First Argentine Coast Guard patrol boat launched in Israel

first_img The Argentine Coast Guard is set to receive the first of four Shaldag-class patrol boats after it was launched by Israel Shipyards on January 26 and loaded for shipping as commercial cargo.The lead boat will become part of the Naval Prefecture fleet under the name Guarani, with pennant number GC 195.Argentine ministry of security ordered the four boats from Israel under a $49 million contract signed in December 2016.The Argentine Coast Guard will use the boats to patrol the country’s riverine regions. More specifically, they will focus on operations in the Paraguay – Paraná waterway in which a large part of the drug traffic is concentrated.The 25.5 meter boats have a draft of one meter and reach speeds of 48 knots. They will be crewed by ten members of the naval police force of Argentina and feature a remote-controlled weapon station. Authorities Israel Shipyards launches first Argentine Coast Guard Shaldag-class patrol boat View post tag: Naval Prefecture Argentina February 6, 2018 Back to overview,Home naval-today Israel Shipyards launches first Argentine Coast Guard Shaldag-class patrol boat View post tag: Israel Shipyards View post tag: Shaldag-class Share this articlelast_img read more

HMS Queen Elizabeth becomes Royal Navy’s fleet flagship

first_img Photo: LPhot Belinda Aker/Royal Navy Posted: 3 months ago Categories: HMS Queen Elizabeth and her strike group will spend time developing collective war-fighting skills when NATO navies gather for exercise Strike Warrior off Scotland during the spring, before departing for the Mediterranean. It was announced last week that the UK’s new Flagship and Lightning Force of F-35B stealth strike fighters will also be complemented by a detachment of the fifth-generation aircraft from the US Marine Corps, and a US Navy destroyer during her first operational strike group deployment. Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Jerry Kyd was received on HMS Queen Elizabeth to mark the transfer of the role from amphibious transport dock HMS Albion (L14), while Royal Navy ships and shore establishments were informed by a signal at 13:30 on 27 January. The start of a new era… 🇬🇧@HMSQNLZ has today become the UK’s new flagship, taking the role from @hms_albion after the assault ship performed the prestigious role admirably since 2018. 🔗Read more:— Royal Navy (@RoyalNavy) January 27, 2021 Last year, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, confirmed that HMS Queen Elizabeth will be at the centre of a Carrier Strike Group deployment to the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and East Asia. US commits to HMS Queen Elizabeth’s maiden deployment Photo: LPhot Belinda Aker/Royal Navy View post tag: Fleet Flagship “In the coming months HMS Queen Elizabeth will lead the most ambitious Royal Navy deployment in decades. She will be a focal point as we look forward to an extraordinary year.” The Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) has assumed the role of fleet flagship as the navy moves closer to deploying “the world’s most technologically advanced carrier strike group”. Related Article View post tag: HMS Queen Elizabeth She will embark F-35B from 617 Squadron (the “Dambusters”), Royal Navy Merlin helicopters, and be escorted and supported by Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers, Type 23 frigates and support ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.   Assault ship HMS Albion had been flagship since March 2018, deploying to the Indo-Pacific for 10 months; to the Baltic for major multi-national exercises; and latterly to the Mediterranean leading NATO security patrols and experimental warfare trials. Her sister, HMS Bulwark, previously led the Fleet for four years. “It is a fantastic privilege for Queen Elizabeth to be made the Fleet Flagship as we prepare to sail at the heart of UK’s very high readiness Carrier Strike Group,” Captain Angus Essenhigh, Commanding Officer, commented. “The position of Fleet Flagship is a symbol of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s importance to the nation, not just in restoring our carrier strike capability, but as a rolling statement of British commitment to global security, prosperity and trade,” Admiral Tony Radakin, The First Sea Lord, said. View post tag: Royal Navy Authorities Posted: 3 months ago Share this articlelast_img read more


first_img65, a lifelong resident of Bayonne, passed away on January 19, 2018 at the Bayonne Medical Center. Diane was a licensed speech therapist for the Jersey City school system for over 20 years. She was predeceased by her parents Frank and Marion (nee: Klementewicz) Nikonowicz. Sister of Joyce Nikonowicz. Also survived by several cousins. Funeral arrangements by S. FRYCZYNSKI & SON Funeral Home, 32-34 E. 22nd St.last_img

34th Street Bridge to Close for Night of Jan. 16-17

first_img34th Street Bridge Construction All lanes of the 34th Street Bridge will be closed from 10 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16, through 5 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17, to allow work crews to switch traffic to the north side of the bridge.Please seek alternative routes during this time period. The road will reopen in an alternating, single-lane traffic pattern at 5 a.m. Jan 17.The work is part of a two-year project to redeck the bridge.last_img

