Bill Gates expects mobile banking to improve lives

first_img 11SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Jing CaoBill Gates, the world’s richest man, and his wife Melinda said that conditions for the world’s poorest people will improve more dramatically in the coming 15 years than at any other time in history.Advancements in medical care and illness prevention for children, efforts to eradicate polio and other diseases and new farming techniques in Africa will drive “major breakthroughs” for most people in poor countries, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation annual letter published Wednesday night in Seattle.Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), the world’s largest software maker, formed the foundation in 2000 with Melinda Gates. The charity focuses on poverty and health in developing countries and education and equal opportunity in the U.S. It had given $31.6 billion in grants as of Sept. 30, according to its website.The poor “will be living longer and in better health,” according to the letter. “They will have unprecedented opportunities to get an education, eat nutritious food, and benefit from mobile banking. These breakthroughs will be driven by innovation in technology — ranging from new vaccines and hardier crops to much cheaper smartphones and tablets — and by innovations that help deliver those things to more people.Mobile banking will make financial services more accessible, giving the poor more control over their assets, according to the letter. By 2030, about 2 billion people currently without a bank account will use their phones to make payments and store money, the Gateses wrote. continue reading »last_img read more

The Credit Bureau: Not nearly as cool as the FBI

first_imgWhat is a credit bureau? For one reason or another, you’ve probably heard of Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian. These are the three big credit bureaus in the United States. A credit bureau is an organization that gathers and studies a person’s credit data, which is provided to them by creditors/lending institutions. But how do they make money? Once they’ve got the data, they wrap it up in a bow and sell the information they’ve accumulated to creditors. So, when you’re applying for a loan of some kind and the powers that be need to decide what to do, the information the creditors use to make their decision is information bought from the credit bureaus. To make it clear, credit bureaus do not decide whether you get credit. They merely collect data and issue it to whatever financial institution requires it. That being said, not all the information a credit bureau has is necessarily accurate. Each year an individual has the right to request one free credit report. This is possible from an amendment made in 2003 to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.  You’re also entitled to a free copy of your credit report if it’s used as the basis for a negative credit decision.In fact, a study done by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2013 reported that one out of five individuals had an error in their credit report. In some cases, the fix to their credit report resulted in a 25-point difference in their score and in rarer cases, a 100-point difference.In sum, credit bureaus collect information about you, generate credit scores, and sell the information to financial institutions. They don’t have a say in whether you get a loan or not. Check with a credit bureau to see your reports to verify there aren’t any errors, especially if you’re trying to get a line of credit. Remember, it’s free at least once every year. 15SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Derek San Filippo Derek is a freelance writer who spends his off time either working with his rescue animals or writing children’s books. He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Sumner Court Docket: April 28, 2016 report

