Phish Lyricist Tom Marshall Launches “Under The Scales” Podcast Series [Listen]

first_imgNext to many classic Phish songs is the credit (Anastasio/Marshall), a testament to the songwriting duo of Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall. The longtime friends and musical partners have written countless tunes in the band’s repertoire, so it’s no surprise that Marshall would want to talk about said music. Fortunately for us, Marshall has started a new podcast called “Under The Scales,” where he dives deeper into the Phish culture from his unique perspective.Marshall launched the series with three episodes. The first talks about the motivation behind the podcast, the second discusses a songwriting weekend that led to some of Phish’s most prized material, and the third talks about “Riding The Rail” at shows. Check out all three episodes, with titles and Marshall’s descriptions, below.Episode #000: Let’s Take A RideMy producer, Mark Dowd, and I take a ride through Trey’s and my old grade-school, and discuss some history and motivation behind the Under the Scales podcast.Episode #001: The Songwriting WeekendIn 1997, Trey and I escaped for long weekends to write a lot of songs which eventually appeared on Phish albums and became part of Phish’s live repertoire. This is the story of one of those weekends, and how it got off to a *horrifying* start. Trey listened to this and said “it’s like the secret backstory to the song Twist” — and it really is.Episode #002: Riding the RailDerek Gregory joins me in the studio to discuss his extensive experience with Phish…he likes it up close to the band. Real close. I try to figure out the hows and whys of “riding the rail” as it’s called.We can’t wait for more Under The Scales!last_img read more

You can’t do it in Croatia, but you can do it in Spain. “Dalmatian zebra” came to life in Spain