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Liberty Coca-Cola Announce New Partnership

first_imgGillian’s Wonderland Pier is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. (Wonderland Pier Facebook page) Gillian’s Wonderland Pier announced a new 10-year partnership with local bottler Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages, making it the exclusive beverage provider at the Ocean City family amusement park. The new partnership also comes at a significant time for Gillian’s Wonderland Pier as it celebrates its 90th anniversary this season.“We are thrilled to be partnering with our local Coca-Cola bottler, especially as we kick off our 90th anniversary season,” said Jay Gillian, owner of Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and also the mayor of Ocean City. “Coca-Cola has had a presence in Ocean City for years, and they are a valued community partner. At Gillian’s, we want to work with brands who love Ocean City as much as we do.”Both organizations see the partnership as a natural fit. Each is locally-owned, and both brands conjure images of wholesome family-friendly fun, according to a press release announcing the partnership.“Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is nearly synonymous with Ocean City,” said Mike Zeller, general manager of the Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Marmora facility. “And when people think of Coca-Cola, they think of family, fun, and memorable moments. Gillian’s provides the same experience to their guests, and now we can help enhance those experiences.”Bringing Coca-Cola products into the park is also a forward-thinking strategy for Gillian’s. As the company enters its 90th year, leadership wanted to think of ways to celebrate the company’s history, while also planning for its future. They believe the Coca-Cola brand will help drive more of the thousands of annual Ocean City Boardwalk visitors into its pier. “Coke is a brand that is able to cross markets and drive traffic,” Gillian said. “And they’re also a company that is committed to supporting and giving back to the communities it does business in, which is important to us as we enter our ninth decade and look to keep Gillian’s Wonderland Pier a major destination in America’s Greatest Family Resort for decades to come.” Gillian’s will offer Coca-Cola products, including both sparkling and non-sparkling beverages, at all of its fountains and kiosks beginning Palm Sunday weekend, when the park officially opens for 2019. The new partnership will also extend beyond product supply and delivery. Liberty Coca-Cola, Beverages, which has been providing Ocean City residents, families and business with their great products for more than 40 years, will also support various Gillian’s events, including this year’s Wonder Bear birthday celebration on June 6.last_img read more

In my world

first_imgWe recently secured a new site to add to our existing portfolio of iCafé stores. For me, the past few weeks have involved constant meeting after meeting to make sure our new flagship store is the best it can be in every aspect.There are many different factors that play into building a successful store and each of them carries a lot of weight. While the right location is vital to the success of a new store, building a store that draws loyal, regular customers takes a bit more than just location. Factors that add to the success of one store may not necessarily do the same for another. However, there are some fundamental basics that have to be spot-on for any independent coffee shop or café to grow, regardless of their size or number of stores.Here are some essentials that one should have at the top of the list:1 Delicious desserts are the ideal accompaniment to great coffee. Sandwiches, paninis and other light snacks are also a great addition to the menu when open through the lunch or dinner time. Make sure to buy the best ingredients or options available from your suppliers. A muffin is not just a muffin; some are mouth-watering and delicious, when others are just not. Careful planning will make a huge difference. Taste each product before selecting this for your store.2 Friendly, skilled baristas, not just button pushers, are the heart of a successful store. Skill is important, but people really respond to a friendly greeting and a smiling face. Skill can be taught through barista training, but the personality of the baristas is a major selling point for a successful store.3 Excellent coffee drinks are vital, of course, but not just any coffee will do. Be sure to source the best freshly-roasted coffee available. Fairtrade and organic-certified coffees are sure customer-pleasers. At iCafé, all our coffee is triple-certified (Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance).4 Wifi access used to be a nice “extra”, but these days free internet access is nearly as important to the independent coffee shop as good coffee. At iCafé, we not only have free wifi but also terminal access for those without a laptop and it does make a big difference.5 A comfortable atmosphere will encourage customers to linger and enjoy the coffee and desserts. Large tables with plenty of room to play games or open a laptop invite customers to linger and get to know each other.Other factors that are very important are the type of lighting we have in a store with different levels of dimness depending on the time of the day. The type of music also determines customer buying behaviour. The store layout and queuing at the till are important, as well as good and comfy seats. A recent survey of 1,500 people by Mintel showed that 37% of the customers walked out without a purchase due to long queues and not finding a table. As a business, as much as queues and being busy are good, there is a limit to everything. A careful seating plan will ensure we do not lose that extra custom that comes our way.If the store is open late as ours are until 11pm nicely lit candles are a great way to create a cosy mood, especially in winter. The music should change to a more relaxed one. The lights should be dimmed to create a homely feel and of course, the cafe should be nice and warm during those winter nights.There isn’t a rule-book for having a successful coffee shop and one rule certainly does not fit all, as there are different factors involved in the success of individual coffee shops. But what is important is the thought process and the implementation. At the end of the day, planning could be perfect, but it’s no good without successful implementation.I’ll leave you with a final thought: a good idea is about 10% implementation; hard work and luck are the other 90%.last_img read more