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.•••••State of Kansas v. Joshua Asbury — Case No: 16 CR 79.Date of birth: 1992. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 3, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Violating protective order, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3 — Violate protective order, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Asbury is accused of violating a protection from abuse order by sending a text message to the person he was not to contact. He then allegedly broke a window on another person’s truck. And then he allegedly broke a protective order again by going into the residence of the person he was not to contact and started yelling at her at about 12:30 a.m.—————State of Kansas v. Samantha Riley — Case No: 16 CR 80.Date of birth: 1971. Address: Norwich.Date of alleged crime: September 26, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Sale of Cigarettes to minor, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Riley is accused of selling cigarettes at the Suppesville Coastal State at Milton to someone under the age of 18 by selling a pack of Marlboro cigarettes for $6.75. —————State of Kansas v. Samantha Riley — Case No: 16 CR 81.Date of birth: 1972. Address: Conway Springs.Date of alleged crime: November 19, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Schulte is accused of stealing checks from Russell’s car at 314 N. 2nd Street in Conway Springs and cashing two blank checks.—————State of Kansas v. Timothy Tillman — Case No: 16 CR 82.Date of birth: 1992. Address: Belle PlaineDate of alleged crime: Sept. 26, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Sale of Cigarettes to minor, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Tillman is accused of selling cigarettes at the Casey’s General Store at 1021 W. 8th St. in Wellington to someone under the age of 18 by selling a pack of Marlboro cigarettes for $6.64. —————State of Kansas v. Ryan Stewart — Case No: 16 CR 83.Date of birth: 1994. Address: Peck. Date of alleged crime: April 1 and May 6, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Stewart is accused of stealing a 12-foot aluminum Jon Boat worth about $739. Allegedly, Stewart took the boat without permission and when asked by the owner if he used it, he denied any knowledge about the boat. —————State of Kansas v. Brett Freeman — Case No: 16 CR 84.Date of birth: 1982. Address: Clearwater.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 1, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Criminal deprivation of motor vehicle, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 — Burglary of non-dwelling, Level 7 felony. Count 3 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 4 — Theft, level 9 felony. Case description: Freeman is accused of stealing someone’s black 2001 Ford F-150 pickup, although not permanently, by taking it from 216 S. 7th and abandoning it at 322 S. 7th St. in Conway Springs. Also, allegedly he went into a detached shop building/garage at 215 W. Kansas Ave. and committed a felony of theft therein. Allegedly, he stole black Oakley sunglasses in a silver Oakley case; about 20 CDs, 25 shotgun shells, an orange backpack, a pair of hunting gloves, a checkbook, and a blank check. that was valued at less than $500 from a 2005 Chevy Silverado pickup. He is then accused on Jan. 2, 2016, of breaking into a black 2001 Ford F-150 pickup and stealing the truck containing jumper cables, Nike backpack, five CDs, Polar King insulated jacket and a Smith & Wesson pocket knife. The vehicle was recovered on Feb. 11, 2016, but the personal property was not recovered. —————State of Kansas v. Kira Alden — Case No: 16 CR 85.Date of birth: 1996. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: March 19, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Speeding, traffic infraction. Case description: Alden is accused of having a bag of marijuana in her pocket when she was stopped for speeding. —————State of Kansas v. Gregory Robert Reed — Case No: 16 CR 86.Date of birth: 1958. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: May 1, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Criminal damage to property, level 9 felony. Case description: Reed is accused of using a key to cause $1,137 worth of damage the passenger side door of a 2015 Chevrolet Camar0.—————State of Kansas v. Robert Kimzey — Case No: 16 CR 87.Date of birth: 1993. Address: Homeless.Date of alleged crime: December 14, 2015. Charges:Count 1 — Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 2 — Possession drug paraphernalia to test or analyze a controlled substance, level 5 drug felony. Count 3 — Criminal use of weapon by possessing firearm while addicted to controlled substance, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Kimzey is accused of having methamphetamine in a baggy in his backpack as well as having it in a digital scale and glass meth pipe. He also allegedly had a handgun inside his backpack while being an unlawful user of methamphetamine which is a controlled substance. He also possessed two methamphetamine pipes.