St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements for June 5, 2019

first_img Geneva Kuntz, Evansville, daughter, Alexis Lee, May 23Kira and Steven Eaden, Evansville, daughter, Braylee Sue, May. 24Cyndi and Andy Hines, Evansville, daughter, Lucy Lane, May 24Kayla Roach and Clinton Crow, Boonville, IN, daughter, Alanis Rose, May 27Maria Ruth and William Kramer, Evansville, son, William Pedrozo III, May 27Ashley Mabrey and Jerrod Koontz, Evansville, son, Elijah Ray, May 28Aaneas and Cameron Clark, Boonville, IN, son, Caysen Maxwell, May 28Brianna Markman, West Salem, IL, daughter, Kaleah Nichol, May 29Samantha and Anthony Valles, Boonville, IN, daughter, October Raechelle Elise, May 31Mandy and Daniel Lappe III, Evansville, son, Blake Anthony, May 31xFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Professor emeritus dies at 89

first_imgJaime Juan José Bellalta, professor emeritus of architecture at the University of Notre Dame, died March 20 at his home in Brookline, Mass. He was 89 years old. A native of Santiago, Chile, Bellalta joined the architecture faculty at Notre Dame in 1976 after teaching architecture and urban design at his alma mater, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, from 1968 to 1975. His wife, the late Esmée Bellalta, was also a member of the Notre Dame faculty. Throughout his career as an architect, researcher and professor, Bellalta was especially focused on the design and development of affordable and low-income housing. His interest in this area of work stemmed from his commitments to Catholic faith and social justice, according to a University press release. After studying at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Bellalta also studied at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and the University of London. He also practiced privately during those years and served as director of Chile’s National Urban Renewal Agency and as executive director of the Academy of Christian Humanism. Bellalta’s award-winning design for the Benedictine monastery in Las Condes, Santiago, is one of Chile’s National Historic Architectural Monuments. Bellalta is survived by 10 children, 28 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. A Mass in his memory will be celebrated today at 9:30 a.m. in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. In lieu of flowers, donations in his honor may be made to the Holy Cross Missions, P.O. Box 543, Notre Dame, IN, 46556.last_img read more

Women’s Boxing Club emphasizes service

first_imgThe Notre Dame Women’s Boxing Club trains women to fight – and to serve. Through their annual Baraka Bouts tournament, club members raise money to send to two schools in Uganda, team co-president Katherine Leach said. “Baraka means blessing in Swahili, and we have had a longstanding relationship with the Holy Cross missions in Uganda through Bengal Bouts,” Leach said. “We donate the money we raise to two schools in Uganda.” Team co-captain Ragan Todd said the club has a dual focus, a fact many students are not aware of. “We really want to emphasize that this is not just an athletic club, but a service club as well,” Todd said. “A lot of girls started out getting into it because they thought it would be a great workout, but sending money over is a huge part.” To qualify for the upcoming two-day tournament that begins Nov. 5, women must complete physical training with the team and meet a fundraising requirement, Leach said. “We have a minimum of $250 fundraising each year per girl, which includes a variety of methods: selling tickets, placing ads in our program [and] things on our own,” Leach said. Leach said the team also raises money through participation in the Power 24 Hour, the club’s signature fundraising event. “We also have our newly instated Power 24 Hour – last year was our first year [running the event for 24 hours instead of one hour] and we more than doubled what we did in any previous year … we will be running it again this Friday,” she said. During the event, the team solicits donations by exercising together, Todd said. “We have girls out in front of South Dining Hall in shifts doing pushups, jumping jacks and sit ups … raising money and collecting donations from people,” Todd said. The Power 24 Hour attracts a lot of attention, Todd said. “We try to do it on home football weekends to target the alumni … trying to get donations from college students probably is not going to be as successful as getting donations from people who have graduated and come back to campus,” Todd said. “Usually we see a lot of curiosity and confusion and then when they find out what it is a lot of incredulous looks; it’s fun to be able to explain [our mission] to people who don’t know what we’re doing.” The club raised a total of $20,000 last year, its highest total ever. “$20,000 is a huge thing, even bigger for the communities we help,” Leach said. “I just remember how much it means to each individual student and to each school as a whole … being able to remain a highly respected institution, to give these kids the resources that they need so that they can stay in school, to not have to make kids commute impossible distances so that they can support themselves.” Leach said the club focuses intensely on maintaining its charitable purpose. “We try to make sure the girls are reminded for why we do these things – just this week we had Fr. Alobo with Holy Cross who has worked over there [talk to the team] about his experience,” Leach said. “He thanked them for their participation and encouraged them in their efforts … we also have captains who have visited the schools talk.” Fr. Leonard Olobo, director of the Holy Cross Mission Center, was born in Uganda and served as the district steward in East Africa for the Center for Social Concerns from 2003 to 2009. Leach said she hopes to see the club continue growing in size and strength. “We hope to increase the amount of participation in the club – this will be our tenth Baraka Bouts year, and just the fact that we made it this long and that the club still seems to be growing year by year is huge,” Leach said. “The amount of boxing and technical skill the girls have is incredible and keeps increasing, just as the donation amounts keep increasing.”last_img read more