first_imgAt the end of April this year, Sandra Babac launched an initiative to paint the pedestrian crossing in Zadar in the colors of Dalmatians – Dalmatian zebra.Why? Logically and naturally because the world-famous dog is Dalmatiner, an autochthonous breed from Croatia. In short and clear, as are the tie, pen, parachute and many other innovations that have world fame and significance, and are a Croatian product. The problem, of course, is that no one knows.The idea for “Zebra Dalmatian” has existed for a long time, and it came from two facts. As Babac points out, the first is that there is no zebra drawn on that stretch, ie the pedestrian crossing, and the second is the tourist promotion of Dalmatia as well as Croatia “As a tourist guide who occasionally guides tourists around Zadar, it has been shown that tourists pass this way most often, in order to shorten the way to the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. On the other hand, there is a chronic lack of time, especially with Asian guests who therefore choose shortcuts to stay longer in those locations such as Sun Salutation and Sea Organ. There are parks that, when done, do not initially pave the roads, ie paths, but first make a park and then see which way people move, and accordingly only then do the paths. So in this case, there is certainly a need for a pedestrian crossing at that location because that’s how groups move naturally, and then why not combine the story with the Dalmatian zebra and use it to promote Dalmatia and the whole of Croatia”Points out Sandra Babac.The whole initiative has raised a very positive reaction from the profession and the public, because it is simply about branding the State on the global stage. Every man in the world puts on a tie at least once in his life, and he doesn’t know that it is a Croatian product. We have the holy grail in marketing and branding, just a tie, and where all the other facts, innovations are… Insane and funny, especially in today’s context of time.However, the enthusiasm was short-lived, as usual in Croatia, the matter got stuck on the system, which is above the citizens, instead of at the service of the citizens.It is not possible, because it is not according to the Rulebook – the summary of the answers of the competent services is short.”The presented solutions are not in accordance with the Ordinance on traffic signs and signalization and equipment on roads (Official Gazette nos. 33/05, 64/05, 155/05 and 14/11) and as such cannot be applied on roads in the Republic of Croatia”They pointed out in a letter from the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, upon request from the City of Zadar, the Administrative Department for Communal Services.And that’s the end of the whole story. Let’s move on, the goal is just to find the answer that something can’t be done within one Law or Ordinance, just to justify it and transfer the ball to another.It can’t because it is not provided by the Ordinance. So let’s change the Rules! And in an urgent procedure, in order to be competitive and follow technological trends. But that is unthinkable in our public service. Market changes are faster today than ever, and we are sluggish, slow and inert. The fact that Poland, the Czech Republic and even Romania have overtaken us in terms of purchasing power speaks for itself, only Bulgarians still have a lower standard than us, the data show. Eurostat for 2017.Source: EurostatI am free to draw a parallel with the slogan “Cannot be”.While we do not want development, we stagnate, that is, we fail, others grow, develop and raise the ladder more and more. Continental tourism cannot be developed, tourism cannot be developed 365 days a year. And you really can’t do it in Croatia, not because we don’t know it, but because we don’t want it. But that is why it is possible in Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland. Austria has no sea, but that is ONLY during the summer months, not the winter months, it earns more from tourism than Croatia in the whole year.When you’re small, then you have to be fast, agile, creative and innovative to stand out in the crowd and fight the big ones. We are small because we want to be small, because we do not respect ourselves, and that is why others do not respect us either.The biggest problem of Croats is the sentence “You can’t”. There’s a problem in the mindset, you can’t do this, you can’t do that… as if their life and spiritual guru Charles H. Duell, the director of the U.S. Patent Office, said back in 1899:”EVERYTHING THAT COULD BE INVENTED HAS BEEN INVENTED,” CHARLES H. DUELL SAID.To emphasize once again, we are talking about 1899. Funny from today’s perspective, right?We stick to the status quo and that famous saying of ours: “Don’t wave.” Mankind has made today’s progress precisely thanks to the overthrow of the status quo and in the eternal search for new solutions to the problem, not the philosophy of Mr. H. Duell.One cannot – it is simply a mental circuit, totally the opposite of what one should strive for, and that is the paradigm of all entrepreneurs and innovators – how to find a solution to a problem. Because no one asks the entrepreneur if it is possible or not, at the end of the month one should pay taxes, salaries… there is no paradigm “It is not possible”. , creativity, innovation… that’s why we are where we are, because you can’t, that is, you don’t want to.Well, let’s go back to the story of the Dalmatian Zebra. While the code is not possible, in Spain it is possible.Namely, after the report on HRT about the initiative launched in Zadar about the “Dalmatian Zebra”, the same news was broadcast by Spanish television, as well as many other Spanish media.Now we return to the middle of the article, it is not possible why we are small, and others are growing and developing. After only three months, in the Spanish city of A Coruña in the region of Galicia, an unusual zebra appeared with patterns associated with a cow. Yes, a cow, which they are very proud of in that region.There are thousands of cows in the region, and a new sign at the pedestrian crossing in the shape of a cow pattern appeared overnight at the initiative of the farmhouse (OPG) Casa Grande de Xanceda in Messiah, which is home to 380 grazing cows and produces organic yogurt for the national market. Of course all with the approval of the city, which reacted immediately and that’s it. “Zebra – Cow” is here.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Is Van known? Same story, but a totally different outcome. You can’t do it in Croatia, but you can do it in the world. Of course where they are proactive and eager to develop.Since half of Spanish milk is produced in this region, cows are very important for the whole economy and the region. Thus, in as many as 63 villages in rural Galicia, they have more cows than humans, over 8,400 family farmers engaged in agricultural production in the dairy business, and with almost a million cows, the ratio is 2,7 cows per capita.The whole economy is based on the breeding of “happy cows” on small family farms, organic and organic dairy products, of course branded, and this dairy “industry” is the source of employment, development and the rest of the population in rural areas.This story speaks a thousand words. No one is smarter than us. No, the problem is that we cannot, ie we do not want development, while others want it. Slowly but surely we are all prestige, evolving and growing and increasingly setting high the scale of development, standards, production, added value… while we sleep and stick to the status quo, the scale will be set too high, as is currently the case in agriculture. While we have been systematically destroying agriculture, others have grown and developed for 20 years and today are too strong, and we are not and cannot be competitive.But it is still possible to change direction, it’s all up to us, it’s just a question. Do we want market development or not?As Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of the world bestseller Blue Cow would say. “The thing is simple: you have to be special, different, special. You have to have what others don’t have. You have to know how to inspire, and you will only be able to do that if you inspire yourself. Something that especially deserves to be talked about, to be noticed. That is something extraordinary. New. Interesting. It’s a blue cow. Boring is invisible. Boring is a brown cowSeth Godin points out.It is fascinating how hard we try to be a brown cow, and absolutely everything we have can be synonymous with the Blue Cow. We have all the predispositions from innovation, creativity, success, natural beauty, diversity, authenticity – we have it all. What else do we want and need?The paradigms “You can’t”, “Don’t wave” and keeping the status quo, pulls us to the bottom, the whole country in every segment, including tourism, and that is why people leave Lijepa naša.I know how it is still impossible and incomprehensible to the vast majority that Uber is the largest taxi carrier today and does not own a single taxi. That Facebook is the largest medium today, without any produced content, ie articles. that it is the largest retailer in the world, the company Alibaba, which has no inventory, while Airbnb is the world’s largest provider of accommodation, and does not own any real estate, ie an apartment. Yes it is possible and the Earth is not flat. I know that no one from Zagreb will go to lunch in Baranja, but somehow it is possible. Some even pay to look after the sheep and be shepherds for seven days of their annual leave. Others, pay 30% more to consume organic tomatoes, you know the wrong and ugly one. I know, not possible, but you lunatics, right?For the end for all the lunatics fighting the status quo. Long live the Dalmatian Zebra.RELATED NEWS:last_img read more