—————State of Kansas v. Anthony Marcus Sandoval— Case No: 16 CR 88.Date of birth: 1989. Address: ColwichDate of alleged crime: May 17, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession methamphetamine, Level 5 drug felony. Case description: Sandoval is accused of having a baggy of methamphetamine on the dash console of the vehicle and another small baggy of meth in a special compartment inside a fake Dr. Pepper can. He also is accused of having a glass methamphetamine pipe, lighter and short pice of a cut straw on the seat in the vehicle. —————State of Kansas v. Cesar Eduardo Quezada — Case No: 16 CR 89.Date of birth: 1971. Address: Norman, Okla.Date of alleged crime: March 20, 2016.Charges:Count 1 — Domestic Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Transportation of open container, misdemeanor. Count 3 — Driving under the influence, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Quezada is accused of angrily hitting and punching his wife. He also allegedly had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle he was driving and had a blood concentration of at least .08 as measured wishing three hours of the operation of said vehicle. —————State of Kansas v. Marnie Elaine Traylor — Case No: 16 CR 90.Date of birth: 1968. Address: HazletonDate of alleged crime: March 18, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Left of center, traffic infraction. Count 2 — Possession methamphetamine, Level 5 drug felony. Count 3 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Traylor is accused of driving left of center, and having two different baggies in the car she was driving. She also allegedly had three glass methamphetamine pipes. —————State of Kansas v. Cameron Chance Dubberstein — Case No: 16 CR 91.Date of birth: 1990. Address: Argonia.Date of alleged crime: March 17, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Dubberstein is accused of entering farm land near 500 N. Hoover Road knowing he was not authorized to do so after two Sheriff deputies told him not to go. Dubberstein allegedly refused to stop while fleeing the officers and when he was caught he physically resisted being arrested and handcuffed. —————State of Kansas v. Dustin Hearlson — Case No: 16 CR 92.Date of birth: 1977. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: March 9, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession of marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Hearlson is accused of refusing to leave the area after being told to do so and resisting being handcuffed. He also is accused of having marijuana in a baggy inside a metal grinder in his pocket when being arrested. —————State of Kansas v. Jamielea Jo Shaffer — Case No: 16 CR 94.Date of birth: 1990. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: Feb. 4, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Theft, level 9 felony.Case description: Shaffer is accused of stealing a diamond ring and later selling it at the Gold and Diamond Trader’s pawn shop.—————State of Kansas v. Gregory Lowe — Case No: 16 CR 95.Date of birth: 1975. Address: Milan. Date of alleged crime: Feb. 9, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Burglary of vehicle, level 9 felony. Count 2 — Burglary of vehicle, level 9 felony. Count 3 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Lowe is accused of  breaking into a John Deere Tractor and bulldozer parked in Milan and stealing grease guns, diesel fuel, hydraulic hoses and four 20-foot chains.—————State of Kansas v. Donald Foulk— Case No: 16 CR 98.Date of birth: 1975. Address: Milan. Date of alleged crime: Feb. 9, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Battery, Class B misdemeanorCount 3 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor.Case description: Faulk is accused of physically attacking his brother by punching and choking. He then allegedly pushed away a girl, who was trying to break up the fight. Then he was accused  of punching and kicking his mother causing injury to her when she tried to break up the fight. —————State of Kansas v. Felicia Ferguson — Case No: 16 CR 100.Date of birth: 1986. Address: Belle Plaine. Date of alleged crime: March 26, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3 — Disorderly Conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Ferguson is accused of physically attacking another person by grabbing her from behind and punching her who was attempting to break up a fight between her sons (see court complaint above) by punching and choking. She then allegedly grabbed another person by the hair and pulled her to the ground. Then she is accused of being intoxicated and calling the deputies several derogatory names when she was told that she was under arrest. —————State of Kansas v. James Baity — Case No: 16 CR 101.Date of birth: 1985. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Feb. 13, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Possession methamphetamine, Level 5 drug felony.Count 2 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Count 3 — Driving while suspended, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Baity is accused of having a small plastic bag of methamphetamine inside his vehicle. He also allegedly had a glass meth pipe and was driving a motorized vehicle while his license was suspended. —————State of Kansas v. Terri Lynn Kunzler — Case No: 16 CR 102.Date of birth: 1967. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Dec. 13, 2013 – May, 2014. Charges:Count 1 — Identity theft, level 8 felony. Case description: Kunzler is accused of using her son’s name and social security number to establish or maintain gas service at her residence at 1124 South G. Street in Wellington and therefore running up gas bills in his name without permission. The account allegedly got up to $893 as of May 2014 and remained unpaid as of April 1, 2016. —————State of Kansas v. William Shafer — Case No: 16 CR 103.Date of birth: 1978. Address: Peck.Date of alleged crime: October 25, 2015. Charges:Count 1 — Burglary of a non dwelling, level 7 felony. Count 2 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Burglary of non-dwelling, level 7 felony. Count 4 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Shafer is accused of stealing an air compressor out of the barn and he allegedly left behind a glove with his DNA on it. Allegedly, he also stole steel wire, air conditioner scrapes and copper tubing. Then on April 11, 2016, Shafer is accused of entering a garage at 925 N. Meridian and stealing a circular saw and other items from inside the garage between 7 and 8 a.m.—————State of Kansas v. Ike Blocker — Case No: 16 CR 104.Date of birth: 1992. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: March 19, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Blocker is accused of having a small amount of marijuana inside a yellow plastic bag inside his backpack in the vehicle that he was a passenger in. —————State of Kansas v. Dale Dalbom — Case No: 16 CR 105.Date of birth: 1986. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: April 22, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Defective brake light, traffic infraction.Count 2 — Driving while suspended, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Failure to provide proof of insurance, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4 — Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony.Count 5 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Count 6 — Possession narcotic drug (heroin), Level 5 felony. Case description: Dalbom is accused of driving a 1987 Ford Taurus and failed to have two working stop lamps required by law. After being stopped, he allegedly had his Kansas driver’s license suspended or revoked and no insurance. He then allegedly had in his possession methamphetamine inside a pill bottle inside a bunk bag, syringes, metal spoon, and glass meth pipe. Dalbom also allegedly had two balls of heroin inside the bank bag inside his vehicle. ———State of Kansas v. Brandon Wertman — Case No: 16 CR 106.Date of birth: 1986. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: April 18, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Forgery, Level 8 felony. Case description: Wertman is accused of altering checks to defraud others. ———State of Kansas v. Broderick Henton — Case No: 16 CR 107.Date of birth: 1995. Address: Wellington. Date of alleged crime: March 10, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Henton is accused of having marijuana in a pill bottle in his pocket, and a marijana pipe lying on the end table near where he was sleeping at 1804 North A in Wellington. ———State of Kansas v. Sherri Lyn Wertman — Case No: 16 CR 108.Date of birth: 1967. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: April 22, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Forgery, level 8 felony. Count 2 — Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Case description: Wertman is accused of altering checks with a written instrument with the intent to defraud others. She also allegedly had drug paraphernalia. ———State of Kansas v. Jeramy Lacey— Case No: 16 CR 109.Date of birth: 1981. Address: Argonia. Date of alleged crime: April 8, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Criminal deprivation of property, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Lacey is accused of temporarily stealing the cell phone of another person.last_img read more