Published recommendations for swimming in the sea

first_imgGeneral recommendations Laboratory staff conducting water sampling and analysis should adhere to the usual protection and safety measures when performing sampling and analysis, respecting the rules of the profession, general protection measures and general recommendations on maintaining physical distance and personal hygiene. The Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) has published recommendations for swimming in the sea and inland surface waters during the COVID-19 epidemic HZJZ / Recommendations for swimming in the sea and inland surface waters during the COVID-19 epidemic Visible notices and informing guests. In a visible place at the entrance, as well as in the area where visitors stay, it is necessary to place information on hygienic procedures and with guidelines on proper behavior and protection measures to be followed or valid in that area. If the appropriate infrastructure is available, it is possible to occasionally advertise voice messages over the loudspeaker to remind visitors of the need to maintain physical space and other general measures. Conditions for maintaining the hygiene of sanitary facilities. It is necessary to intensify the cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities every two hours (and more often if necessary), as well as to increase the number of employees for daily cleaning in each sanitary facility. At the same time, the use of sanitary facilities should be limited in accordance with the size and prescribed sanitary conditions. 3. Food and beverage service areas and trade facilities at sea and freshwater beaches Hand disinfection. Dispensers with a disinfectant must be installed at reasonable intervals and in visible places (eg on the basis of alcohol in a concentration of not less than 70% or another agent with declared virucidal action according to the manufacturer’s instructions and suitable for use on the skin). General and hygienic measures. General measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are available at: Recommendations for compliance with all preventive measures apply to all areas of sea and freshwater bathing areas (water surfaces, beaches and areas where locker rooms, toilets are located). 2. Spatial and technical conditions of sea and freshwater bathing areas Side dish: 4. Regular monitoring of water for recreation Water use. When staying in the water, maintain a physical distance of 1,5 m. Physical distance. The concessionaire should separate the deckchairs in such a way as to ensure physical distance (provide a person who can supervise the prescribed measures) and disinfect the deckchairs several times a day, always after a certain guest no longer uses the deckchair and before another guest uses it. If the bathing areas provide for other seats, they should also be arranged at a distance of 1,5 m. Monitoring is carried out by employees of the competent Institute of Public Health, ie authorized laboratories in accordance with the Plan and program for monitoring sea beaches and land beaches. Maximum number of people in the premises. For the premises of sea and freshwater bathing areas, the maximum number of persons allowed to stay at the same time is determined according to the principle of 15 persons per 100 m2 of net area. Physical distance. All visitors and employees are advised to adhere to the rules of physical distance of 1,5 meters. Restaurant / Instructions for catering facilities are available HERE Waste disposal. It is recommended to place waste bins with appropriate lids in all open areas of the swimming pool, as well as at reasonable intervals in open spaces.last_img read more

