lit up the social bonds of early humans.  “What I found was a big difference between day and night conversation, the kinds of information transmitted and the use of imaginary thought,” she said.  Could she not find the same difference at any English pub or Japanese sushi bar?  All people talk about business during the day, and less so at night.  So what?The paper, which PNAS published without rejection, appears to tell more about Weissner’s storytelling ability than those of her fully-modern-human subjects.  Why did PNAS allow her to say, “Control of fire and the capacity for cooking led to major anatomical and residential changes for early humans, starting more than a million years ago,” with not a single peer reviewer objecting?  This points to an insidious racism throughout academia that minorities might consider invidious.Quick!  Call Al Sharpton and the other anti-racism activists.  Sic ’em on the evolutionary anthropologists—some of the most shameless racists on earth (8/10/14), who continue to imply that people in undeveloped countries are inferior to themselves.  They’ve done this to Neanderthals for years—intelligent humans who, in absentia, have been unable to defend their reputations against the N-word (5/06/14).  Now they’re doing it to living third-world human beings!  Outrageous.  Remember how Jared Diamond got in trouble for a similar racist “study” that his highly-intelligent subjects in New Guinea sued him over? (5/17/09).  Yet here is Michael Balter again, who exposed that story, pretending that another anthropologist is doing legit science.  And it’s not just Wiessner; look—she has Nature, PNAS, PhysOrg and Live Science all praising her “study” as if it were science, not racist storytelling.Bible-believing creationists see all human beings as descendants of Adam and Eve.  Racism is excluded; we are all created in the image of God.  We’ve fallen from the original state of innocence, and gone our separate ways in our journeys away from the light (Acts 17:22-31), but Christians preach unequivocally that Christ died for every man, woman and child on earth.  That’s why we go out into all the world (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20) to bring the good news of the gospel to remote jungles, deserts and caves: we know that, despite the Fall, the Flood and Babel, we are “created equal” in God’s sight.  The final book of Revelation portrays a glorious celebration around the throne of God of people from every tribe, people group, and language (Revelation 7:9-10).Christians are the ones who respect truth (John 18:37-38) and evidence (I Corinthians 15:1-11), deploring those who turn aside to myths (II Timothy 4:1-4), exposing those who make up stories out of their own imagination (II Corinthians 10:5).  How ironic that today, Christians are the ones routinely portrayed as anti-science, while the evolutionary scientists are the primary unscientific purveyors of imagination-based tales in the intellectual world.  What’s the essential difference, we ask, between Wiessner’s tale and the campfire stories of her Kalahari subjects?What’s funny, after the outrage we should feel over Wiessner’s implied racism, is that hers is just another evolutionary just-so story, concocted out of imagination rather than proof.  Only this time, it’s a just-so story about storytelling!  “How the anthropologist got her just-so story” indeed.  Touché. 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More Penitence Needed Toward Our Neanderthal Brethren