No stopping Seeking My Dream

first_imgBalloting for ‘Horse of the Year’ and other awards not based on statistics by a 17-member panel comprising members of the press and Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) officials, is under way and early indications are that the 2015 derby and Diamond Mile winner SEEKING MY DREAM will be crowned ‘Horse of the Year’ by unanimous acclaim. Voting will conclude tomorrow inside the CTL Racing Office at Caymanas Park.Trained by 15-time champion Wayne DaCosta for Member of Parliament Derrick Smith, SEEKING MY DREAM enjoyed a record-breaking season. He won the two richest races on the calendar – the Cal’s Jamaica Derby in June with a purse of $7 million and the inaugural running of the Supreme Ventures Diamond Mile on December 5 which offered a record purse of $13.5 million, both with the season’s leading money-winning rider Omar Walker aboard.Having finished second in the 2000 Guineas, St Leger and CTL Invitational Mile on November 14, SEEKING MY DREAM pushed his 2015 earnings to a record $14.2 million, well clear of stable-companion PERFECT NEIGHBOUR in second with $5.1 million and Superstakes winner FRANFIELD in third with $4.9 million.Bred by Sherman Clachar and Norman Gordon, the chestnut colt by Seeking The Glory out of the 2008 Triple Crown winner and Horse of the Year Alsafra was never worse than second in 10 starts last year – winning five races and finishing second in five as well.SEEKING MY DREAM should also be named champion three-year-old, champion middle-distance performer and champion native-bred horse.hoping for top awardsAs far as DaCosta is concerned, his horses should sweep the top awards. Speaking at Caymanas Park on New Year’s Day, the trainer said:”Seeking My Dream is unchallenged for Horse of the Year, having won the two biggest races on the calendar last year, while Perfect Neighbour who captured important races such as the Gold Cup and Harry Jackson Memorial Cup looks a cinch for first runner up, champion stayer and champion four-year-old and up”, he predicted.”The second runner-up award could be close between my horse Poker Star and the consistent grade-one campaigner Uppa Tune, but Poker Star is a safe bet for champion sprinter and Future King the obvious choice for champion two-year-old,, argued DaCosta.The Horse of the Year Committee will also choose the most improved trainer from a list of four nominees – Harry Parsard (30 wins), Donovan Plummer (19 wins), Marlon Anderson and Neive Graham with 17 wins each as well as most improved jockey from a list comprising Robert Halledeen (72 wins), Paul Francis (52), Shamaree Muir (43), Aaron Chatrie (38) and Jevanne Erwin (36).last_img read more

Spiritual journeys of Donegal mother and son featured in TV doc

first_imgBundoran native Ann Keenaghan and her son Ruairí McKiernan have opened up about their spiritual beliefs and reawakening for a new documentary on RTÉ.The mother and son shared their experiences of Qi Gong and mindfulness respectively in the Divorcing God documentary which aired recently on RTÉ One and is available to watch on the RTÉ Player.In it, comedian and journalist Oliver Callan travels around Ireland interviewing different people on the topics of religion and belief. Two years ago, on a flight to China to visit her son Seán Óg, Ann Keenaghan got chatting to a Chinese man who was seated beside her. It turned out that the man, Dr Shaofan Zhu, was a world-renowned doctor and master of the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong. Ann became immediately interested in Qi Gong, having already studied Kinesiology, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine.Qi Gong is a holistic system of body postures and movement, breathing and Taoist meditation. So began her journey to learn more and to begin training as a Qi Gong instructor.Oliver Callan and Ann Keenaghan on Divorcing God: RTÉOneAnn has brought Dr Zhu to Ireland twice to deliver workshops in Qi Gong and they have proven popular with people from throughout Ireland, including Donegal. She is currently preparing to welcome him for his third visit in July. She says the growing interest in Qi Gong among people of all walks of life is partially driven by an appetite for deeper spiritual connection.“Qi Gong can bring your energy into balance if you keep doing it, and can bring you into wellness,” she tells Oliver Callan in the 1-hour documentary. “By the time you finish doing all the movements while paying attention to your body, your mind becomes calm. It has been passed down in China for thousands of years and has played a huge role in keeping the Chinese healthy” she adds.Oliver Callan and Ann Keenaghan on Divorcing God: RTÉOneAnn’s son Ruairí McKiernan also features in the Divorcing God documentary. Ruairí is a charity founder and social campaigner who recently completed a 7-year term on the Council of State. He has also been a practitioner and advocate of meditation and mindfulness for over a decade and previously contributed a chapter on their benefits in Sr Stan’s book Seasons of Hope.He says a sense of spirituality is an important part of life for him and that this doesn’t require a belief in any particular religion.Oliver Callan and Ruairí McKiernan on Divorcing God: RTÉOne“Something is missing in the realm of the soul. In some ways, the dominant religion now is the religion of the market, the religion of capitalism, the altar of consumption, money, image, fame, success.” Ruairí says in the documentary.“There’s a lot of dysfunction, disease, loneliness, depression, suicide, and something is not right. I see people exploring Eastern traditions and pre-Christian traditions and maybe there’s a beautiful thing to emerge from the convergence of east and west.” “Life is evolving, belief is evolving, and we need to be brave enough to evolve with it,” Ruairí adds.Both Ruairí and Ann’s appearances in the documentary caught the attention of RTÉ broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan who tweeted her praise of mother and son.Divorcing God also hears from a variety of voices with different views on religion and spirituality. These include atheists, academics, and a survivor of clerical abuse.Divorcing God is available to watch until mid-July on the RTÉ Player. Spiritual journeys of Donegal mother and son featured in TV doc was last modified: June 18th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Ann Keenaghandivorcing godReligionRTERuairi McKiernanlast_img read more