Bond financing to swell further as Finance Ministry plans to issue samurai bonds

first_imgThe government’s bond financing jumped sharply in April and the amount is expected to further increase in the following months as the Finance Ministry plans to issue yen-denominated samurai bonds to cover its widening budget deficit caused by coronavirus mitigation and economic recovery programs.Deputy Finance Minister Suahasil Nazara said the government had financed the budget with Rp 231.6 trillion (US$15.73 billion) in government bonds as of April this year, a jump of 44.3 percent compared to the same period last year.“This is bigger not only because of the widening deficit but also to ensure the availability of funds for COVID-19 mitigation, including for healthcare spending, social spending and funds for businesses,” Suahasil told reporters in a streamed media briefing on Wednesday. “Samurai bonds are in the pipeline and we will always be opportunistic in issuing global bonds,” Luky told reporters. “We will look at market conditions to get the best prices.”The Finance Ministry recorded a budget deficit of Rp 74.5 trillion, or 0.44 percent of GDP, as of April this year as state revenue grew while state spending shrank. It looks small as not all the funds allocated for COVID-19 mitigation and economic recovery programs have been realized.State revenue stood at Rp 549.5 trillion as of April this year, up 3.2 percent, driven by nontax income and income from tobacco excise, while income from taxes dropped.Ministry data on Wednesday revealed that tax revenue had contracted 3.1 percent to Rp 548.8 trillion, mainly driven by weakening oil and gas tax collection following a slump in commodity prices, as well as driven by a drop in trade and mining industries.Meanwhile, state spending had reached Rp 624 trillion as of April, or down 1.4 percent from the same period last year, as central government spending grew 3.4 percent to Rp 382.5 trillion as capital and social spending increased despite a contraction of 8 percent in direct regional transfers to Rp 241.7 trillion.The government is rolling out a Rp 641.17 trillion economic recovery stimulus package, bigger than previous allocations, to soften the impact of COVID-19 on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as state-owned enterprises (SOEs).The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 19,000 individuals across the country and killed more than 1,200, as well as hitting the country’s economy and triggering massive layoffs. The country’s economy grew 2.97 percent as household spending growth slowed.Meanwhile, researchers at the Center for Indonesia Taxation Analysis said the government should not make further sudden changes to the state budget in the near-term, adding the move would confuse businesses and threaten fiscal credibility.”The government should use all of its resources to maximize the [economic] potential,” the researchers said in a statement. “However, they must not be careless despite a widening budget deficit. We do not want to fall into an unwanted economic situation.”Topics : The government had sold Rp 376.5 trillion worth of government bonds as of April and plans to issue another Rp 697.3 trillion from May until the end of this year.However, the Finance Ministry’s director general for financing and risk management Luky Alfirman estimated that the ministry would issue an additional Rp 175 trillion worth of bonds following a plan to revise assumptions underpinning the 2020 budget.The government now expects the budget deficit to reach Rp 1.02 quadrillion, or 6.27 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, rising from the initial estimate of 5.07 percent of GDP, as President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo ramps up economic recovery stimulus to Rp 641.7 trillion to counter the virus blow.It also plans to issue samurai bonds later this year to help cover the widening deficit after offering $4.3 billion in dollar-denominated bonds in early April, including the longest-dated 50-year tranche.last_img read more

Gender pay gap in UK investment management deteriorates

first_imgThe average mean pay gap for investment management is now 31%, second only to the banking industry’s shortfall of 32%, the report showed.The main reason for the gap in the investment management industry was the disproportionate number of men in the highest paid roles, the report’s authors said, adding that this reason was common across all financial services sectors.But investment management was shown to have the lowest percentage of high-paid women, at just 23.2% of the upper quartile, compared to banking at 24.9% and insurance at 31.5%.Dame Helena Morrissey, chair of the Diversity Project and head of personal investing at Legal & General Investment Management, said: “In recent years there’s been a step change in the level of commitment at the top and a new sense of urgency around the issue.”But she cited two outstanding problems.Firstly, she said, young women were discouraged from even considering a career in fund management when they saw the sector’s wide gender pay gaps and found out that just 4% of money managed in the UK was run exclusively by women.“Secondly, we still have a problem convincing many mainstream fund managers that diversity is a business issue, rather than political correctness,” she said.Jon Terry, global financial services HR consulting leader at PwC, said 54% of investment managers had reported a year-on-year reduction in their gender pay gap, but that for most of these firms that improvement had been less than 5%.“The potential for existing staff and potential recruits to be deterred by the slow and even no progress within many parts of the industry is a major stumbling block,” he said. The gender pay gap in the UK investment management industry deteriorated from 2017 to 2018 in what was the second worst performance out of 22 business sectors analysed, according to a new study.The average mean pay gap between the sexes in the industry widened by 0.8% over the first two years of mandatory reporting — second only to the 1% rise in the education sector, according to a report by consultancy PwC and the Diversity Project.The Diversity Project was formed three years ago to promote an inclusive culture in the investment profession.The report, which is based on analysis of gender pay disclosures and interviews with people in the investment management sector, shows that of the five sectors with the biggest gender pay gaps in 2018 – banking, investment management, insurance, real estate and travel — only investment management made no overall improvement.last_img read more