Panel contemplates culture of violence in sports

first_imgThree panelists, Connie Adams, director of the Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) at Saint Mary’s, Jordan Allison, a doctoral psychology intern at Notre Dame and Duke Preston, director of Football Player Development and Engagement at Notre Dame hosted a discussion Wednesday titled “Beyond the NFL: Unpacking a Culture of Violence.”The dinner and discussion, held in Remick Commons of Carole Sandner Hall, aimed to create a dialogue and address the issues of domestic abuse in today’s society. The panel covered several topics ranging from abuse seen in the media and sports, such as the Ray Rice incident, and also the cyclical pattern and causes of abusive relationships.“A lot of times athletics mandates power physically … there’s a great pressure on athletes to give the impression that they’re powerful and always in control,” Preston said.Preston was a former NFL player for the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. During the discussion, he provided personal insight on his experience as a professional athlete and the power and influence that came with the career.“In that environment [of the NFL] you have people at every turn trying to exhibit their dominance, worth and value,” Preston said. “I always thought I was pretty humble in my playing career, but I can remember walking around my house after a five-year NFL career … and I remember thinking I wonder if my wife still thinks I’m as important as I was.”Adams, who has a background specifically in social work and violence, talked about the complexities behind an abusive relationship.“When we’re talking about any kind of relationship that’s abusive, we’re really looking at the imbalance of power and control in that relationship,” Adams said.Adams said the development of abuse in a relationship is gradual, and many times, it begins with a subtle exertion of power in the beginning.Allison used his professional experience to talk about the diagnostic treatment of abusers, as well as the psychological factors that come into play in an abusive relationship.“With each escalation, there’s a transitional honeymoon phase where [the couple] is going back into that cycle where they try to make amends and go back to normal,” Allison said.Allison dismissed assertions that since more abuse cases are made public, these statistics are indicative of men becoming more abusive. Allison said more cases are made public simply because more women have the courage to come forward.“As we become more literate and well-versed we’ll have more women coming forward,” Allison said. “This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen beforehand, but there weren’t as many [resources] back then.”Preston said a ripple effect occurs as more people come forward and inspire other people to share their stories.“Up until 1990 or so … there was almost a courtesy that public figures didn’t air their dirty laundry in the media,” Preston said. “The exposure to issues like this is a helpful thing, and I think it gives people the courage to come forward.”Tags: BAVO, Beyond the NFL: Unpacking a Culture of Violence, Connie Adams, domestic abuse, Duke Preston, Jordan Allison, NFL Emmet Farnan Duke Preston, a former NFL player, speaks on the culture of violence that is perpetuated in the NFL.last_img read more

Topiary Herbs.

first_imgThink ‘Height’ First To start, you need a young potted plant with an unpinched leader (main stem), scissors, stakes, ties and patience. You also want to encourage width and branching at the base of the “head.” Top growth will naturally develop faster, so keep upward growing shoots trimmed back. Turn your plant regularly so each side gets ample light and grows evenly. Feed your topiary every four or five waterings during active growth with a liquid fertilizer for houseplants. The next stage is forming the top of the plant to the desired shape. Before you pinch the growing shoot tip for the first time, think of the finished look you want your plant to have. Consider leaf size and rate of growth. Where do you plan to display your topiary and what kind of container will it live in? You may want to allow the plant to grow even higher. When you’ve determined these, pinch out the tip of the plant to make it bushier. Allow three pairs of branches to develop. Photo: Wayne McLaurin Now comes the real art of topiary. You have to keep in mind the shape you want the plant to take and train the plant through careful tip pinching. Pinch or cut at nodes so new shoots will grow in the direction you want. If the bud is facing outward, the growth will be outward. An inward-facing bud will grow inward. Be Creative, and Have Fun Many herbs can be used for topiary, such as rosemary, lavender and scented geranium, along with bay and sweet myrtle. The herbs you choose will depend on the topiary shapes you want to create. So be creative. And have fun.center_img Pinch With Care But before you start, remember that the growing point or tip of the plant is critical. The plant is going to grow at the tip of each stem. If you pinch it back, the plant will produce side shoots and be bushier. You can “design” what the plant will look like by pinching or not pinching the tips. In the first stage, you want the plant to grow straight up to the desired height. A slow-growing or small-leaf plant should be 8 to 14 inches tall, and a fast-growing or large-leaf plant should be 16 inches to 5 feet tall. Place a stake beside the plant, and tie the plant along it for support. Allow only the tip shoot of the plant to develop by cutting off any side shoots that start to grow. Allow leaves to stay on the trunk of the main stem. Check the ties often to make certain they don’t girdle or injure the growing stem. Check, too, for bugs that like to hide around the ties. The Real Art of Topiary The trunk will elongate a bit as it matures and thickens. Again, be sure to place your plant in adequate light and turn your topiary so it grows evenly. As you become aware of growth habits and observe the results of careful pruning, you’ll be better able to train the topiary to the finished shape you want. We’ve all seen those great plants that have been cut, shaped, trimmed and “babied.” It’s not really hard to get that topiary effect. But it does take time and care. Start now by getting a healthy herb plant with a strong stem. Topiary is the art of trimming and training plants into ornamental shapes. For example, you can grow and train a rosemary plant into a formal standard (the top is a perfect globe held on a single stem).last_img read more