first_img(Visited 381 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Evolutionists acknowledge changing views toward Neanderthals, but they fall short of apology for fake science.Mingling with Neanderthals (Current Biology). Michael Gross gives a wimpy answer to the mistakes evolutionists have made about ‘Neanderthal Man’ in the past, saying, “the story of what was once described as a replacement of Eurasia’s archaic populations with modern humans is becoming more complicated.” He calls it a “surprising finding” that we have Neanderthal genes. How complicated? Look at the gobbledygook in this quote:“We view this transition as a dynamic process of cultural evolution that occurred in complex, highly structured, cultural and demographic contexts, both in space and in time… This view emphasizes joint considerations of ecological, demographic, evolutionary, and cultural-evolutionary dynamics, in order to better understand the transition.”Neanderthals Walked Upright Just Like the Humans of Today (University of Zurich). Strike another blow to the image of a stooped-over caveman.Neanderthals are often depicted as having straight spines and poor posture. However, these prehistoric humans were more similar to us than many assume. University of Zurich researchers have shown that Neanderthals walked upright just like modern humans – thanks to a virtual reconstruction of the pelvis and spine of a very well-preserved Neanderthal skeleton found in France.The writer of this press release takes refuge in passive voice sentences. Who depicted them with poor posture? Evolutionists. Who assumed they were dissimilar to us? Evolutionists. This is a way to dodge accountability with Tontological writing, incorrectly drawing everybody into their own error.Exceptionally high δ15N values in collagen single amino acids confirm Neandertals as high-trophic level carnivores (PNAS). All this says is that Neanderthals ate meat. The authors call them “carnivores.” It’s true, but it sounds demeaning, like they were mere animals on the same level as tigers or lions. If you enjoy cheeseburgers, filet mignon, or salmon fillet, would you appreciate being called a carnivore? Hopefully that is not the only trait that defines you, and it should not define Neanderthals.Older conceptions of Neanderthals assumed they were much more primitive than humans. This reconstruction by Frantisek Kupka, with aid from paleontologist Marcellin Boule, appeared in The Illustrated London News in 1909. (Boston Globe)Brain Evolution: Mapping the Inner Neandertal (Current Biology). Sherwood and Bradley point out some surprising consequences of the surprising discovery that Neanderthals interbred with “modern” humans (notice the implied historical racism).This means that there are billions of people walking the earth today that carry the DNA of Neandertals. There is more Neandertal DNA in the world now than at any other time in history.The authors focus on the ‘globularity’ of the skull as something that is ‘uniquely human,’ but admit that evolutionists ‘are just scratching the surface’ to understand variability in humans. They insist on calling anyone else than our brand “archaic” humans – a slur against which Neanderthals are not present to defend themselves.Neanderthals may have been sprinters not endurance runners (New Scientist). Evolutionists are prone to portray Neanderthals as hairy, naked and possessed of blank expressions. This is no exception, starting with exactly that kind of image. But at the same time, the article debunks another Neanderthal myth. Using another Tontology, the author says:We may have to rewrite what we know about Neanderthals — they were sprinters rather than long distance joggers, and occupied forests, not bleak tundra-like wasteland….However, a new analysis suggests a different view. “A closer look at the layers in which their fossils are found suggest Neanderthals actually lived at the same times and places as animals that are associated with warmer, woodland ecologies,” says John Stewart at the University of Bournemouth, who led the study.If you have to rewrite something you knew, did you really ever know it? You don’t have to revise knowledge. You revise myths. Another myth was left unstated: the idea that all Neanderthals were one thing or the other. Consider the Olympics. Don’t we have events for both long distance runners and sprinters among ‘modern humans’? We don’t know the degree of variance in the abilities of Neanderthals. It’s illogical to infer that one trait possessed by one or a few skeletons represents the entire population.Humans Did Not Wipe Out the Neanderthals, New Research Suggests (Live Science). Another myth explodes: that more-evolved ‘modern humans’ wiped out the brutish Neanderthals once they had to compete in evolutionary fitness. It was a nice myth that fit the Darwinian picture of competition and struggle. Alas, the longer overlap in time and sexual dalliances between the groups suggest that the alleged extinction of Neanderthals “might have been more complex and drawn out than previously thought,” this article sheepishly admits. Since we have their genes, and they had our ancestors’ genes, maybe we are them, and they are us.A more modern depiction shows Neanderthals as strong, thoughtful, and culturally astute. What’s the difference? image by Mauro Cutrona.Trail of feathers to the Neanderthal mind (Nature). Veteran paleoanthropologist Bernard Wood reviews Clive Finlayson’s newest book, The Smart Neanderthal. Finlayson believes Neanderthals were our cognitive equals. Wood provides a readable account of the history of Neanderthal discoveries, and almost agrees with Finlayson that their feather collections from a wide variety of species indicates cognitive sophistication. But, he ends, “We need to find more sites in which Neanderthals were put through their behavioural paces.” How many instances does it take, though? If you found one smartphone, you’d understand a lot about modern humans’ cognitive sophistication.Update 3/08/19: Rabbit bones suggest Neanderthals were better hunters than we thought (New Scientist). This article shares new evidence published in Science Advances that Neanderthals hunted rabbits. The significance of this is that rabbits are hard to catch, requiring great skill in hunting such nimble, fleet-footed small mammals that dart this way and that (try it some time). Evolutionists believe Neanderthals, and maybe even their ‘ancestors’ Heidelberg Man were catching rabbits 400,000 years ago, even before they had invented arrows or spears. This would be right around the oldest alleged age of Neanderthals. The surprised paleoanthropologists found evidence of rabbit bones in some of the oldest habitats of Neanderthals, admitting that this contradicts evolutionary expectations: “the frequent exploitation of leporids [rabbits] documented here implies that human diet breadths were substantially more variable within Europe than assumed by current evolutionary models.”Evolutionary scientists have been so, so, so wrong about our Neanderthal brethren. What is it going to take to get them to take responsibility for promoting fake science, and to repent, and vow never again to commit such abominations in the name of science?last_img read more