Trelleborg to simplify oil & gas business amid challenging market environment

first_imgSwedish engineering company Trelleborg has decided to simplify its offshore oil and gas operations amid challenging market environment. As part of this plan, Trelleborg said on Tuesday it had decided to gradually discontinue the manufacturing of subsea buoys for drilling equipment in deep-water environments in Houston, Texas.Subsequently, the production equipment from Houston will be transferred and consolidated to existing operations in Skelmersdale, England. The U.S. sales and engineering organization will be retained.The company added that restructuring costs related to the Trelleborg Offshore & Construction business area would be recognized as an expense in the fourth quarter of 2017 amounting to about SEK 580 million ($69.6M), but the changes are expected to improve earnings by approximately SEK 100 million ($12M) per year under the prevailing market conditions.At the same time, Trelleborg expects the adapted structure to contribute toward further earnings improvements when the market recovers.Peter Nilsson, president and CEO of Trelleborg, said: “The planned structural changes will make the Group’s earnings potential and organic sales trend more stable and predictable.“At the same time, the business area’s structure will be simplified, ensuring that Trelleborg will remain the only truly global supplier of both deep-water buoys and other engineered polymer solutions in the offshore oil & gas segment.” Meuller steps down Another change in the Trelleborg Offshore & Construction business area is the departure of Fredrik Meuller, Business Area President at Trelleborg.The company and Meuller mutually agreed that he would step down from his position on December 31, 2017. However, he will remain within the Group during a transitional period to assist in the handover to CEO Peter Nilsson who will also become acting Business Area President for Trelleborg Offshore & Construction.Commenting on Meuller’s departure, Nilsson said: “He has served as Business Area President for Trelleborg Offshore & Construction during the past five years and was a driving force in the globalization of the business area and the development of the offerings to our customers. Recently, the business area has faced challenging market conditions, which Fredrik has handled in an exemplary manner.”Meuller added: “After five years as Business Area President, and another ten years in various positions at Trelleborg, I have decided to leave Trelleborg. I am convinced that the measures being taken within Trelleborg Offshore & Construction will strengthen the business area’s positions and that the operations will benefit greatly from these when the markets eventually recover.“At the same time, I see the need to simplify the organizational structure and have therefore decided to move on to new challenges outside of the Trelleborg Group.”Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more

Boxing: Fury calls out Anthony Joshua after beating Wilder

first_imgTyson Fury has told Anthony Joshua he ‘missed his chance’ to beat Deontay Wilder and claim the WBC belt, declaring himself the number one heavyweight in the world after beating the American.Advertisement Asked specifically about Joshua, Fury continued: ‘No-one’s gonna ask me about Joshua because he could have been here tonight but he didn’t.‘I took the chance, I came over here, I took over America, and that’s it. I’m going to enjoy the spoils of war and enjoy myself tonight and that’s it.’Later asked if he’d fight Joshua if Wilder declines the trilogy fight, Fury told Behind The Gloves: ‘If Deontay don’t want the rematch, then let’s go AJ.’Fury continued: ‘I beat Wladimir Klitschko in Germany, I beat Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles and came back and did it again in Las Vegas. Say no more. Loading… Read Also: BREAKING: Fury beats Wilder to become WBC heavyweight champion‘Two-time Ring Magazine champion of the world, only the second man in history. WBC heavyweight champion and lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Number one baby, that’s it.’Wilder – who was disappointed his corner threw in the towel despite having to go to hospital – has 30 days to trigger a trilogy fight, with Fury saying he ‘showed the heart of champion, but the king has returned’.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Promoted Content7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too MuchWhat Happens When You Eat Eggs Every Single Day?6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterMost Popular Movies With Sylvester Stallone5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The World2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime The Gypsy King delivered a masterclass in Las Vegas on Saturday night, completely overawing Wilder and leaving his opponent bloodied and bruised before his corner threw in the towel in the seventh round.Joshua holds the rest of the belts in the division – and promoter Eddie Hearn has already teased a unification fight – but Fury is only focused on savouring his victory.Asked about his next fight, with Wilder having a rematch clause, Fury told iFL TV: ‘He’s got a rematch clause in the contract but he’s only just had his loss and I’ve only just had my victory.‘I’m not concentrating on other fights who cares. Let me enjoy the spoils of war.’last_img read more