Sasol expands China presence

first_img27 September 2007South African petrochemicals company Sasol has opened an office in the Chinese city of Shanghai in order to market its diverse range of chemical solvents in the world’s fastest growing major economy.“The Chinese market is extensive and forms part of our vigorous pursuit of global growth opportunities in the chemicals sector,” Sasol Chemical Business group general manager Reiner Groh said in a statement on Wednesday. “We believe that we can offer a significant value proposition to the Chinese chemical markets.”He said that the opening of the Chinese office would lay the foundation for profitable and sustainable growth by enhancing customer service through local currency sales and new business development.Operating under the banner Sasol Chemicals Shanghai Co Ltd, the company will initially market products from the global Sasol Solvents business.Sasol Solvents operates plants in South Africa and Germany and supplies a wide range of products, including glycol ethers, C3/C4 alcohols, esters and acids, ethanol, ethyl acrylate, fine chemicals and aldehydes, glacial acrylic acid, ketones, methanol, n-butyl acrylate and mining chemicals.These are used in aerosol, agricultural, cosmetic, fragrance, mining, packaging, paint, adhesive, pharmaceutical, polish, printing and other applications.The company has targeted China as a future growth area. Business Report reported in March that Sasol has started feasibility studies for two coal-to-liquid synthetic fuel plants in China, which would produce a combined 160 000 barrels of fuel a day and could be in operation by as early as 2012.Sasol chief executive Pat Davies stated in the company’s annual report that they were “very upbeat” about the prospects for the two planned plants.He said the group foresaw “a rebirth in coal utilisation in some of the world’s coal-rich regions. This case is particularly strong in those countries that have insufficient or no oil reserves, such as Australia, India, China and the US.”Davies has said that processing just 10% of China’s coal reserves could produce as much liquid fuel equivalent as that produced from the world’s proven oil reserves.SAinfo reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Suicide is not painless if you’re the one left behind

first_imgHelen Walne, author of ‘The Diving’, which explores her brother Richard’s suicide. Photo: Ben Williams/BooksLive By Lorraine Kearney9 June 2014The Book Lounge in Roeland Street is a favourite haunt of Cape Town’s literati. Besides selling some of the more interesting books and better novels, it hosts weekly storytelling sessions for the young ‘uns and fabulous book launches.And so it came to pass that one sunny evening in the dying days of summer, a motley crew gathered among the books, after quaffing wine and snacking on delicious canapés in the basement. In front of us sat writer Helen Walne, serene and shining, talking about one of the last great taboos: suicide.Walne’s book, The Diving, is a wrenching, sometimes brutal, often funny, always beautiful memoire of her brother’s suicide. Richard Walne was a musician, singer, songwriter and poet. He was highly regarded – so much so that in Durban, a street has been renamed after him. You can now saunter down Richard Walne Road, next to Maydon Wharf Channel. It used to be called Canal Road, and it has a length of 0.8 kilometres.But at the age of 39, Richard walked into the cold Cape Town sea one day and did not return. Suicide always brings endless questions, heartbreak and guilt: why did he do it? Was I not enough to make him want to live? Did I not do enough to save him?Being a writer, after Richard died, Helen, who is a friend and colleague of mine, says she “went to the literature” – but came up empty-handed. There were no books to explain it; just as no one talked about suicide, no one wrote about it – from a personal perspective – either. Suicide is not supposed to happen. Our desire to live is supposed to trump the urge to top ourselves. It is so slippery a topic, so difficult to comprehend, that religions forbid it and deny that people who commit suicide get into heaven. In some countries, suicide is even illegal.Walne is best known for her humour. She is a funny gal, and her regular columns either have readers in stitches or apoplectic rages, so The Diving is not at all what you would expect. It is a deeply moving, utterly beautiful book. It doesn’t explain suicide (as she says, she cannot speak for Richard), but it unpacks her healing. And in that it may just show a way for someone else to find some hope, too.Visit Helen Walne’s website: or follow her on Twitter: @helen_walnelast_img read more