Glen Rice Jr. drops triple-double as TNT nips NLEX

first_imgLOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City MOST READ Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Duterte tells PSC to include IPs, out of school youth in recruitment LATEST STORIES Glen Rice Jr. PBA IMAGESANTIPOLO — Glen Rice Jr. did a little bit of everything and TNT scraped past NLEX, 112-107, in the 2017 PBA Governors’ Cup Wednesday night at Ynares Center here. Rice notched a triple-double with 25 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists with five blocks while Troy Rosario added 17 points and 12 rebounds.ADVERTISEMENT BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight “Practice was emotional yesterday. Ranidel dropped by practice to say goodbye. Fortunately, the guys were able to focus.”De Ocampo won six championships at Talk ‘N Text during his eight seasons with the franchise.Aaron Fuller led the Road Warriors, who remained in second place despite sliding to 7-3, with 28 points and 18 rebounds while Alex Mallari had 19 points, nine rebounds and five assists.Larry Fonacier, the former longtime TNT swingman, who was traded to NLEX four months ago late in the Commissioner’s Cup, played against his former team for the first time and had 10 points off the bench.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Read Next E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:14Galvez OK with ‘selective’ martial law in Mindanao01:53Gov’t, MNLF creating panels to ‘move forward’ in peace talks01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Jayson Castro had 13 points, including a clutch 3-pointer that gave the KaTropa a 110-106 lead with 1:12 remaining.“That was a hard-fought win. It’s good that we’re able to play together especially on the defensive end. We struggled a bit offensively but we’re able to organize ourselves in the endgame,” TNT coach Nash Racela told reporters.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“The last few days were really tough for us. And for us to really have a good chance today, important thing is we accept the change, embrace the change right away and move forward right away,” Racela, whose squad improved to 6-3, said.The KaTropa played their first game without veteran forward Ranidel de Ocampo, who was sent to Meralco on Monday in a shocking three-team deal. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

LFW kickstarts with whiff of freshness

first_imgFresh talent and new ideas – that’s what the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 kicked off with here Friday. As many as seven new designers wowed fashionistas at the opening of the five-day gala with distinct collections.The ‘Gen Next’ show included new designers like Aniket Satam, Sneha Arora, Asa Kazingmei, Kavita Sharma, Richa Aggarwal and a group of three called Threesome.All collections were mainly based on an array of colours and textures, with designs which were quirky and the garments, innovative.The show started with Ashta and Sidharth’s collection, which was dominated by colours like bright yellow and navy blue.It was followed by a line by the Threesome – Mehak Pruthi, Kanika Seth and Ankit Sharma. Their collection was based on ‘Avatars’.”We based it on self-avatars, displaying the true emotion of clandestine. We all have something hidden in us which we never let out,” they said of their line, after the show.The group also emphasized that they didn’t want to do away with the true flavour of India, and so tried to “promote what we are”.Another newcomer Richa Aggarwal’s collection could be best described as “earthy”.”I tried to represent the streets of India through my collection. It was very colourful with textures. The clothes were simple yet wearable,” she said.Kavita Sharma showcased a collection ‘It’s a beautiful life’. “It was based on the idea of rebirth depicted in the Bhagwad Gita. It’s about a small child who is amused by his surroundings, and all my garments had a different story behind them,” she said.Sneha Arora’s line had a completely different look with her models sporting intellectual looks.”My theme was once upon a time in paradigm. The monotony of black and grey were broken by colour and digital prints,” she said.Asa Kazingmei’s theme was ‘immortal’. The collection had simple silhouettes along with well constructed structures. There were motifs depicting the bravery of the soldiers.The last collection of the show was by Aniket Satam, who was inspired by the prediction that the world will come to an end in 2012.The ongoing extravaganza is in its 13th edition, and is being held at the Grand Hyatt.advertisementlast_img read more

Commentary Amid football turmoil the other sports show true meaning of Scarlet

In an era of Ohio State athletics history defined by discounted tattoos, dishonesty and disgrace, it’s hard not to feel let down or jaded as football scandals are unearthed, one by one. But it’s times like these when the character of the majority should outshine that of a few. In my time with The Lantern, I’ve covered a variety of sporting events and talked to countless athletes and coaches. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the athletes worthy of recognition aren’t just the ones wearing helmets and shoulder pads. Sure, Terrelle Pryor hitting DeVier Posey over the middle for a touchdown is impressive. But it pales in comparison to synchronized swimmer Meghan Kinney fighting for her life against bone cancer as she’s forced to watch her team win a national championship without her. Watching Solomon Thomas’ Sugar Bowl-clinching interception was incredible, but it’s no more impressive than watching the men’s volleyball team defeat California-Santa Barbara for its first national championship in program history. Watching women’s lacrosse player Kirsten Donahue check opponents to the turf can be just as brutal as watching Mike Adams pancake defensive linemen. I could discuss men’s track and field All-American Michael Hartfield’s pursuit of competing at the Olympic trials in the name of his father who passed away shortly after Hartfield arrived at OSU. Or senior women’s tennis captain Paloma Escobedo fighting back from a late-season injury to compete in the sport she loves. I sat glued to my seat while softball’s Karisa Medrano pitched a complete game to clinch a 4-3 victory with runners on base against Pittsburgh. The point is, all of these athletes play with grit and determination. They win with pride and courage, and they lose with emotion and dignity. Just because they don’t enter Ohio Stadium every Saturday and play while millions watch live on television, doesn’t mean we should ignore, or worse, forget who these athletes are. They compete at every opportunity for a fraction of the recognition, and they do it with integrity and love for their sport. These are the people who represent what Buckeye athletics really are. read more