Flamini: Ozil can lift us to glory

first_img “Eight years without winning anything is not easy for anyone, for the fans, for the players, for the club or the coach, but the quality is here. Maybe it was missing just a few things,” said Flamini, who left Arsenal in the summer of 2008 when his contract expired. “This year it was important that nobody left and then we got new players with a lot of quality and what is most important is the team spirit.” Flamini added: “We knew Mesut was a big player – he proved it at Madrid. “For us, it is a great boost because he is a great player and knows how to make the difference. “He has great spirit, he is working hard for the team and can make the difference at any moment.” Flamini believes a new-found steely determination has helped transform Arsenal’s early-season form following the disapointment of a 3-1 home defeat by Aston Villa on the opening day of the new Premier League season. The victory over Stoke was a seventh straight win in all competitions as Wenger prepares to rotate his squad for Wednesday night’s Capital One Cup tie at West Brom. “We are talking about defending together from the players at the front to the back because the first defender is a striker – Olivier (Giroud), Mesut – everyone on the pitch is doing their job very well,” said the 29-year-old midfielder, who first joined Arsenal a promising youngster from Marseille in 2004. “We know we are strong defensively and that makes a difference because we know with the quality in the team, we will create opportunities and we will score. The German playmaker was instrumental in the Gunners’ 3-1 victory over Stoke at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, having a hand in all three goals as Arsene Wenger’s men climbed to the top of the table, ahead of north London rivals Tottenham on goal difference. Flamini – who was part of the Arsenal team which reached the 2006 Champions League final and rejoined the Gunners earlier in the summer after being released by AC Milan – is in no doubt of what an impact a player of such calibre can add to a squad already full of star potential. “Team spirit makes the difference because the Premier League is not a sprint, it is a marathon. This season is going to be long, we are going to need everyone.” For Stoke, it was a only second defeat of what has been a promising opening to the campaign under new manager Mark Hughes. “It is still a work in progress and we shouldn’t forget that,” he said. “I can see improvements with every game that we play. “We are playing a different style of football, and in the long term it will help us to progress.” Austrian international Marko Arnuatovic made his first start since arriving from Werder Bremen on transfer deadline day. It was his well-executed volley which crashed against the base of the post and rebounded for United States defender Geoff Cameron to swept in a deserved equaliser for the visitors midway through the first half. “For the most part, I liked what I saw,” said Hughes, whose side travel to Tranmere for their midweek cup tie. “Marko offers us something different and showed a good work ethic which is important for the team. “He has integrated very quickly, so I think Marko is going to be a big player for us this year.” Press Association Midfielder Mathieu Flamini believes club-record signing Mesut Ozil could prove to be the missing ingredient which helps end Arsenal’s long quest for silverware.last_img read more

GSA boys’ XC team wins Class C state title

first_imgCUMBERLAND — The George Stevens Academy boys’ cross-country team won the Class C state title on Saturday.GSA junior John Hassett took first of the Class C boys in 16 minutes and 46.18 seconds, leading the Eagles to a 60-point finish. Orono placed second with 71 points, and Lisbon finished third with 120.Orono edged the GSA girls for the Class C title with 24 points. GSA placed second with 54, and Waynflete took third with 104.Class A boys’ resultsThis is placeholder textThis is placeholder textClass A girls’ resultsClass B boys’ resultsClass B girls’ resultsClass C boys’ resultsClass C girls’ resultslast_img