Cold, wet weather can lead to purple corn

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt Hutcheson, CCA, product manager, Seed Consultants, Inc.For much of the eastern Corn Belt, it has been too wet to plant this spring. However, in some areas corn has been planted is emerging or in the early growth stages of development. One phenomenon that commonly occurs at the early stages of the growing season is the appearance of purple corn plants. Corn plants can turn purple for several reasons related to environmental factors such as:Sunny days and cool nights (temps in the 40s to 50s F)Soil pH lower than 5.5Cool temperaturesWet soilStresses that hinder the uptake of phosphorusHerbicide injurySoil compaction.Because many fields have saturated soils and the forecast includes cooler nights and continued wet weather, producers may see some purple plants in their fields. Purpling in corn due to cooler weather most often occurs when plants are in the V2 to V5 growth stages. Because of diverse genetics, hybrids react differently to early stress and some will exhibit purpling while others will not. Anyone who has walked a test plot to observe early plant vigor or has split their planter between two hybrids has probably seen a side-by-side comparison where one hybrid turned purple while the other did not.The biggest concern for corn growers is usually about whether or not plants that turn purple will diminish corn yields. If the purpling is caused by a temporary stress (sunny days and cool nights, cool temperatures, wet soil, etc.) it will disappear when soils dry out and temperatures increase allowing for normal corn development. Temporary stresses generally do not affect yield. However, if the purpling is symptom caused by a problem that doesn’t go away with a change in the weather (soil compaction, herbicide injury, etc.) yield could be negatively affected.last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling In four seasons with the Gamecocks, Bailey played in 46 games for South Carolina, starting in 38 of them. Primarily playing left guard, Bailey also spent time at center (2015) and right tackle (2017).In 2018, Bailey was named to Athlon Sports’ 2018 preseason second-team All-SEC team, and also made The Associated Press’ second team All-SEC team. A broken fibula cut his season short, however, suffering the injury in the team’s regular season finale. For his efforts, the lineman was invited to not only the East-West Shrine game, but also the NFL Draft Combine.Related LinksReport: Cardinals meeting with potential No. 1 pick Nick BosaESPN names Alford signing as Cards’ most impactful offseason moveCardinals have the most defensive production to replace in NFLList of former Cardinals players Arians, Bettcher brought to new teamsPFF: Could Cardinals draft Kyler Murray, keep Josh Rosen for QB battle?Although coming off the injury, Bailey did 24 bench press reps, had a 28-inch vertical and 103-inch broad jump.While the line struggled mightily last season, the Cardinals fared well using a later pick on an O-line man in the 2018 NFL Draft.Last season, one of the diamonds in the offensive-line rough was rookie center Mason Cole, a third-round selection.After starting center A.Q. Shipley, one of the most durable lineman on the team, went down with a torn ACL in the team’s Red & White practice, Cole stepped in and stepped up.Cole was the only lineman to start all 16 games. He also played nearly 100 percent of the snaps. On the flip side, seven Cardinals offensive lineman found themselves on the IR, while another was waived.In total, the Cardinals had 10 different line combinations throughout the season.The Cardinals hold 11 picks in the upcoming NFL draft. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more