Bendtner left out of final Denmark World Cup squad

first_imgFormer Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner has been omitted from Denmark’s final 23-man squad for this summer’s World Cup, reports The LocalThe 30-year-old has reinserted himself into the Denmark squad after a two-year exile due to his rediscovered form with Norwegian side Rosenborg.However, after being named in the 27-man preliminary squad for Russia, Bendtner sustained a groin injury while playing for his club and missed Saturday’s goalless draw against Sweden in Stockholm.Joining him in missing out on a place for the World Cup are Andreas Bjelland, Mike Jensen and Peter Ankersen.“Bendtner and Bjelland are out because we don’t think they’ll be fit for the first match against Peru. It’s too soon. That match will be very important. And we have swapped Mike Jensen with (Michael) Krohn-Dehli [of Spanish club Deportivo de La Coruña, ed.],” Hareide said in a video posted to the Danish football association’s Twitter account.The Norwegian coach explained that, despite both Bendtner and Bjelland having returned to full training, their readiness for Denmark’s World Cup opener against France remained doubtful and so, therefore, he decided to omit them.“We are looking at the Peru match because it is so important for us. We are probably battling with Peru and Australia for second place. So it is important to get a good start, so we need players who are in form,” Hareide said.Denmark, Euro 2020Euro 2020 qualifiers round up from group D George Patchias – September 5, 2019 In Euro 2020 qualifying group D, Denmark hit Gibraltar for six while Ireland and Switzerland played out a draw.The Danes made easy work of…“Bjelland and Bendtner have been in training after injuries and we don’t think they’ll be fit for the first match,” he added.On how Bendtner took the news, Age added: “Bendtner stood up and asked whether he could say something, and then wished the team good luck with the job in Russia. That’s how it is. It’s become a close-knit group, and it is just as hard for the players [to leave someone out] as it is for me.”Denmark’s full squad for the 2018 World Cup:Goalkeepers: Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester/ENG), Jonas Lössl (Huddersfield ENG), Frederik Rønnow (Brøndby.Defenders: Simon Kjær (Sevilla/ESP), Andreas Christensen (Chelsea/ENG), Mathias ‘Zanka’ Jørgensen (Huddersfield/ENG), Jannik Vestergaard (Borussia Mönchengladbach/GER), Henrik Dalsgaard (Brentford/ENG), Jens Stryger Larsen (Udinese/ITA), Jonas Knudsen (Ipswich/ENG).Midfielders: William Kvist (F.C. Copenhagen), Thomas Delaney (Werder Bremen/GER), Lukas Lerager (Bordeaux/FRA) Lasse Schöne (Ajax/NED), Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur/ENG), Michael Krohn-Dehli (Deportivo La Coruña/ESP).Forwards: Pione Sisto (Celta Vigo/ESP), Martin Braithwaite (Bordeaux/FRA), Andreas Cornelius (Atalanta/ITA), Viktor Fischer (F.C. Copenhagen), Yussuf Poulsen (RB Leipzig/GER), Nicolai Jørgensen, (Feyenoord/NED), Kasper Dolberg (Ajax/NED).last_img read more

Kane on winning the World Cup Golden Boot Im extremely proud

first_imgWhile the disappointment of coming so close to reaching the final with England may still be haunting him right now, Harry Kane was proud to have been able to prove himself at the World Cup by winning the Golden Boot award after scoring six goalsThe Tottenham striker has scored an incredible 105 goals in 139 appearances in the last four Premier League seasons and has managed to carry over that form in the Champions League, where he netted seven times in seven games.But following a disappointing Euro 2016 campaign, Kane arrived at the World Cup this summer determined to prove his worth as one of the greatest forwards in world football by firing England to their first final in the competition in 52 years.While he may have been just one round short of reaching the latter, Kane’s six goals at Russia saw him finish top of the scoring charts to claim the Golden Boot award.“I said before coming into this tournament that I wanted to prove I could do it on these stages,” said Kane, according to The Guardian.“The Euros were disappointing. If anything I wanted to prove to myself I could score at this level. I’ve scored at every other level and it was important I did that.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“I’m extremely proud and I’m sure I’ll look back in a few weeks’ time and take all these experiences in. It’s hard to do that now because we are still disappointed.”Kane’s scoring prowess was at full display in the group stages with a brace against Tunisia in England’s opening game before scoring a brilliant hat-trick against Panama.But the 24-year-old admitted that he leaves Russia with some regrets over unable to find the back of the net in England’s final three games.“It’s been a fantastic campaign for me personally and the team as well,” the England captain said.“But there’s still stuff I can improve on. Obviously, I can get better.“I feel like there have been games in this tournament when I could have done better but that’s all part of the learning curve.”last_img read more