State will supplement heating assistance with $6.1 million for low-income Vermonters

first_imgGovernor Peter Shumlin and legislative leaders have announced that the state would add $6.1 million to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, known as LIHEAP, to help ensure Vermonters can afford to heat their homes and stay warm this winter.Despite the heavy lifting of Vermont’s Congressional delegation, the federal contribution to LIHEAP will be about $8 million less than last year. Vermont received $27.6 million in fuel assistance from the federal government for heating assistance last year, providing an average benefit of $866. This year Vermont expects to receive $19.5 million, providing an average benefit amount of $750, the Governor said.‘We should not let vulnerable Vermonters freeze in their homes this winter season,’ Gov. Shumlin said. ‘The state will provide the additional funding to help ensure every Vermonter stays warm. In addition, we will review the program to find ways of ensuring that heating assistance is sustainable in future years.’The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and legislative leaders made decision to provide a projected 8 percent increase in the average fuel assistance benefit after Congress finalized this winter’s LIHEAP numbers. That 8 percent figure was selected following a government report that projects home heating expenditures will increase by that amount this heating season.‘We are disappointed that despite the good efforts of our Congressional delegation, Congress failed to take appropriate action to fully fund this program in a time when fuel costs are rising rapidly,’ said Speaker Shap Smith. ‘The Legislature will step up to ensure that Vermont families and the elderly are not left out in the cold this winter.’‘It’s unfortunate that certain members of Congress believe that tax breaks for the wealthiest are more important than keeping Americans warm this year,’ said President Pro Tem John Campbell.‘The actions announced by the Governor today will ensure that needy older Vermonters will receive the help they need to remain warm this winter,’ said Ken Gordon, with AARP Vermont / VT Association of Area Agencies on Aging. ‘Many Vermont seniors faced having to choose between paying for medicine, food and heat this winter. These additional funds will make a critical difference to those individuals and families who rely upon this program to survive our long and cold winter months.’The state’s $6.1 million will be added to the federal $19.5 million and other available funds, increasing the average annual benefit per household to about $935. Of the state’s share, $5.1 million will come from funds the Legislature set aside in anticipation of federal cuts, and $1 million from a projected year-end carry-forward in the non-ARRA funded weatherization program.Gov. Shumlin said Vermont taxpayers cannot be expected to cover all of the federal cutbacks passed by Congress, ‘So we must take a hard look at what can be done to make sure our fuel assistance program is sustainable.’He directed the Commissioner of Department of Children and Families and the fuel assistance office to do a rapid and thorough study of steps Vermont can take to enhance the sustainability of a fuel assistance program (including eligibility, how the state pays dealers, other possible sources of revenue, etc.) and report the possibilities to the Administration and the Legislature by the end of the 2012 legislative session.12.27.2011last_img read more

Toddler in Serious Condition After Falling into Sayville Family Pool

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A toddler found unresponsive in a family pool in Sayville Tuesday morning is in serious condition, Suffolk County police said. Police were called to Chester Road after a 911 caller reported that the 18-month-old was found unresponsive in the inground pool at 10:30 a.m., police said. Responding officers and members of the Sayville Community Ambulance Company performed CPR on the girl at the the scene. She was then transported to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue and then to Stony Brook University Hospital where she is in serious condition, police said. This incident comes one day after a 67-year-old Dix Hills man drowned in the backyard pool, and one week after a woman’s body was found in the deep end of a swimming pool in Dix Hills. Authorities said the investigation into the latest incident is continuing.last_img read more